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  • Why isn’t Australia on that “lucky” list? It took PayPal a long, long time to add on the Aussie dollar and now it’s Google’s turn.

  • I’m in the lucky 16! Woohoo! lol

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  • Cool, I just signed up…now to watch the cents roll in ;D

  • I can’t believe they left out us Aussies!!
    Surely they would save on postage?

  • Darren can you recommend a local Aussie bank that is fast and inexpensive for depositing US cheques? I’m with Westpac but looking for the best service.


  • Hi there – I use ANZ and they are quick with smaller cheques. Ie I can have them cashed for any under $2000 (I think that’s the number) very quickly – often straight away.

    Anything over that mark can take weeks to clear though as they have to send them back to the US for clearance which is a pain. I’m glad Google now sends cheques in Aussie dollars though.

  • I am sure they’ll add Australia soon enough – look how many probloggers there are in Australia.

  • If I was a conspiracy theorist, I’d point out that Electronic Funds Transfer is the first step towards Google Wallet. But I’m not, so I won’t. :)

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  • I am a Brazilian, and I have been using Adsense for over a year now, and sure enough I make good income. I would love to see Google using EFT to Brazil. It’s a true pain to cash the checks, and most of all, the outrageous rates we have to pay to these abusive banks just to have our checks deposited.
    Maybe the Brazilians should get together and send a list of of sites requesting that to be implemented.

  • They can’t do Australia yet because the system can’t cope with all the 0’s at the end of Darren’s check!!


  • LOL

    I have a feeling Goooogle (they don’t include lots of 0’s in their name on the adsense ads for nothing) can handle a few 0’s ;-)

  • jim

    I live in Canada and have been on the EFT system for a couple of months ,,, very smooth and efficient!