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Have You Bought a ProBlogger T-shirt?

Posted By Darren Rowse 15th of December 2007 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

HbfnuAre you one of the people who have bought a ProBlogger T-Shirt?

If so – I’d love to get a picture of you wearing it to post here on the blog.

I’ve just done a little analysis of the purchases so far – and the clear winner in terms of design are T-Shirts with the simple text logo ‘ProBlogger’ on the back (pictured).

Also Mens T’s are out selling the Women’s ones so far – and there are even a few kids ones that have sold.

PS: if you’re a T-shirt designer and have any ideas for some new designs I’d love to chat with you. I’m not going to open it up as a competition like I did previously – but it could be fun to do something a little different if anyone has the time or inclination.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • it goes to show that simple is better!

  • I personally haven’t bought one of these t-shirts, but can i question why your featured t-shirt is red while your logo is orange?

  • Is it possible to get one for free? Then I’ll wear one. lol

  • I’ve bought a ProBlogger Long Sleeve T-Shirt about 1 month ago; i’m in Italy, and i think i’ll receive it the next week… i’ll email you the photo :-)

  • Gee, is it the distance or something? We don’t get the problogger T’s here in our country. Anyway, Darren I must say that you are full of ideas.


  • I still think you “owe” your favorite quadruplets a free t-shirt. How cute would that be on your site? I’m sure you’d get major traffic from it = more dollars = another vacation = happy wife….Think about it, Darren. Tis the Season!

  • I haven’t bought a problogger T-Shirt, but I have pre-ordered your book off! :)

    How long till it comes out?

  • Seth – shhhh :-)

  • Very nice tshirt i enjoy the colors and design.

  • Hello Darren,

    Wouldn’t it be cool to see you promoting this event by putting your photo wearing the problogger t-shirt?

    Just a suggestion to you…

  • Well the logo-only shirts ARE the cheapest too. Coincidence?

  • OK Darren, I still have a problem paying $30 for a t-shirt, but your post made me drool over them once again and has a $5 coupon for, so you got me :-) Now I just need to BE a ProBlogger…

  • appreciate it Doug. Send me a picture when you get it and I’ll post it :-)

  • Seth Brundle

    I would buy one but Im waiting for the 2.0 version where the logo is higher up on the shirt (lol whazzup with that?)

    Seriously, it would be cool to have a version with small type just over the right breast. I dont like shirts that have big logos across the middle.

  • Nice t-shirts. Maybe just a tab plain.

  • A book??? sounds interesting going to amazon now…

    I really like the simple design too of the t-shirts… i am in to get one…

  • Hmmm… great!! A new business opportunity in T-shirt design.

  • Here’s a design for you Darren.

    It’s the older colors, so you probably wouldn’t be interested, but I still thought you might like it.

  • When you send me a T-shirt of Problogger I will wear n send you the picture heeehehhe

  • I’m passing on the T-Shirt offer. I try not to wear shirts stamped with someone else’s brand (though I wear shirts with mine…).

    Also, I can’t justify spending $14 on a shirt that just has a logo on it. Now, if it said something funny on it as well I’d consider.

    I think more people would buy if you sold shirts with witty blogging-related things printed on them.

  • I agree on this one, from person above me: ” I think more people would buy if you sold shirts with witty blogging-related things printed on them.”

    But i would love to wear that shirt. above nice design but we are still mourning because of my dad’s recent passing, and in our country you don’t get to wear anything RED in a year or two.

  • If you spend more than $20 at any Printfection store, Problogger included, use the coupon code Grandopening5 to get a $5 discount.

  • Minimalism is the talk of the blog town, I suppose. The simplest is almost always the best. Cool t-shirt. I will try and get a hand on this one.

  • I have a shirt (and the book)
    I did blog about it Work At Home Uniform the Problogger Way

    I like the styles and colors available.
    The quality is pretty good as I haven’t noticed any shrinking from washing!