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Google testing video AdSense ads

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of February 2006 Adsense 0 Comments

GoogleRumors have just noticed a video version of AdSense over at The Superficial (screen capture below).

AdSense have mentioned different formats were coming but this is the first version I’ve ever seen that is video also. It’ll be interesting to see if they catch on with advertisers and how publishers find them.

Do you think you’d want video ads on your blog or do you think they’d interfere too much with your design?


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  • George Appiah

    OMG! I’ll then be paying even more to view ads!

    I’m on a VSAT connection that charges me per MB.

  • they look like they only play if you press play….

    ie they won’t automaticlaly start downloading.

  • George Appiah

    Hmmm, but that sounds funny. Will people really click to watch adverts?

  • George, I thought a similar thing for the ‘search for ads’ box – would people really search for ads on a topic? info, yes, but not ads.

    Still, I suppose a video is more compelling – but I presume you only get a clickthru payment if they actually click at the end of the video to go to the website? ie not just for playing it.

    I don’t think it would sit well on my sites.

  • I say people will click play initially. Most of these folks will be curiosity seekers just like a lot of folks that initially clicked the chitika ads. I for one will click at least one to see what they are like.

    Now having said that will you get paid once you hit play or once the person actually clicksthru to the ads website. For me personally if I do not get paid for hitting play, then it might not be worth it mainly because once people see its an ad they may just hit stop or even be a little annoyed and leave your site. If you do get payed once they hit play then I will definitely have them on my blogs.

    By the way Darren, a little off topic, I tried the tabbed blogging on my blog and my revenue dropped like a rock. I had all 9 of my blogs appear on when you click a tab. I used Iframes to do it, the ads were ok, and I really liked how it looked but I personally would not recommend it. It gave my readers to many places to click, and they basically ignored my ads all together.

    I will send you a copy of my index file so you can see what I mean. Just to let every one know I have since changed my index file back so there is no need to see it on my site. I think Darren uses nofollow anyway so I am not trying to get any traffic from this comment.

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  • Jan

    Mmm, I would not be too pleased with something like this on my any of my sites. But I guess this totally depends on your content. For some bloggers this might be a valued extra which their site’s visitors can appreciate too.

    Besides, I think that this will generate a wave of curious clicks, it being a novelty, like the first period of Chitika. Is that going to be filtered out of the eventual revenue?

  • I don’t know if all of you have noticed the stunning surge in video sharing sites and video blogs, lately, but as once such video blogger, I can see how this fits. My blog is nothing but links to Google videos, so why not have video ads as well. Seems to me like it would match the content a lot better than text ads. Many of the videos I link to that are funny or popular are commercials anyway.

  • jim

    I’m really interested to see how the mechanics of these work, if they just start off looking like an image ad then I’m cool with it. It’d be miserable if it just started playing…

  • I doubt very much that will play on their own. They look like the same embedded flash players already used by Google Video.

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  • Considering that they look so similar to the inline Google Video you can put in your blog, these could very well be the best blended ad style yet. I wouldn’t object at all.

  • I wonder how much people will be paying publishers for this. This is like the popup ad for advertising (enhanced listing) in Google, so it should be consideribly good?

    What will google do next? Overlay the webpage with dynamically related ads like you see at Yahoo! sometimes?

  • I imagine they would pay by the keyword in an AdWords campaign, which means the amount would depend on the keywords. Anybody willing to devote the kind of resources needed to produce such ads would, I imagine, also be willing to bid higher for keywords.

    From the AdSense side, I bet you’ll just select it as another type of ad unit, similar to how we now choose between text or text + image, or between ad units and link units.

  • As a media producer and consumer, I shall be watching this development with great interest!

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  • Text ads have always worked MUCH better for me than image ads. So I can’t say I expect much from these new video ads.

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  • I’m trying to figure out if it is the video on the top right…or?
    There is nothing near it stating that it is a Google ad?
    I do see that they have various video type ads set as their alternate….

  • Has anyone confirmed whether the videos are simply alternates?

  • Just saw this! I’m happy with CTR of my text ads and since the user’s like it I doubt I’ll change. I may test these though if we see them become available.

    Definitely a good step for Google, bring new media closer to the capabilities of all other mediums. This will lure bigger fish to web advertising as well.

  • I cant wait to use video adsense. Although will we be paid for viewing or clicking? Cause users who watch may not click.

  • dunno.. as an advertiser, I think I’d rather have them immediately clickthrough to my site..

    but each to his own..