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Google Adsense Gift Pack Arrives

Posted By Darren Rowse 15th of December 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

It seems that the Google Adsense Present has started arriving for some of their bigger publishers. The description of it by one forum participant is:

– marooon carrying case with embossed google logo. zipper closure
– wireless mini mouse, with scroll wheel
– usb charger for mouse with retractable cord
– usb 4 port hub
– usb gooseneck led light
– 128mb usb flash drive with wrist strap
– headset with retractable cord. has two plugs (one for mic and one for earbud) so it is for a computer, not a mobile phone.

Congratulations to Stefan who ‘guessed’ it in the comments on my competition post. Now if I could only find the prize…

There’s no word on what the figure you need to earn to get the pack is. Some publishers are reporting that they got a New Years Card instead. If anyone’s got one so far send me a picture and I’ll post it here.

also via Google Send me Expensive Christmas Present and google gift arrived

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  1. Perhaps smaller publishers will get a smaller package?

  2. I’d be interested to know what they consider “big” publishers. If a blogger earns $1000/mo would that give him a special prize? what about 500? What’s the cutoff?

  3. I can’t get that wireless mouse to work on my laptop. It’s pretty cool, but it just doens’t work for me.

  4. I doubt I’ll be seeing it :)

    I’m aiming high for next year though…

  5. […] It would appear Google have been sending out Christmas Pressies to their Adsense publishers again this year. I really hope they send me one. I know it’s completely geeky but I want some Google branded stuff on my desk. I wonder if I should send them a clock with my name on it. Perhaps just a Christmas card will suffice. […]

  6. […] Thanks to Grant for emailing me a picture of the AdSense Christmas Gift for some publishers. (Click to enlarge). It is a: […]

  7. Hmmm, I didn’t get the mic/headset deal. No worries. This is the best Google gift to date by far.

  8. Thanks Darren! I must admit that it was a very ‘lucky’ guess, so don’t bother finding the gift.. ;-)

  9. What!? No Google fuzzy balls?… :)

  10. WHY does everyone seem to think it’s just Adsense. I earned dirt from Adsense this year but spend a mind-boggling amount on Adwords, so I got the gift to. ANYONE that Google feels is significant gets the gift.

    PS: I can’t get the mouse to work either. I’m quickly starting to think it’s a POS.

  11. This was a cool gift. I got it from Adsense only. I am actually looking at doing the same thing for my clients.

  12. I got a tiny purse, tiny must be down on the money this year.
    I would rather have had nothing than this derisery “gift”

  13. Well, nice buddy… Someone will love this article if I tell her about this. She’s really interested in this topic. Thanks again…

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