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Regular readers of ProBlogger will be familiar with Yaro Starak. He’s been a guest blogger here and I’ve linked up to his work many times. Many hundreds (it could be thousands by now actually) of you have also have also been a part of Blog Mastermind (a fantastic course for bloggers) and Become a Blogger (closed to new members).

In the coming days Yaro is releasing another free resource – this one for those of you looking to start a membership site. It’s called

Membership Site Mastermind and it is a 72 page report that teaches you how to create successful membership sites from the planning stage and right through the launch and growth stages and even on to selling your site when you’re ready to do something else.

As usual with Yaro’s work – this report is well worth the read. Yaro makes a six figure income from membership sites (he made $250,000 of just one of them) so he has authority, credibility and a wealth of experience to share.

The report is free and will be released on Monday but you can signup to get your copy on release today here.

If you’re thinking of launching a membership site or have always wondered whether it’s a good model to make money online then this report is well worth the read.

PS: if you’re not looking at membership sites check out one of Yaro’s previously published free reports – The Blog Profits Blueprint which has also been helpful to many thousands of bloggers over the last couple of years.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Just a question everyone
    Is this offer linked in with Yaro’s affiliate program?
    I would love to pitch this ebook on my website and through my email subscribers if it is.

    Let me know

  • ads?

  • Yaro’s reports are always well worth the read. Thanks!

  • It looks like you have to pay for this report…

  • I will check it out. I hope I can use it. They write good reports but not all can use it.

  • I will certainly check it out. Thanks, Darren!

  • Looking forward to this release, perhaps I’ll jut have to review it as well.

    This blogging thing gets more and more fun every day.

  • Wow… cool! Yaro is an excellent teacher by his reports. And one great thing is his focus on effective and fundamental marketing, not only in technical aspects or “tricks” to get traffic.

  • I’ve got a lot out of Yaro’s free Blogging Blueprint – which really gives you everything you need to know. This will be a great resource for perhaps more experienced bloggers who want to expand into a membership site offers – for newcomers to the blogging world I’d definitely recommend the Blogging Blueprint on his site.

  • Hi Darren,

    Thanks so much for writing about this – even before it’s released!

    The Masterplan free report (and yes it is free) will be out on Monday the 27th.

    However since Darren and John Chow both wrote about this early I may send it out to the people who join the early notice list (Darren’s link is above) over the weekend since I’ve already received a few emails from people wanting the report immediately.

    I hope you all like the report.


  • The link goes to what seems to be a sales page for blogmastermind.

    Yaro’s stuff is always solid, but I sure wish he’d get rid of those long sales pages!

  • This looks interesting. I’ll check this out. ^_^

    Thanks Darren.

  • enjoygame

    Wow… cool! Yaro is an excellent teacher by his reports. And one great thing is his focus on effective and fundamental marketing, not only in technical aspects or “tricks” to get traffic.

  • Wow great! Thanks Yaro for giving this out for FREE! I believe that you should received dozens of emails in this few days, right?

    Thanks Darren for telling us abou this! :)


  • If he’s so awesome, why is he teaching other people how to compete with him for free. That makes zero sense. Is he secretly an idiot?

  • Is it really true, how does one website generate so much money ($250,000)?

    Does membership site mean a site similar to a forum, to which members contribute content or is it a site that members participate and make use of it by paying? Which type are you referring to? Or is it altogether different from what I thought?


  • “Free… as long as you sign up for my shit first” coupled with a template hard-sell sales page. Maybe you do make the six-figures you claim but do you really enjoy these darkworker tactics? I find it so hard to relate to people whos motive is clearly making money above all else!
    I also still can’t believe people fall for the old ‘make money… by giving me money’ method… It’s playing on one of humankind’s deepest insecurities and I really question the morals of such tactics.

  • This link just takes you to an enormously long page filled with ads for his program. The free book sounds interesting but free is free and doesn’t require paying money for a program! If there is a link for the free report buried in the over 8,000 words on that page, could someone say where it is?

  • already signed up and waiting patiently :)

  • already signed up and waiting patiently :)
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  • Thats great. I have already subscribed to his newsletter and im enjoying the content that he has been sending. Waiting for the report now

  • Sam,

    There’s a big difference between the “Make Money” scams and the quality information available from Yaro.

    Why not sign up (get a new hotmail account if you want) and see for yourself.

    We’ve all got to make a living and Yaro’s no different, so get off your soapbox and find out if he’s got something of value for you. You might be surprised.


  • I think the “get your copy on release today here” is pointing to the wrong place. The other link (Membership Site Mastermind) goes right to the free report, though.

  • I have registered, want to check it out soon :)

  • That is my other teacher, Yaro.

    To me he and Darren are the two best teachers there are.

    I am so happy I found both of them. They are easy to understand and get a hold of. Both of them don’t charge billions for truly great information.

    Thanks DR


  • Yaro has done some excellent work. Registered and can’t wait for the report.

  • I am considering opening a community type site and this will be real helpful. Thanks.

  • Oops, if you click on the square graphic you go to the signup page.

    Hi Swapna, Yaro makes his money through affiliates as well as a membership course. The membership course includes a forum. He als has ads on his site. He occasionally does posts about how much he makes from what sources – you can probably find them by searching his site.

  • Hey just now I registered…I will follow those tips..Thanks Dareen…

  • needmoney – Yaro’s giving information here that can be applied in thousands of niches/topics. Sure one of them would the same as Yaro’s but I think it’d be smarter for those doing it to pick a new/unique/different niche to him.

    swapna – a membership site is a site where you charge people to join it. It can be like a forum but it often also includes a teaching component.

    Samuel – sorry you feel that way. Yaro’s a straight up guy. Yes he runs sites which he makes money from but the reports he releases do give genuinely helpful information. He gives it away in exchange for your email address and name. He’ll then invite you to join his paid course on the same topic which you’re free to not join. He also uses Aweber newsletter software which gives you the opportunity to unsubscribe from his emails any time.

    I don’t see what the problem is with Yaro wanting to make money. How is it different form any business? He does it in an honorable and authentic way and I believe what he offers people will be helpful (there’s plenty of great reviews of his courses around) but ultimately if you don’t feel its for you then you’re free to not sign up.

    Dave – as I said in the post above – the report is being released on Monday. You can sign up for notification of it on the page.

  • @Darren,

    Thanks for your reply.. That means we should try to build a membership site in a field where have good expertise and feel others can benefit from learning from us.

  • I’ve downloaded it and will read it tomorrow.

    Not sure if starting a membership system would be good for me as I’m a newbie still but it can’t hurt reading something that is free and well written.

  • SAM~ I feel safe in saying that we as humans WORK for money. The reason why many of us are in here to begin with. (ME) No-one gets a thing before you pay for it, Why not do the job you love and get paid for it? You pay for other goods and services on or off line..why not learn from the 2 best for a small price if you choose to get paid or not. (small price he charges too) I get paid for blogging/advertising (not on Darren’s scale yet but I will be one day.) I do it with pride since writing is my greatest love, next to Life Coaching (my monthly membership services) but still I get paid for what I do. They do it the BEST so why not? Ahhh freedom and wisdom are such great things. (I love your site SAM by the way & I joined it.)

    Thank you Darren for helping us all learn and grow. Thank you class mates for helping me learn new things.

    LIKE TREVOR i am with you hun. Yaro, Darren, Brian Clarke, Lisa, are the only ones I have studied in the past year (yes I know there must be more) that give (TONS) info without making you pay for it ALL first. After all look at our great session here….we pay nothing and Darren has the HEART to give give give. This would cost (I dunno) 900 bucks or so if we had to pay for it.

    Dean did ya read it yet…I listened to the mp3. It is awesome. After learning from Darren and Yaro, I am planning to revamp my membership page, lower my price and maybe offer one more digital perk.

    I like your site Dean. I learned so much from reading your research. Thanks.