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Growing Your Business with Google – Preview Call

Dave-TaylorYesterday I came across an interesting course called Growing Your Business with Google (aff link) that I’m really impressed with.

It’s by two guys – Dave Taylor (pictured) and Steven Van Yoder. I know Dave’s work pretty well and respect him as a blogger after both reading his stuff and listening to him on various podcasts and interviews over the last year. I’m not familiar with Steven’s work but he’s written a book called ‘Get Slightly Famous‘ (aff link) which looks like an interesting read.

It was Dave’s name however that hooked me into the course’s sales page. On the page is a free downloadable preview call for the course that goes for an hour. I’d highly recommend you listen to it if you’re just starting out with blogging and are looking to get more highly ranked in Google and establish an online presence.

The course is not designed for bloggers specifically (and it’s not just about blogging – although Dave can’t help but talk about it) – but rather for businesses wanting to get their brand or company name in front of customers using the web and Google. Having said it’s not designed specifically for bloggers if the preview call is anything to go by it seems like a course that could be helpful for beginners (or business people).

The preview call is worth listening to whether you are interested in shelling out for the full course or not because Dave (who does most of the talking) is a smart guy and says some worthwhile things.

In fact I enjoyed the call so much that I’m going to do the course. I’m not sure how much I’ll learn that is completely new (as a blogger who has been working hard for 3 years) but sometimes it’s worthwhile just going back over some of the basics as a bit of a refresher and as a chance to interact with others working on similar things.

The course itself goes over three months with a number of seminar calls, a discussion forum, question and answer sessions and the ability to talk one on one with the two presenters in what they call ‘office hours’ – I’d probably pay the fee just to pick Dave’s brain for an hour or two a month.

As I say – it’s probably not a course for more experienced web developers (unless you want a refresher) but it could be useful for those starting out. There’s a money back offer if you don’t find it useful as well which is always a nice back up. If the course is not for you – the preview call is still worth a listen. Enjoy.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Darren,

    Thank you for this valuable post and audio clip you pointed us to.

    Could any of your readers, or you Darren, point us to information on the 185 variables that were referenced in the audio clip “Algorithm” Google search engine uses. What exacltly are the variables, and how, and why are they tweaked?

    Sounds like a very interesting book.

    Pete Hernandez

  • I’ve got Dave’s book, Complete Idiot’s Guide to Growing Your Business With Google, and it’s full of good information.

    This course looks great.
    Thanks for the head’s up.

  • Thanks for the positive words, Darren! Much appreciated, and I’m looking forward to your participation too. In fact, I expect you to answer questions too!

    Pete, I assure you that it’ll be impossible to track down everything that Google takes into account for its search engine results placement (SERP) because that is really the crown jewels of the company. Kinda like Coke’s secret recipe. :-)

  • Hello, Dave

    Thanks for explaining.

    Great audio!

    Pete Hernandez