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Get $5 for Free Today from AuctionAds

Posted By Darren Rowse 5th of May 2007 Advertising 44

Get $5 for testing AuctionAds – find out more below.

Us $5 Obverse

A couple of days ago I asked readers for their reviews of AuctionAds – a new income stream for bloggers that has been going for two months now.

Today the team behind AuctionAds contacted me to let me know that they want to offer ProBlogger readers a special incentive to try them out on your blog.

They are going to put $5 into the account of every ProBlogger reader who signs up today via this Special Offer Form. To qualify you just need to sign up and try Auction Ads out on your blog.

This is an exclusive deal (from what I’m told) – open only to ProBlogger readers and while it might not seem like a large amount to give away – considering the readership of ProBlogger they could be giving away some serious cash (if every RSS reader signs up they’ll be into six figures – gee I’d love to see that).

So if you’ve been meaning to try out AuctionAds on your blog what better opportunity than this? While AuctionAds work better on some blogs than others they are worth a try. The worst thing that can happen is that you walk away with a free five dollars!

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
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  1. Oh man, I already signed up with Auction Ads nearly a month ago and now the ads are already on my football/soccer site.

    Is it too late to get my freebie?

  2. UGH! I’ve already been using them for a month! O-well.

  3. Yeah, I’ve signed up too but haven’t used it yet. Can I get five bucks to put them on my site? :)


  4. Oh man that’s not fair!!! I joined under you yesterday lol can I get my $5:)

  5. $5 bucks would’ve been nice, but I’ve already signed-up.

  6. I missed it by ONE day! I signed up yesterday, ah oh well. Things for the offer anyway Darren. Have a good weekend.

  7. Bummer – like the others, I read a post here discussing how well they are performing for others and signed up 2-3 days ago. :(

  8. Signed up using the link. :)
    Got the 5$ in my account immediately.

    Thanks Darren. ;)

  9. I was so impressed with the comments I saw yesterday that I signed up then. This is so how my luck runs!

  10. I almost signed up last night after reading that post, but the procrastinator inside me actually did something good for me.

    I jumped on this offer right away :)
    Keep up the great work, Darren!

  11. Dang, I should have waited another day. Just signed up yesterday.

  12. Thanks for the info!

  13. I already have auction ads in my site.. i’ve earned 13.50 last months… its not that much but I got paid on my paypal account on the 1st of may… what can I say… i think its awesome!

    can I sign up again to get these 5 bucks?… just kidding. but guys, dont miss this chance.

  14. I was going to sign up for AuctionAds anyway so this has given me the incentive to actually get on with it so thank you very much.

  15. Dammit! I sighned up yesterday after reading the other post about them! Ah well, hopefully some good (and by “good” I mean “money”)will come of it anyway…

  16. i can’t understand why you’re all fake people and this is another fake offer just as same with PErformancing Partners, these are all your sites Darren, are you going to raise up another site of yours? I signed up to this but all the informations are nearly promising but no money comes, ate least give 1 cent!!! It’s easy to see you’re fake.

  17. Eh, I wasn’t that impressed with them. I’ll stick to AdSense.

  18. I was going to wait to put ads on my new site, but I went ahead and signed up to take advantage of the $5.

    Thanks ProBlogger and AuctionAds!

  19. Oh Damn it. I’m already using it. I’ve been using it for a month. This is why sometimes its better to be late to try something out. Oh well. Gonna leave. Just $5. Not $50. If it was $50, I’m not gonna cry (to all who thought I would).

  20. I just registered with Auction Ads, added the codes but it is not yet showing up! I wonder what was the catch ?!

  21. Why would I use (or pay) for this when eBay is rolling it our for free?


  22. […] I’m definitely having fun setting it up and writing for it. ProBlogger readers are getting a special deal from AuctionAds ($5 free woohoo!), so I may give that a shot. I think axplay is a great fit for it. So far the […]

  23. because unlike the one on ebay you get paid for this.. or didn’t you read it?

  24. Great! Thanks for the tip!

  25. I have been working on a system to make AuctionAd$ more dynamic. It watches what adverts succeed and which do not. By supplying it a list of different keywords it builds up a picture of what works on your site and then only shows those. Check it out at, its free to download and install. http://blog.assembleron.com/2007/05/04/how-to-make-auctionad-dynamic-with-php/

  26. […] Get $5 for Free Today from AuctionAds [ProBlogger] […]

  27. Thanks Darren! Worked like a charm. I have been meaning to sign up for AuctionAds but this sealed the deal.

  28. I sign up a moment ago but can’t get the code. It kept show nothing in the get-code box. why is that?

  29. Last time I was on their site, because I said I was in Australia, it was using the Australian eBay to fetch ads. But I didn’t want to use the Australian ebay, I wanted to use US or UK, but I couldn’t find any option to change it. I emailed them about it twice; no reply.

    If they can get back to me about it, I might try it out.

  30. Wow! I got $5 just for signing up! To those who have already used this with Adsense, are you allowed to do that and has anybody asked Adsense for permission?

  31. […] they are offering $5 if you read the ProBlogger post about their signing up with a special order form that is only availible to ProBlogger […]

  32. Thankyou for that! I posted an entry on my blog about that. I signed up too.

  33. […] over at ProBlogger says that if you apply for AuctionAds through his website for a limited time, AuctionAds will pay you $5.00 to try their service.  You will just need to fill out the Special Offer […]

  34. […] Sigh, I already join Auction Ads till I found interesting link at problogger […]

  35. Thanks for the link. I signed up and installed it on my blog http://www.nathysplace.com

  36. just signed up and voila!! @5 in my account right away!! thank you so much Darren

  37. So far, I’m not a happy camper. Perhaps I put in the wrong keywords (although all I used was writing, writer, and I think freelancing), but I’m getting some pretty weird ads displaying on my site. Not only am I get obscure religious and cult type books, but when I went to show the new ads to my brother there were a pair of women’s underpants (with a woman in them) showing. I certainly hadn’t expected a lingerie ad when I signed up.

    I wrote to tech support about the ads, but since they don’t stay very long I couldn’t provide much specific information about the offending ads. I consider my site to be a G-rated family site that mostly caters to work-at-home moms, so this is definitely bothersome.

  38. […] all new bloggers who haven’t yet made any money via ads-display, you may head over to Probloggers.net and sign up with his AuctionAds Promo to get an instant USD5.00 (and show it off on your blog as […]

  39. Jesper says: 07/04/2007 at 11:50 am

    You write that it could cost them a lot of money, if everybody signed up to get the 5 dollars. That is wrong. I am sure there is a minimum amount to be able to get paid, and almost nobody will ever reach that amount, so the 5 dollars actually means absolutely nothing to them! You probably need to earn 100 dollars to get paid, and almost all people won’t, and the people who did, got plenty of money for the company, while earning the 95 more dollars! :D

  40. Jesper – you’re right, there is a minimum payout – but it’s $10. So on signing up and getting your $5 free you’re already halfway to getting paid. I think that that’s a pretty decent deal.

  41. thank you for giving me $5 today because I realy need it and I am happy to get this $5.

  42. Kayzad says: 10/28/2007 at 4:39 am

    Thanks for the offer. I will sign up to check it. I’m already a fan of you blog. soon going to upload a blog and start blogging again

  43. Kayzad says: 10/28/2007 at 4:48 am

    Just want to say the site offers $25

  44. Thank you ;)

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