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Google GBuy to Rival PayPal

Posted By Darren Rowse 7th of February 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

There is lots of news around today about Google’s upcoming launch of the so called ‘GBuy’ payment product and how it will rival eBay’s PayPal system.

This has potential to impact Pro Bloggers – many of whom use PayPal in their day to day activities and many who would love a more automated payment system from Google to get their AdSense payments (particularly publishers who live outside the areas who already get direct deposit payments).

Read about the story at:

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Given PayPal’s position on not investigating chargeback claims from customers against merchants using PayPal, I’ll be shifting real quick if it becomes a reality.

    I’ll be posting more of my PayPal experiences on my blog soon – after giving things another 48 hours to sort through

  2. […] Darren de Pro Blogger hace eco de los rumores de que el lanzamiento de GBuy, el servicio de pagos similar a PayPal desarrollado por Google, sería inminente. Será bueno ver alternativas viables a PayPal ya que las operaciones de esta empresa están bastante limitadas en algunos países – como Argentina y la mayoría de Latinoamérica. Incluso una integración con Adsense y Adwords sería muy bienvenida. economia […]

  3. Whoa Yikes, poor Paypal. Cheers for the link Darren, this is the first I’ve heard of “gBuy”.

  4. The web certainly doesn’t need another PayPal’s “worldwide” service.

    I live outside PayPal’s “worldwide” coverage, and I’m just waiting for a truly global online payment system.

    Recently I heard of a service called GreenZap that claims to be international, but requires a US bank account to verify your account with them. Silly.

    Will Google be the one to provide a truly global online payment system? I’d jump on board immediately.

  5. i would prefer if they’ve the same concept as e-gold

  6. […] via ProBlogger verwandte Artikel: […]

  7. I would hope that Google will cause PayPal to be more innovative, cut their fees and of course vice versa.

    I’ve been with PayPal a long time but feel no particular loyalty: if Gbuy offers a better service, I’ll switch.

  8. I want my Adsense revenues in a stealth virtual gbuy account rather than in my real money bank account where the tax administration can see it.

    If only Google would have simply bought Paypal 3 years ago :)

  9. I would hope that Google will cause PayPal,
    if google gbuy will come its the boom in the market


  10. Don’t bother posting your link Raj, nofollow is turned on …

  11. PayPal has never done anything bad to me, but I’ve heard plenty of horror stories.

    Still, it’s kind of scary to think of Google turning into the Walmart of the internet and ruling the world, plus knowing EVERYTHING about me (well, maybe not EVERY thing, but a lot LOL).

    But, probably like Walmart, if they are the cheapest, folks will flock there.

  12. That’s a good thing Google is doing I feel! We all need a good paypal competiton that is reliable and secure. hopefully we’ll have lower fees too :D, maybe free, thanks to Google?

  13. […] Em Google GBuy to Rival PayPal é possível ler o texto original, inclusive com alguns links para outros artigos sobre o mesmo assunto. […]

  14. I think it will be a nice thing, if Gbuy will be more secure than PayPal, because PayPal has a lot of problems with unverifyed users, there are too many frauds through PayPal, and PayPal isn’t serious managing these frauds.

    I think Google will be better, because they just collected millions of information about people, Adsense and Adwords, so they just verified million users, and I think Gbuy it will be the best and most secure payment system.

  15. Google insists that there will no be competition between GBuy and paypal.

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