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Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers – Final Submissions

Posted By Darren Rowse 27th of May 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

200605231206The Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers Group Writing Project is over.

I’m almost overwhelmed by the last minute entries today as I look at my inbox where there are 32 new submissions (taking us to a total of 80). It looks like ProBlogger readers like to leave things to the last minute (like author like reader)!

Before I update you with the latest submissions I want to answer a question that I’ve been asked this week on numerous occasions about this project. The question:

“Can we vote on a winner?”

There have been other variations on this question and I’ve been surprised by how many people have asked it. My answer is that the reason I ran this project was that I was struggling to answer the question ‘what habits would an effective blogger have?’ and wanted to hear others perspective. I didn’t think I’d get as many responses as I have and wasn’t planning on it becoming a competition. My hope was that through it we’d all learn something both about ourselves as we wrote out pieces but also as a community as we read each other’s and connected with new bloggers.

So I’m going to refrain from making this a competition.

HOWEVER – what I would encourage you to do is to find your own ‘winner’ or ‘winners’.

Surf through the submissions received – pick your top 3 (or 1, or 5, or 10…) and then write about it on your blog (or if it’s not appropriate to do so in comments below). Point your readers to the quality pieces that others have written and in the process share a little link love (a prize if you want to call it that). I would love this project to be more than just a learning experience – it now has potential to be one that celebrates quality writing. I’ll leave it in your hands.

The other question I’ve been asked a lot is – ‘Can we do it again?’ – the Answer to that one is yes, I’ll do another group writing project in the next week or so.

And now – here are the final submissions which will also be added to the list of all submissions:

Once again – see the full list of submissions here and take some time to surf through them to find those that you found most helpful to include them in a post on your own blog. Thanks to all who have contributed.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. My favorite line in all of these posts is from Razib Ahmed’s post: “I did not miss writing in my blog a single day. I have taken this maxim literally and even on the day of my wedding, I wrote an entry in my blog much to the dismay of others.” Hits a little too close to home. I didn’t blog on my wedding day, but I do get a lot of “get off the freakin’ computer already” from the spouse.

    Knowing when *not* to blog, in other words, is also a useful blogger skill. It might not make the blog better, but on the other hand blogging won’t keep you warm at night!

  2. Wow, I missed that part of Razib’s post. That sort of situation is why I’m adding a feature that will let me preset some posts!

  3. Razib Ahmed definitely had me laughing on the part about him blogging on his wedding. He is definitely in my top 5.

    TOP 6:
    1) Darren McLaughlin – Straight to hard hitting points (http://blog-republic.com)
    2) Razib Ahmed – taught somethings, funny, dedicated (http://southasiabiz.com)
    3) Mrs. Hendricks – spoke directly to me – (http://aconservatoryofone.blogspot.com)
    4) Jasonbagley.com – good solid stuff
    5) Susanrenolds.com – total package w/pics
    6) Gloria – HARDCORE (Darangang-Magayon.com)

    Honorable Mention:
    Steve Remington – Mentions Marketing & Research two things that have been huge for me. (http://whymyblogstinks.com) –> catchy title
    http://writingup.com –> DRUPAL.. FINALLY! (great points, too)
    Easton Ellsworth – businessblogwire –> core habits that almost everyone mentions
    Gnomes of Zurich – its like the Zen of Poker and Juggling applied to Blogging… very original. (http://gnomesofzurich.blogspot.com)

  4. […] Darren Rowse has a series on Habbits of Highly effective Bloggers. He has allowed his audience, who are mostly bloggers, to submit their ideas. One we need to study for sure. […]

  5. Thanks elamb for giving me a honorable mention (Gnomes of Zurich) I must say that I really enjoyed the project and being among some ones honorable mentions feel a bit like winning the omympic gold medal of blogging :)
    I am looking forward to the next project and I will definitley go through the list and put together my own top 5 list. Thanks again to Darren for starting the project

  6. Nice roun up by most blogging gurus.

  7. I created a table showing all the habits from the submissions listed in order of how often they were mentioned. Rather than look at winning posts, it’s more of a winning habits list.

    Go there now.

  8. […] I took a full time job two weeks ago. I am working for a family owned, commercial construction company. Actually, we are in the "space" business. Even though we are in the space business, I have never used so much of my construction knowledge. I am designing, drafting, estimating, and another "opinion giver". I am not going to share with you who I am working for because I am not sure what their policy is for my blogging activities. […]

  9. Time out & Lots of link love!…

    After the extreme disappointment yesterday morning, I took some time off from the world of glitz, glamour and happy faces. I needed some time to be with myself, sometime to see the truth and sometime to realize things. I thought a lot, a damn lot and d…

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