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Google Launches Hot Trends

Posted By Darren Rowse 23rd of May 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Google today launched a new feature – Hot Trends.

The page shows what people are searching for in great numbers in almost real time (or at least it shows the top 100).

Click on a hot search term and it’ll take you to a page (like this one on dancing with the stars finale) which shows a graph of search volume as well as result from Google News, Blog Posts and Web Results.

This should be exciting bloggers on at least two fronts.

1. It’s another chance to be found once you’re in their Blog Search system.
2. It could be a useful tool for those writing blogs on current hot topics.

I just wish it had an RSS feed of some kind or an alerts service to help monitor what’s moving up the ranks at any given time.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Now that is sure nifty, thanks for that

  2. Darren, any hot stuff for this moment. Thanks!

  3. Wow — I didn’t know about this. Thanks for the tip! Google is always coming up with something new.

  4. some in the top 100 sure are weird (or maybe there is some news I’m not aware of). Thanks for the link :)

  5. World of Warcraft is hauntingly popular.

  6. What a great way to find new niches. Thanks!

  7. Nice new feature of Google, but some of those “Hot Trends” are really strange ;o)

  8. Hi,
    Very useful info. I guess for people, who write on latest trends this helps a lot.These are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

    Thank you

  9. Really interesting ..hehe
    but it contains trends from america only i wud like to see the whole world’s trend though..tht wud be a little more interesting

  10. I’ll be honest, I’m surprised not to see “Porn” up there.

  11. Hmmm,,, Google is a little too late, so many web like technorati has the similiar feature.. But that also great for other reference.. Sweet!!

  12. Hey everyone, I need your advice . . .

    I’m working hard every day to build my blog, http://www.romancetracker.com . . . and am pleased to see that my Google search hits are slowly growing.

    Unfortunately, I have discovered a site that takes every single post I write, every day, and reproduces them exactly, word for word! They have even stolen the categories I put the posts under! You can see this awful site at http://www.101lovetips.com . . . compare it to mine!

    What should I do? The site that is stealing from me has no contact information on it at all. I hate to think that their thievery is affecting my Google ranking, and besides, I don’t want them re-publishing my original writing!

    Any advice?

  13. Rhys, I read somewhere (but can’t find it now) that things like porn are filtered out.

    Also, they are not necessarily showing the most popular searches. They are showing the things with popularity spikes:

  14. Darren – thanks for the tip on Google Hot Trends. Things like this make subscribing to your newsletter worth it!

    Phil – Reposting your blog like this is blatent copyright infringement. If you can figure out who their web host provider is, you should be able to get that domain shut down by contacting them and filing a copyright infringement complaint – unless of course they’re in China or Nigeria!

    I was going to leave a comment on the lovetips site that they were thieves, but guess what? clicking on comments took me to your site for commenting!

  15. Nice find. I was surprised to see so many software-related searches for today’s Top 100, until I realized that World of Warcraft must’ve just had a patch day (at least 30 of the top 100 are interface mods for that game). Definitely good info for gamer bloggers, but I can see this tool being a great help for all of us.

  16. Phil, that really sucks that this clown from Singapore can do this to you. I mean, the guy didn’t even change the post where to talk about RomanceTracker being no longer a nofollow blog….what a jerk :(

    Darren, thanks for the great tip, now I have something new to follow :)

  17. Rhys and Carlie,

    The results are not necessarily the most popular, they are items that have volume spikes.

    Most of the really common search terms are filtered out and I think I read somewhere that stuff like porn is also filtered out.


  18. Good ol’ Google… thanks for the info!

  19. Thanks, Darren, it’s good to know about such new and useful feature by Google.

    Hmm… it seems like Hot Trends is not real time, but only updated several times a day (http://www.google.com/intl/en/trends/about.html#2 #2 and #8)

    It’s interesting that “Currently, Google Trends is only available in English and Chinese. Hot Trends is only available in English.” I guess Google is going after the Chinese market.

  20. Phil

    Are they pulling your RSS Feed automatically?

    If you are on WordPress there are plugins that will insert copyright statements in your feed, or put questionable content in for particular subscribers.

    See, for example, http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2006/10/05/antileech-splog-stopper-fighting-back-against-content-thieves/


  21. Darren,
    The Google is if becoming the owner of the information. She imagines if they go to want to publish that the Yahoo is being the searched term more…

  22. I’m not buying it. There’s no way in the world that hundreds of thousands of people are searching for “Cordelia’s father” today. This is more like the old “what people are searching for right now” thing…just not as frequently updated. I see little use for this unless one has time to burn…which i don’t.

  23. Chuck, I heard that some of the results are due to things like radio competitions or the subject being mentioned on the local news/news article. So I’d expect that’s the reason why so many people are searching for odd subjects.

  24. Can google launch something entitled ‘make my Google analytics work for the past 24 hours? Please?’ Because man, I’m starving for stats overhere.

  25. Sounds interesting though i still not sure how really it work lol. thanks for the info darren

  26. I am going to suggest a site which I think is relevant to the topic. It is a search engine that turns the top 100 list of Google Hot Trends into a tag cloud and refines the results for each term. This is the address http://google-hot-trends-swicki.eurekster.com/

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