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Google Identity Required for Adsense and Adwords Login

Posted By Darren Rowse 6th of November 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

I just logged into my Adsense and Adwords accounts and was asked to switch my login identity to a Google identity – (ie my Gmail account login). This enables me to log into a number of Google accounts with the one login – a more integrated system by the looks of things.

From what I saw they were going to require all publishers to do this by January 15.

This is something I’ve seen a number of Adsense publishers requesting over the past few months and it looks like they are gradually prompting all publishers to do this (there is a thread at WMW here abut it).

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  • Well It did not offered me upgrade option as i’m already using gmail based id to sign in. I guess it is only for others.

  • Although this option may be attractive for some people it will be a bit annoying for people like me who managed multiple accounts for multiple companies, unless they cater for multiple adsense logins .. which I can’t see them doing in the short-term

  • Lea

    Yes, I haven’t figured out if this is a good thing or a bad thing – I tend to manage things by domain name, but logging in is getting a bit cluttered at Google – they don’t really expect you to need to log out and then log back in with a different account; the workflow takes a fair few more clicks than one would expect.

    Does it appear that they allow you to merge accounts?
    I have separate adsense, adwords and gmail accounts, and a couple of extra ‘google’ accounts as well.
    The details on my adsense account haven’t shown up yet – should be interesting…

  • They have been doing this with other Google services as well. was possibly the first service they did this with. Their other services like google talk requires a gmail account as well.

    They are just cutting down on redundant data and its a good thing because it will allow Google to become more efficient when dealing with user information.

  • “They are just cutting down on redundant data…”

    khurrum don’t you mean forcing people to have a gmail account? or Can I still use my one of my own e-mail addresses?


  • space

    This can be a disadvantage if you are forced to merge all your stuff. There are situations where you may want to keep things separate. But I guess there’s nothing stopping you from keeping separate google accounts for each service..

  • I was asked to do this 2 days ago when I logged into AdWords, and immediately complied with their request. I use AdWords, AdSense, gmail, Froogle Merchant Center, and Google Alerts.

    As soon as I did this, I was no longer able to access my AdSense control panel, reporting, or whatever they call it.

    When I log in with the new email address (my gmail address), and password, it comes back and refreshes the screen, blanks out the log in information, and no error message.

    When I log in with my old email address and password, it gives me an error message.

    When I tried to reset the password, it allowed me to do so, and I still cannot log into AdSense, but I have no problems doing so with the other Google functions.

    I used the “contact us” on the AdSense page to contact Google two days ago, again yesterday, and still no response.

    I posted this on a popular forum and 2 other people have the same problem getting into AdSense. You would think they would at least confirm receipt of the support request, but nothing yet. In the meantime I have no idea what’s happened the last two days, and also have no way of putting up referral links to the AdSense affiliate program.

    Very frustrating to say the least.

  • This allows them to compile a very complete “profile” of their users. Hopefully you trust Google with your info. They know can associate my bank account [AdSense], my credit card [Adwords] and all my personal emails and the history of all my Google searches – not to mentiion address, phone numbers. If they start to compile and use that info to target advertising things could get scary. I know MSN has mentioned similar ideas with their upcoming AdCenter.

  • For me this is a very bad thing. I have multiple clients for who I run adwords programs. Adwords does not support different billing info per campaign, so I had set up multiple AdWords accounts. (Which was already stupid and annoying enough.)

    So, yes, now I’ve had to create a bunch of different “Google” identities that I suppose include Gmail now.

    Worst of all, when you log in via one identity, it logs you out of the others, so every time I go back to GMail I have to re-log-in if I was looking at my AdWords campaigns.

    Amazon has done a bit of the same thing. I have a personal Amazon account and a professional Amazon identity for my affiliate stuff. Now I have to be logged out of one to get into the other.

    I’m glad it’s all so convenient for them, but it’s a royal pain for me and having a definite impact on how efficiently my work goes throughout the day.

  • It hasn’t asked me to switch yet.

  • Dennis, the same happened to me too! I got a reply from Google – saying they will try to fix this asap.

  • Thanks for the update, Ryan, I still haven’t heard from Google. Though hearing that they will “try to fix” it doesn’t make me feel so hot at all. I wish there was a way to undo the change to get back to where I was.

  • Jon

    Dennis and Ryan…have you tried deleting your cookies? WARNING: you could lose all your saved logins for all sites…but it maybe that you have a cookie confict and that’s why the logins aren’t working for you. Try to deleted just the google cookies, if you’re technically inclined.

  • Dennis, Ryan, same problem here. There is a workaround which works for most of those who are locked out; login via the following url:
    that will take you to the old login page which still lets you login. As with Ryan I got an email from Google saying they’re working on it…haven’t heard anything more as yet — I guess some techs just had a pretty non-existant weekend!

  • It doesn’t ask me to switch to Google login. I’m still using the old way. Is there any problem?

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  • Thanks Stuart that helped!

    Jon I already tried to clear my cookies – didn’t help :(

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  • Elisa, I know that Google is moving to a setup at least for Adwords that lets you create a “campaign manager” account that lets you manage more than one sub-account specifically for people who run campaigns for clients. I ran across it while looking for information on their Adwords API. They wanted me to set one of those accounts up. I can’t remember the details right now, but maybe someone else can fill in the gaps.

  • david s

    I already used my gmail account for adwords and adsense, but with a different password. Google seems to still keep them as different.

    Neither adwords or adsense show up on my account services at which is linked to my gmail.

    Also I can’t change the adwords/adsense passwords to the gmail password because that one doesn’t have numbers in it.


  • I haven’t been asked to change my login at Adsense yet, but I did have to agree to a new terms of service the other day. It must be a phased in switch-over.

    I wonder if I’ll get a message to switch sometime in the near future. I read through the TOS, but was looking at interplay between Chitika and Adsense and didn’t think to look about needing to use a Google identity to log in.

  • echoterror

    Hi, is it true that when transtioning campaigns between accounts in Adwords you lose your quality score and have to pay higher cpcs? is there anyway to avoid this?

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  • Well,finally Google goes the Microsoft Passport way integrating all of their services including the much hyped AdSense and AdWords.No wonder if your Gmail account is a one stop account for many products in the near future!!

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  • Does anyone know where I can find more information about this?