Get Your Free Roadmap to Become a Blogger

If you’re new to blogging and just starting out – do yourself a favor and get your hands on the Roadmap to Become a Blogger – a free report by Gideon Shalwick and Yaro Starak.

The report has been downloaded by over 20,000 bloggers and has helped many get their head around some of the basics of getting a blog up and running and moving towards the success that we all dream of as bloggers.

Gideon and Yaro are stand up guys with a heap of experience – if you’re just starting out I recommend you grab their report and learn from their wisdom.

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  1. Darren,
    You know..i was opening gideon’s and Yaro’s site after long as i was stuck at some part of FTP and your tweet synchronized… surprisingly yours is the first tweet i have visited today….Yaro’s and Gideon’s just great…i haven’t seen any other easy way of getting the basics of blogging. Friends you have to get the report ASAP.

  2. Yes, I must download it. 7 Months i have been became a blogger , i want to increase my ability to make my readers enjoy my blog, and i need more informations how to manage many blogs for new bloggers, because i have many blogs but just one blog give me $50 earning every month. Thanks for your info.

  3. Download this report It is a must read even if you think you have your head around blogging, You will benefit from this report.

  4. Thanks for the post Darren – Much appreciated!

    If anyone has any questions about the report, I’m happy to answer them here if that’s ok with you Darren?

    I’ll check the latest comments here every now and then :)

    Talk soon!

    Gideon Shalwick
    Become A Blogger

  5. Is the report basic or can intermediate bloggers also benefit from it?

  6. Gideon makes great video tutorials, thats for sure, but he doesn’t have a successful blog of his own, he is just piggybacking on Yaro Starak’s Success.

  7. This is pretty good but Yaro’s profit blogger ebook report is better in my opinion.

  8. Thanks Daren,

    Just downloaded this report and still learning from it.
    For newbie as me, It will take longer time.. :)

  9. Yaro did a really amazing job on the blueprint. but blogging isent rocket science, I kinda think that if you can’t figure this out on your own, maybe you shouldent become a blogger.

    but then again, Gidearow needs to make that cash money and their is a market for it as show by the fact that you write a top 100 blog.

  10. Thank you for pointing out another great blogging resource Darren. I love the video for showing people how to sign up. Though most of us know what to do, I think many of us take it for granted that everyone knows how to subscribe to free reports easily.

  11. is it good? has anybody download it? i want a review …

  12. I just grabbed it from Yaro’s site last night; went through it half way and the content seems real interesting. Will finish it by today and most probably, post a review on my blog.

  13. Wow, positive comments from everyone. Looks like a must read. Heading over for a download now :)

    Thanks for the post Darren.

  14. Thanks for the resource Darren!

    Yaro’s a wonderful source of inspiration +_+

  15. I have allready downloaded the report
    and it is quite a beauty.



  16. Dareen i already downloded it is interesting

  17. Thanks for the great comments so far and keep them coming, I love to read constructive feedback.

    I should point out that the Roadmap report is mostly Gideon Shalwick’s work. We put our heads together to create the report but we wanted to cover some new things beyond what I talked about in my own Blueprint.

    The Roadmap I believe really stands out on its own because of the X-Factor techniques, which is covered in the second half of the report.

    Make sure you read that section because we give you plenty of ideas for things you can do to make your blog better than average, which today with so many blogs is very critical, especially for new blogs who don’t yet have a following.

    Enjoy the report and videos and give your thanks to Gideon too.


  18. I think this has been posted earlier? Or i guess the program is relaunched because this came 6 months back.

  19. I have read the report. It totally worth to read it.

  20. This is the kind of informtaion that makes my day! :)

  21. Thanks for the resource Darren!

  22. I’m going to download it and read it, because I am a new blogger, but I dislike the front page already. “13 secret strategies” and all the advertisements about money. it seems really spammy. If I didn’t trust Darren, I would skip over this site every time. Hopefully it doesn’t ask me to use hyperbole…

  23. I just wanted to clarify my above comment. I don’t think there are any “secrets” to becoming a successful blogger. If there were, we would have learned them by now. it makes it sound like being a good blogger is easy. it’s not.

    The only secret is hard work. Write good content, build relationships, design your site will you will find success. nothing worth having in this world is easy, and writing and blogging are part of that.

    I’m not saying Gideon and Yaro’s book isn’t worth it, it may be full of great advice, but there are no “secrets” to blogging.

  24. One word of advice, IMPLEMENT!

    The best way to learn about blogging, seo, design, user interface design, etc… is to actually practice it right after you learn it.

    It’s like math, you learn a concept, unless you implement it many times and learn through various examples, you will not get the hang of it.

    So I would say if you’re going to read this guide, have a blog ready and running, and try the concepts out and see first hand the effects, it’s the only way to improve!


  25. Hi Darren,

    I have just downloaded it. I am confident that this can surely help me a lot knowing that you recommend it. Thanks and God Bless!

  26. Informative free stuff is always great. Thanks.

  27. a good theory is you can always learn more. whatever stage you are at.

  28. Love Yaro’s blog, and your site. Both of your sites are the first sites I got exposed to when I first started my blog last December ( His blog blueprints report was very helpful in getting things started (a separate free report he wrote)

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  30. I’ve heard a lot of good htings about Yaro Starak. in the past. I’m very much to reading this report and maybe even posting a link to it on my blog fo my readers to download as well.

  31. Just started my blog a couple of months ago and I’m so glad i stumbled across this post. Can’t wait to learn how to become a better blogger from this download.

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