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Handing the ProBlogger Keys Over to Guest Bloggers

Posted By Darren Rowse 20th of September 2007 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Over the next few days I am handing ProBlogger over to a capable and wise group of bloggers to do some guest posting for me while I get away for a bit to work on a project that I’ve been finding it hard to concentrate on (sound mysterious enough?).

I won’t be completely away (I’ll still be moderating comments) but won’t be blogging unless a big story breaks. In the mean time I’ve lined up a small group of bloggers each to post one post per day until I get back into the ProBlogger chair. Most of those who will be featured have either written a guest post or have been interviewed here at ProBlogger before and having seen most of their guest posts already I’m confident that you’ll have a great few days of learning!

I expect to be back early to mid next week.

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  • Enjoy your break!
    And I’m looking forward to seeing what your project is…

  • Sue

    Moving day perchance? Enjoy the time off, but you’ll be missed by us Darren junkies. :D

  • wow.. it seems all the big blogger are doing this lately… a great way to get a load of work off of their shoulders.. nice post!

  • Enjoy your break Darren. It will be nice to get exposed to some new bloggers!!

  • Enjoy your time off Darren :)

  • What do you call your “small group of bloggers?” You should have a name for that group.

  • Enjoy your work and come back with much more good posting…

  • enjoy the break, we will sit and wait patiently for this “mysterious” project :)

  • Have a nice break! Guest bloggers are always a treat!

  • For how long?
    And any tips regarding the mysterious project?

  • hmmm… mysterious project, maybe this could be what turns into

  • Were looking forward to it! You deserve a break Darren. Enjoy your getaway.

  • Hope your time is productive and focused! *=)

  • So what’s the big project then Darren? No more videos with John Chow I hope!

  • Have a break… have a Kit Kat! :D

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