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Posted By Darren Rowse 24th of October 2005 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

I just got a phone call from a ProBlogger reader in the UK who was ringing to see if I was out of hospital.

I was very grateful for the call – it’s nice to know that people care.

However there was one surprise in the call – I haven’t been in hospital.

So just to clear up some rumors that have been circulating thanks to someone with a vivid imagination and a bit too much time on their hands.

  • Yes I have been unwell
  • No I haven’t been in hospital
  • No I have not lost sight in one eye (or two for that matter)
  • No I am not on my death bed
  • No my blogs are not for sale (I don’t know where that one came from)

Thanks to the many people who have emailed or left comments on my blog with well wishes. I do appreciate it. I am doing quite a bit better and just needed a couple of days off.

Blogging will resume as normal tomorrow.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Glad to hear you’re well again. I hadn’t seen those rumours – it’s amazing what people will either make up or read into something.

  • Iam glad that you’re ok, the Blogger Community needs your posts and my Feedreader was missing them the last days.

  • Excellent!

    But, you would have been fine in Melbourne with one eye, there’s plenty of folks there with that problem – especially of the black and white variety…

  • Rest up and take care Darren, I need you around to continue to serve as an example of what can happen with hard work and blogging.I hadn’t heard some of those rumors, and I’m glad for that.

  • Nice to see you got back and you are well. Hope to see you soon in full swing :)

  • Good to see you back in the swing. I noticed earlier in the day the blog was looking a little sick with wordpress errors and I wondered if you had caught the world’s first computer and human virus!

  • Good to hear your feeling better.

  • It’s like the old game, “Telephone” where someone whispers something to their neighbor and by the time is comes full circle, the story is usally more interesting and elaborate than it was in the beginning.

    It also shows how people read things on the internet.

    A lot of people spend their time skimming and then jump to conclusions without reading (or comprehending) the whole post. I must admit I’ve been guilty of doing that at times.

  • What? me skim a post and not take time to fully comprehend it .. never. Hmm, what were we talking about? LoL.

    Seriously I missed any rumor that the blogs were for sale (thankfully, because it saved my piggy bank from a hammer smash to ascertain my current net worth…. but, having worked for years in a huge bureaucracy I’m well aware of a few folks whose motto is, “If you haven’t heard a good rumor by 1 pm, then start one.”

    Stay the course, Darren, and don’t try to come back and do too much too soon.

    Best regards

  • Good to hear darren!

  • Bob

    Great news Darren! I am glad to hear that the seriousness of your problem was only a rumor.

    Blog away!

  • Get well!

  • Take care! you’re in my prayers D.

  • Ah, human nature, always thinking the worst. lol.
    Glad your doing well.

    Hypotherically though, what would happen if you did cark it? Does the wife know all your passwords? ;)

  • What about tooth aches? Do you have any tooth aches?

    hehe just kidding.

    Get well soon. :D

  • Glad to hear you’re improving!

  • where would we be without good old fashioned internet rumours to cheer us on our way each day!

    Glad to hear you are on the mend, don’t rush back until you are fit and well again!

  • That’s how you know that you are “famous”. People start making up crazy stories about you; and that is only after a few days of blogging absence! hahaha

  • Ray

    Glad to hear you are feeling better

  • OK. If I understand all this correctly, you’ve sold the site to a UK telephone company who has hired your wife as an advisor. They’ll be no new posts for six months, and when it does start up again, it will be a medical advice site? But our passwords will still work, right? And we should look for our refund checks to be in the mail soon.

    I still don’t understand the part about the elephants and alternative energy sources, though. But never mind that, I’m happy that you are feeling better and aren’t blinded.

  • You see .. it’s the (quote) ELEPHANT (unquote) that makes it (quote)ALTERNATIVE (unquote) …not to be confused with (quote) LASERS (unquote)

    as described by Dr. Evil with his two Finger motion way of quoting things

  • chris

    Is blogging such a cut-throat enterprise? To confess illness (even the common cold) would trigger other bloggers to create a smear campaign to skuddle the blog?

    Guess your question could have been written: “What happens when a blogger needs a sick day, but quickly rebounds stronger and more popular than ever?”

    I heard the “alex” of was sick for a few days, as described on his blog. While believable, I couldn’t help think it was also a clever story to take some time off and buy a Porsche! Just kidding.


  • Hey Darren,

    Must be the Melbourne weather ol’ boy.

    All the best.

  • Good news, Darren. I guess if someone’s going to make up stupid crap about someone, at least it was stupid crap that caused people to think good thoughts and pray for you. Nothing wrong with that.

    Glad you’re well!

  • I agree with Melissa’s post. Welcome to the World of Celebrity. Darren, you’ve made it and you should be proud of it. Now you know how very important you are to the blogging world. Get well soon. Glad to see the posts have resumed.

    To good health always!

  • Wow…I’m gone for a few days and I come back to find Darren dead from a blogging overdose.

    RIP, mate

    ; )

  • Tom


    Darren is dead? It must have been the lawnmower guy. Every two weeks he times mowing to coincide with Darrens overseas call. I sensed evil was afoot.

    I wonder, could this be the lawnmower man who got his passwords? Posting in his name as the Google royalties got too much for him to take. The disease originated in the states and is named “Jones-itis”. The lawnmower man was comparing the google checks and it got the better of him.

    But seriously, blogging is no fun when you are sick. Hope all is better Darren and that you will be feeling better in the near term.


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