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Google AdSense Changes

Posted By Darren Rowse 15th of July 2005 Adsense 0 Comments

Reports Pages Redesign – Google Publishers will notice major changes to their reports pages when logging on today. I first logged on at a bleary eyed 7am and thought I’d gone to the wrong page.

The log in page now is a quick view report which gives an overview of the day’s figures (both Adsense for content and Adsense for search on the same page – good move Google). These can be viewed as ‘today, yesterday, last 7 days, this month and last month which can be changed via a drop down menu.

Users are then given the ability to narrow these figures down to show the top performing channels for the period selected at the click of a button.

Underneath these figures are the options for a variety of quick reports which allow publishers to check their figures in a variety of reports. Options include ‘this month by day’, ‘this month by channel and day’, ‘last month by day’ and ‘last month by channel and day’. Each of these allows you to download a CSV report next to them.

If you want a more detailed report (for example setting from one date to another) you can still do this by selecting the ‘Advanced Reports’ options at the top of the page.

Page impressions on channels can now be viewed in the two ways that your overall stats have been able to be viewed previously.

Overall the changes seem to be reasonable. It will take a little while to get used to the new format but largely the changes are fairly cosmetic with no real changes to the actual system.

Terms and Conditions Changes – Also new today are some additions to the ‘terms and conditions’ page. Jen at Jensense has a good summary of the changes so rather than rehashing them all here I suggest you take a look at what she has to say. Most of the changes seem minor – some seem to deal with RSS ads.

The one I’m most interested in is that you now have to seek Google’s permission to put two different publisher’s codes on the one page. ie if you want to run ads for two different people on the one page. This will impact the revenue share systems of some blog networks.

New Demos – Lastly they seem to have added some video Demos for beginner Adsense publishers to help them get going.

You can see all the changes to the report pages laid out at the Adsense ‘what’s new’ page.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I think it looks way better, and is much easier to use, maybe I am just too used to Google and how they make things look (Gmail as an example).

  2. I love the new interface!

    I was concerned about the terms change because a couple of my sites run AdSense code for each author on the pages they wrote, but it appears it doesn’t affect that kind of revenue sharing – as long as they’re not shown on the same page view, we’re OK. I think this will mainly affect free hosting sites and their customers.

  3. Yes, I’m liking the changes, anf the terms changes shouldn’t affect me either.

    Good to see they are moving things forward.

  4. Yep I wondered if I had gone to the right site as well! But, once I found the old reports I’ve used are still there, as well as the new summaries which are good, I was happy.

  5. […] page which lists the interface changes, which I’ve included in the extended entry. Darren Rowse says “the changes are fairly cosmetic with no real chang […]

  6. I just posted a comment at The Blog Herald… When I tried to view my Adsense reports yesterday (or the day before), it said that I had to agree to the changes in the Terms of Service, before proceeding. I wanted to see if I could get info on the changes, so I used Google News, and found a piece at “AdJab” that linked to that piece, which linked to here. I see that you’ve linked to yet another blogger, who deals with the Terms of Service changes, so I presume that I will now be following the chain over there. (It’s neat that there are so many friendly sources of good info, published so soon, and so readily accessible… I guess that’s why it’s called the Information Age!) Thank you for your work on this; I wasn’t aware that more than just the Terms of Service was changing; I hope that I can adapt okay to new interface. (I also hope that they will add more ad formats – Like something shorter than the 4-ad vertical unit, but longer than the 2-ad one…)

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