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Google Firefox Referral Program goes International

Posted By Darren Rowse 29th of November 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

Google have widened the availability of the Firefox referal program to now include international publishers. They announce it as follows on their What’s New page:

‘International publishers can now refer users to Firefox plus Google Toolbar through the AdSense referrals feature. As you connect your users with Firefox to improve their web browsing experience, you can generate earnings – up to US$1 for each new Firefox user who downloads and runs the product for the first time. To add a Firefox referral button to your site today, visit the ‘Referrals’ tab in your account.’

Thanks to all the readers who let us know about this news.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • This is just great… maybe this is due to the fact that Firefox 1.5 will be releasing today (29 Nov.)

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  • I use the link for firefox in japanese since this morning ! Hope they’ll download it cuz IE really fucked up my blog !

  • I like firefox but I am not so sure if you could make any money from this. I would be interested to know if anyone has had a download yet.

  • I’ve had it running on each of my sites since it became available. Despite prominent placement, and a user base that is 70% IE, it has resulted in only one conversion.

    It sounded like a great idea, but at least for me it hasn’t worked.

  • it’s still not available for Hong Kong yet… we’re soooo missing out all the good stuff…. *sigh*

  • I have them in my blogs but nobody download jet.

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  • Ya i have also placed the code today and got 2 clicks

    they downloaded it

    but i have been paid only 20 cents not 2 dollars
    donno what went wrong

  • Well, I just added mine to my blog and one of my clients installed it straight away, after I explained why he should try it as an alternative to Internet Explorer.

    Guys, you can’t just expect to slap up a banner and expect it to convert!

    Why not write a post about how great you think FF is and why you recommend it?

    It would probably help.

    Talking of banners, why don’t Google supply text links as well?

  • When this referral program began, about a month or so ago, I was confused by it… I eventually understood the Adsense referral feature, but I haven’t yet even tried the Firefox referral one. It seems that that one would be more likely to yield money (at least in the short term) than the Adsense referral one… Since doesn’t the Adsense referral thing require someone to use your referral link to enroll in Adsense, and then earn $100, before you get your $100 ?

    With the Firefox referral program, do you automatically get $1 for each individual who uses your referral link to download and use the ‘Firefox with Google’ web browser?

    And also, with that referral program, would it be permissable to tell your friends to use your link, to download that browser (so as to earn you money)? I know that’s ‘Associate’ Program allows you to verbally tell your friends – and to even post something online – letting people know to use your referral link, to purchase items, thereby earning you a commission.

    But I don’t know if that type of thing would be allowed, for this Firefox referral program.

  • I’m interested to see how this Firefox referral program pans out. I personally think Firefox is great both in terms of usability and security. Using tabbed browsing is great and since I changed from Internet Explorer the number of spyware files I find now has plummeted to almost nothing.

  • Hi Krisha,

    Google said that they would pay as much as $1 per download…hehhe.. so i think we will be difficult to get the $1/ download.

  • #9 krisha and #13 aschode

    Couldn’t the 20 cent be for the Google Bar only? If the user already has Firefox. Or perhaps the $1 is only in certain countries? I haven’t hear from anyone actually earning $1…

  • I joined the referral program and wrote an article on firefox and two of me mates came over and installed firefox from my fast broadband link (much better than downloading on a 56k modem)

    They had not used firefox on their computers before and I watched both of my friends download and install firefox from my adsence links, and I even opened their firewals too, so that google could report the signup.

    Beware guys, if your users are smart they may block the attempted connection to google adsence and they will stop your referal payment dead!

    Anyway, google says I have 2 clicks, 1 conversion and I earnt a total of 50cents. (for the 1 conversion)

    I think google may have some kind of problem with their firefox referrals as it doesn’t add up to the flat $1 they say they will pay for each sign-up.

    I wonder how many other click-thru’s google has not ‘registered’ on my adsence.

    I will think twice about using the referral program in future.

  • Oh I made a mistake. Google says “Up to 1 dollar”. I forgot that this includes “zero”. All bets are off!

  • mike b

    I have been using the referral button on my blog for a month now. I have to say payouts per download are nowhere near the advertised “$1.00”. I guess when Google says “up to a dollar” “depending on users location” they really mean $0.00 to $0.10 and this will eventually add up to $1.00.

    My question to Google is: Why the deliberately obscure and deceptive promises?

    I guess Google has their own definition of “Do no evil”.

    P: S: The referral buttons are horrible, very amateurish in my opinion (have they ever heard of anti-aliasing?).

  • Well i’ve discovered that i’m not being paid for most of the firefox referrals because most of my users are savvy enough to block the referral connection to google because the URL looks like advertising.

    I see a click that they downloaded it, but no cash.

    Please google, change the referral URL so that it’s accessing then people won’t block it.

  • Luc

    I run my own website…

    Though this topic is quite old ( I found it through Google, questioning on why I only’ve received 50cents, twice, and 1 dollar once. So… Yes, I have received the full 1$ for a sign up. The next 2 signups earned me 50cents each. Also, I would highly doubt Google would change their link, because it allows them to not pay out where they should.

    It’s a matter of hope, as I haven’t really gone out of my way to check the sign ups, I just hope they don’t block the website as my user-base on the couple websites I run, are ‘computer savvy’.

  • The patterns of google referral are differnt if a US people it will be 1 dollar other than US it will be .10 $