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Google currency converter

Posted By Darren Rowse 16th of July 2005 Blogging Tools and Services 9

Why didn’t anyone tell me about Google’s ability to do currency conversions before? I just learned about it at Geeky Info and think it’s a feature I’ll be using lots.

All you have to do is enter an amount that you want to convert into a normal Google search field and it’ll do a current conversion for you.

So to find out what one US dollar equals in Australian dollars (down to 8 decimal points!) you just enter:

1 USD in AUD

and here’s what you get when you ‘search’

Don’t know the country code? No problem try entering:

currency of Britain in Australian money

or 5 British pounds in Australian money

Handy stuff for a blogger wanting to convert their earnings into a local currency.

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  1. Not only that!
    You can do Hieght, Weight, and Distance conversions as well!

  2. you never asked :)

  3. are you not using your Tiger’s Dashboard, Darren? Mine is hot-cornered to top right, so I just throw my mouse up there if I need a conversion (or a dictionary definition, a language translation, yellow pages, blah blah…)

  4. Now you can charge your client’s in rupals!

  5. Google Currency Converter

    Maybe this is old news to some of you, but I just ran across yet another cool Google function… Currency conversion! Simply enter the conversion of interest (e.g., 1 USD in Euros) in the Google search box and out pops your answer. Google lists a …

  6. Has anyone (or google) actually got a comprehensive list of all the different things you can actually do with the google search bar, other than actually do a search?

    Seems theres loads of little bits and pieces that you only find by redaing someones blog :)

  7. Now isn’t that a cool feature. what else are those guys at Google Labs up to?

  8. I love this feature, it is helping me plan my european vacation! I just wish the dollar was worth more than the euro.

    Awesome site, I added you to my favorite links, and told some of the guys at work about you and this site. Hope you get a few more hits.

  9. The Google Earth Application

    Google Earth is a unique application which lets you view almost every aspect of a specific location.

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