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Has Technorati Stop Indexing Blogs?

Posted By Darren Rowse 27th of October 2007 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

Has Technorati stopped indexing blogs?

I just logged in and don’t see any of my favorites having updated in 23 hours. Not only that I can’t see any blogs having updated in 23 hours – even blogs who post heaps – like Engadget. In fact none of the blogs in the popular page have updated for that long.

Here’s the Engadget page:


I’ve seen this on individual blogs before – but not across the board. Is it just me or did Technorati stop indexing 23 hours ago?

update: seems to be slowly catching up now. Seeing posts from 16 hours ago now….

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. This would have to be a bug. The very idea of Technorati stopping indexing blogs would lead to its demise.

    But it is interesting how such a high profile site can still be vulnerable to these types of embarrassments

  2. I noticed the same as well – last favourite was 22 hours ago. Not showing my latest post – even tried pinging. More than likely a temporary glitch.

    On a positive note, I noticed my last post was delivered to Google Reader inside 10 minutes, which is probably a record for me, but maybe I just got lucky with the timing :)

  3. Hey! I hadn’t noticed it till now! It hasn’t even indexed a post I made about 35 hours ago!

  4. I see the same thing — none of the blogs I watch are updated.

  5. Most probably a bug that Technorati’s lazy developers are too lazy to fix.

  6. Interesting,

    I noticed that mine had not updated yesterday when I was looking around Technorati so I did a manual ping but to no avail.

  7. Technorati last indexed by blog a month ago. Written to their support but no response so far.

  8. I had the same, wrote to support, and a few days later they “repaired” it. Something was stuck…

  9. Nah – It has been working for me, ever since I checked. Maybe a small thing in that time period – crons being molested – server loads being insane – something.

  10. Probably not related but I just upgraded to WP 2.3.1 and the incoming links part of the dashboard has swapped from Technorati to Google Blog Search…

  11. I notice this often. Sometimes it takes days for Technorati to record my new blog posts, and then sometimes they index them almost instantly. Given the load on their servers I wouldn’t be surprised if things jam up now and again :)

  12. For tech blogs, there’s always the tech buzz index, hosted at mine

  13. It works great now.

  14. I noticed the same thing a couple of days ago. I manually pinged, but it still didn’t update. Today I checked again and Technorati states that I last updated 1 hour ago, but my new post still hasn’t been indexed by them.

    Now things appear to be even worse, the most recent post that Technorati is showing for my blog is from 22 days ago even thought I just published a new post this morning.

  15. I’ve noticed lately Technorati has been slow to update my authority. It tends to update once every three days or so, when it used to update in real-time.

    Not sure what’s going on with them, really.

  16. I see a delay of up to 10 hours for my posts to be indexed… and trackbacks are reported late too.

  17. Sorry to double-comment, but I just headed over there. According to Technorati, my last post was 8 days ago. In reality, I posted this morning, and several times before.

    These things really aren’t good for the site’s already lagging credibility and authority.

  18. Hmm, seems like Technorati wiped out my favorites. I get a total of 0 posts out of my (4) favorite blogs…

  19. I think that Technorati is working again. Like many of you, I didn’t see any new posts on mine or other blogs. They are back up now though.

  20. I’ve long since given up on Technorati – my authority ranking reflects my decision not to participate in reciprocal link love fests!

  21. They indexed my brand new blog this morning and I was thrilled! Seems to be working okay for me, but then again, I’m a newb. :-)

  22. Technorati is saying that it has updated my blog 12 minutes ago, but the latest post it is showing is from 2 days ago. I hope that they fix it.

  23. I think technorati has become too much fatty. Because he (or she) has lot of blogs in his belly . So he(or she) is tired and taking rest or doing some diet control !!!!

  24. Darren,
    Thank you for the rapid response to my email I sent you yesterday regarding this very issue. Quick responses and timely descimination of information is what brings me back to your blog time and time again.

    Thanks Again:)

  25. Yeah, they’ve been really dragging for the last few days and manual pinging seems to have no impact.

    What Skellie said about how this has a negative impact on their authority….

  26. I have noticed that as well, as they are slowly, very slowly updating the listing on my blogs. I hope that changes soon. By the way, what a great blog you have there! As a newbie to this venue, I am sure, I will be stopping by for advice many times. Thanks

    Claudia Blanton
    Motivational Coach, Fundraiser

  27. Same thing here. They already miss my two last posts.

    In the previous weeks, I had to ping them several time manually to have my blog updated.

    I finally asked them by mail two or three weeks ago. After two days they answered everything was normal, and at this moments all my posts had been indexed… strange.

  28. I had this issue too. I update my blogs daily and still I had 20-30 hours delay .. I hope they’ll solve it one day since it’s really unpleasant to see my lists not updated.

  29. It stopped indexing my blog about 3 months back!!!

    Repeated complaints went to deaf ears at Technorati. Their downslide continues.

    I’m surprised you’ve written this article on them in the first place!!

  30. Technorati has always been pretty buggy for me… took them a month to get my feeds to update

  31. Technorati is gradually losing its sheen. It is neither updating my blog nor authenticity.

  32. Yesterday the same happened to me, technorati said the last post was 24h ago, now the last post was one hour ago.

  33. Darren

    Just the other post I wrote how technorati did not update my linkage but today it did, check yours and let me know, i don’t know what your current status was.

    Btw don’t forget to checkout my new theme your opinion matters to me. You know looking at your theme mine looks similar just better! JK!!!!!

    Have a great weekend and helloween party

  34. I just want to know who the woman in the yellow is.

    I would never hate on her blog.

  35. Looks like they did have some problems but everything looks ok now.

  36. I’ve noticed it as well, although the biggest problems for me are the javascript stuff they have on their page which prevents camino and firefox from properly rendering the page, I frequently have to shift-refresh to get the page to come through.

  37. Hmm, seems like Technorati finally managed to get my postings in order, but the time that I posted them is not corresponding with the actual time I posted it on my weblog.

    Ah well, just some details to fix, hope it will work better in the future! :)

  38. I see there is a nice blondy surfing your blog Darren :P just hide that pic from your wife

  39. Darren it is now showing your last update as 10 hours ago.

  40. I’m being indexed fine.

  41. Hooray for you! Mine has a pathetic PR of 2.

  42. Hi Darren,

    apparently Technorati is… let’s say… sick these days… They say my last post is 22 days ago… instead of 2 hours. Dozens of posts have been removed

  43. Technorati works very slowly and badly, and their support team seems not working anymore.

  44. Maybe its bot servers was down. It seems to be indexing now…

  45. Technorati hasn’t seen updates to my site in 480 days, and I update every day.

  46. Not sure what the hiccup was, but it is updating now. Finally!

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