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Have You Used Video on Your Blog?

Posted By Darren Rowse 11th of January 2009 Reader Questions 0 Comments

Time for another Reader Poll – Have You Used Video on Your Blog?

With services like YouTube (and many others) that make it easy to share videos on your blog I’m keen to hear how many bloggers have used video as a way of engaging readers.

This poll simply asks if you’ve used video and if so – have you made it yourself and/or used other peoples?


I’m looking forward to seeing the results and I am interested to hear from you as to what impact you feel video has had upon your blogging and readers levels of engagement?

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Video is the current big thing now on the Internet and I don’t see why a blogger should give up the piece of traffic that they can get from video sites.

    Whether it is a “big head talking” video, a PowerPoint screencast, a funny video or a step-by-step tutorial, videos will definitely help bloggers to get some traffic.

    Wayne Liew

  • It sometimes seems like I’m posting a Youtube video on my blog everyday! Mostly it’s my own things, either demos of songs or mini-tutorial videos. I’ve also embedded other cool things from Youtube and have even had readers send in their own videos.

    Be genki,


  • I have used some top blogger video and it really helpful to improve our blogging skill.

  • So far I have been using other videos related to my post subject. But I understand making my own to use could be more valuable to my overall blogposting.

    Gary McElwain

  • I am wondering if i could create my videos..

  • I post a daily series called On This Day where I feature one musical event (Birth, Death, Premiere etc) that happened on that day. Each day I use a Youtube video to showcase the piece or composer, or help explain a bit more about the piece. I’ve found some incredible resources through youtube, and am always surprised by what is on there.

  • I use a dial-up modem so I rather have pages that load faster. It might slow things down a little.

  • I’ve used youtube videos and found them to be a big plus. They can either add to what I said, or be the focus around which I write a post. I’d like to start creating my own videos though because it creates a deeper sense of personal relationship between my readers and me.

  • to be honest, youtube has a video about anything you can think of. i did a post about designer boots and ended with the vid to nancy sinatra’s “these boots are made for walking”. i like adding video because it can fills out content so nicely.

  • I love to use videos on my blog. I’ve included some videos where I simply talk to the camera, as well as sketches. Some were for fun (for example, “How I Ended Up With Seventeen Kittens,”) and others were to promote something specific (i.e. a haiku enthusiast pseudo-album commercial for my Haiku Buckaroo contest and a tongue-in-cheek “sockumentary” to promote my sock monkey store on Etsy). My readers like them and they’re so much fun. I have learned, however, that if I use video too much, it tends to lose its impact.

  • I have a Mac, so it should be easy for me to make videos. However, I have yet to do it. I have been thinking about it though, just need to figure out what to say.

  • Not yet, although I know I should! I do use it on a few of the my other websites, and it does really well.

  • Yes, I’ll make My Own Videos ! It’s a very effective way to add content to my blog!.

  • I have used this on my blog, and it greatly increases pageviews.

    I don’t get much time to shoot my own videos though. I have done it myself for sometime, now I am looking for someone who can help me.
    Video’s are great for blogs, as I find that many internet users are lazy..lazy..lazy, they can’t read the stuffs we have written, they just watch it, if we put it in a video format.

    And I have not tried mp3(audio) formats on my blog yet. Hope I will try it soon, and use the best one on my blog. You know, every blog is different when it comes to contents and the formulae for success.

    Want to here from other guys and Darren, on how it works on you guys blog?

  • Using a video on your blog requires you to be audible and eloquent. A video is only important for tutorials and they should be transcribed for better understanding.

    As mike (2 comments above me) said, downloading a video is not a pleasant experience for people with slow bandwidth.

    Also, I can skim through a written post to get the gist, but I cannot do that with a video. You also need to be in a quiet milieu to watch the video.

    If a video is not transcribed, then there is no point of making a video.

  • I have nothing against videos, I just haven’t focused on them yet.

    I have noticed some blogs overdo videos and all the useful info is locked up in the video. I prefer the pattern where the video is an enhanced experience, but the value is still in text — it makes it friction free and I don’t always have time to watch a video.

  • not yet…..making slow when someone access the web, thanks….maybe next

  • Yes, I’ve used it. I’m astounded by the number of people who haven’t. It’s very easy to include others’ videos in your posts. I haven’t made my own yet, but plan to. Good question.

    krissy knox :)

  • cms

    I do not use a video. But in the future I shall be. Sometimes so it is easier to transfer the information

  • Oh… ‘awaiting moderation’… guess I didn’t make the cut, lol

  • Hi Darren,
    I use videos and get good traffics on my blog. Some of the best articles of the blog I do avideo or a podcast. The videos are schow at
    It’s an easy way to get more known. And Google like Videos! So I get a good ranking.

  • Will wait to see the result of this poll. I have never posted a video on my blog. I don’t know if it’s good to use someone else’s videos hosted on YouTube. Does it captivate your blog readers if you have good videos?

  • i really enjoy the video from your blog, dave
    now you very give me a whole inspirations to intall the video on my blog, maybe i’m start using video from facebook, because my blog can’t afford it, beside i think the easiest way to load our video is from there to put into our blog, don’t you think so?
    at the moment, i have no gadget or tools to improve my video on my blog…..

  • Yes, but I concentrate more on giving textual content. But when droolicious videos are need to be shared, I post them along with an overview of the content.

  • I am currently testing YouTube marketing on my blog. So far so good!

  • One other thing… The reason I started using videos was because I used to use photos to illustrate my posts. But on one of them I wanted to show my Japanese breakfast which was on fire (well, part of it!) The photos didn’t show it well, but the mini video clip that I’d shot looked cool. So I put it on Youtube purely to embed in my blog.

    But people started commenting on it in Youtube and asking for more. So I started uploading more videos. This was last Summer and I’ve now got around 4,000 subscribers to my Youtube channel, which is actually more than subscribe to my blog!

    Be genki,

  • Being the perfectionist that I am, I have had a lot of trouble doing blog style video. I have seen through several of the comments that I have read that the next biggest discussion to “do you do video on your blog” is “what was the quality of the video that you did?”

    I would submit that video can have a HUGE impact if you spend some time and create some really awesome videos. I have only made a handful of videos for my business (I don’t blog yet, but have been studying the art for quite some time now) however, much like an awesome blog post, these videos are the gifts that keep on giving. I just finished my latest video for my business last Wednesday. It was three weeks in production and had the involvement of several people (some of which I just picked up off the street while I was filming). This video had a much larger impact on my viewers than a video I had done several months ago which was just a screencast and me talking.

    Check out the video and tell me what you think, I would be interested to hear your take on the quality vs speed of delivery debate as well (Darren, it may be worth making a post to that effect I would be greatly interested in the results of that poll).

    Another cool resource which I have not yet seen in the comments is a really cool website called Make Internet TV. I’m sure several of you guys have heard of it and implemented some of its resources, but I found it several months ago and have been relying on some of its techniques to improve my film quality without necessarily spending a million bucks on video equipment (though as time goes on I seem to collect more and more stuff ^_^).

    You can find that here:

    Hope that helps some of you out!

    God Bless,

  • I haven’t done a ton with video on my blog yet. I know how to create and edit videos though. I will be using it more and more as time goes by however. I use a digital camera, Microsoft Movie maker and Youtube.

    Here is the latest video I create for a contest.

  • I’ve been videoblogging for over four years, and now actually get paid to do it (for Sun Microsystems). Video isn’t always the most effective way to convey something – text and/or photos can be equally important – but sometimes it IS the best way.

  • I’ve begun to make videos with a single dad — about parenting and dating.

    Here’s a sample:

    I’d LOVE to know: why do some vloggers prefer Vimeo over YouTube.

    What are the pros and cons of Vimeo vs. YouTube?


  • I’ve paid for a few video blogs, although I only create text blogs myself. When I find a good video blogger, I take advantage of it. They seem to be much more popular than a text blog.

  • So after reading the comments here, I’ve changed my mind.

    I probably won’t be creating any videos — at least not for some time — but if I can find a good one that fits my post topic, why not.

    In fact, I embedded my first youtube video today: Devil’s Den State Park

    Thanks! — this is one time that the comment to one of your posts changed my mind!

  • Having video on blogs tend to scare people away. My blogs are all about photography

  • My Just Chick Flicks blog is about movies, so it lends itself very well to the use of video. I have used clips from YouTube ( ) as well as other sources to feature various films.

    In fact the post with the YouTube video continues to be one of my most popular posts.

  • I’m going to start making my own ones once a week if all goes to plan, just need to do some more research!

  • I’vve just completed phase 1 of my site relaunch. I’m in the process of building contacts with manufacturers and retailers to get some review products. In my niche, video and audio reviews reign supreme, so getting my own original video content is high on my priority list this year.

  • How did you know that is one of my 2009 game plan for my blogs! ?!
    I’ve learned how do a Window Movie Maker video, but I don’t think they will work. I know how to make a Power Point video, I’m not sure that will work in blogs. So, I’m still in that learning stag in developing my blogs!
    I do, however have my portfolio video on YouTube.
    Any suggestions, tips or help would be greatly appreciated!

  • My site is about video puppetry, so of course there will be plenty of videos used. Some of them are what I watched, and have thoughts on, and some are videos that I made based on the things I have learned over time.

  • I use video at least once a week on my site-since it is a regular feature I gave it name: Pickin’ & Grinnin’ In The Kitchen. I’ve found a very postive reception to the video spot. Some folks only visit for that specific post each week.

  • Actually, I don’t use videos on my blog, but I do on my dog site.

    I chose to do this as a way to get visitors to slow down while visiting, as well as creating a way to create a friendly atmosphere.

    Favorable responses have been quite good.

    Here’s that page…


  • But I want to start making my own. i think readers will love it. still need to figure out what and how to do it.

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  • Wow, didn’t expect that there are more bloggers who don’t use video than who do. I like putting in videos, especially entertaining and cool stuff… plus I’m into movies so I need to put in trailers as well. :D

  • Yes, I used video on my blogs especially for video games.