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Get 5 books for the Price of 1 and Aid Victorian Bushfire Victims

Posted By Darren Rowse 10th of February 2009 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Below I want to highlight an opportunity to help some Aussies get back on their feet after some horrific bushfires AND get some great books to help you improve your blogging.

Many of you will be aware that over the weekend and in the days since my home state of Victoria here in Australia suffered one of the worst natural disasters in the history of our country. Bushfires swept across many part of our states with many separate fires on the hottest day in our history (where it reached over 47 degrees celcius (just over 117 degrees fahrenheit) and on a day where we had an incredible northerly wind.


Today – 3 days after the start of this disaster the death toll is 181 people with 750+ homes destroyed. Authorities fear that the death toll will rise to above 300 as many people are unaccounted for.

Some of the beautiful little towns around the outskirts of Melbourne have virtually been wiped out with barely a building left standing and large percentages of residents either dead, horrifically injured or missing. Some of the stories emerging from the areas impacted by fire are truly heart breaking and quite terrifying.

Much has been written and reported about the fires – some of which still burn out of control – you can read some of the reports in our city’s two major newspapers (The Age and The Herald Sun) or follow much of it on Twitter via following the hashtag #bushfires or @774Melbourne (ABC radio’s twitter coverage). You can see some of the amazing pictures and hear some of the powerful stories from the last few days here and here.

Many fund raising projects are underway – most of the donations are being funneled to the Australian Red Cross bushfire Appeal.

An Offer to Get You Some Great Books and Help the Bushfire Appeal

loop.pngOne fundraiser that I particularly want to draw your attention to is something that I had the opportunity to participate in in a small way today at the local offices of SitePoint.  

They have today worked around the clock to put together a promotion where you can not only help raise money for the bushfire crisis – but also come away with some great teaching.

The offer is simple – you choose any 5 of their books (they have a great range to choose from) and order them in PDF format sometime between now and Friday of this week (3 days from now) and they’ll give you them for the price of 1 AND give the money that you pay to the bushfire appeal.

This isn’t a publicity stunt.

The team at SitePoint have a genuine passion for this cause and some have been personally impacted by it through the loss of loved ones. The management basically gave all 30 staff members the day off normal duties today to dedicate to putting together some kind of project to raise money – and this is what they came up with. You can read more about their motivation for this offer at the bottom of their offer page.

Their goal is to raise over $50,000 USD in the next three days. I’d like to see that go higher.

Personally I think it’s a great offer and has the potential to raise a lot of money. You can view it here.

Books that you can choose from are from a wide perspective of topics (there are 26 to choose from) including some pretty techy/geeky/coding type books on CSS, AJAX and HTML – through to books on web design, freelancing, firefox and project management.

Here are the five PDF books I’ve chosen for my $29.95 USD:

  1. The Principles of Beautiful Web Design
  2. Principles of Successful Freelancing
  3. The Photoshop Anthology
  4. Everything You Know about CSS is Wrong!
  5. Build Your Website the Right Way Using HTML and CSS

There are plenty of others to choose from and you can mix and match them as you choose to get the bundle of books that is right for you.

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer and support the victims of this natural disaster in my home state then please do head to SitePoint’s offer page here. If the offer is not for you – please consider a donation to the Australian Red Cross bushfire Appeal.

Please also consider tweeting, blogging, emailing and passing on this opportunity in any way that you see fit.

PS: thanks to everyone for your messages of concern, sympathy and encouragement over the last few days. I’ve lost count of the amount of emails and tweets I’ve received from people asking if my family are safe. In short – the answer is yes – we’re 40km or so from the nearest fires. We live in the middle of suburbia and the fires are on the outskirts of Melbourne and rural areas – we’re fine and feeling fortunate for that.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Hope you like that second book you’ve listed there Darren – you’ll find it also mentions your book in it too! :)

    Thanks for getting behind this, and fingers crossed they sell a lot.

  2. Darren it was great to have you in the office today and your support in spreading the news of this fundraiser.

    It’s been a long day for the team (for some of us it’s still going), but the response so far has been amazing and has already made it worth while.

    We look forward to getting you back in the office when hopefully we can hand a big fat cheque to the red cross.

    Any for anyone else who can find the time to tweet/blog or pass on this opportunity, from the whole team at SitePoint, it’s very much appreciated.

  3. This seems like a brilliant cause in light of the circumstances and one that I shall indeed take up. I’ve just had my birthday and still have a bit of birthday money put aside and this seems like as you said an opportunity to help a cause and get a few good books at the same time.

    I’m glad that you and your family are ok, because my immediate thought was you and other bloggers who live in Austrailia affected by these fires.

    I wish everyone well and my heart goes out to all those directly affected by this tragic disaster.

    Cheers Darren

  4. Wow, what an amazing offer. I just bought mine, I’m sure they’ll be great, but even if not it’s a small price to pay when it all goes to help.

    Thanks Darren and Sitepoint.

  5. What a great funding raising idea! I’m choosing some books now. I spent some time in Marysville many years ago, hard to comprehend that its been wiped out. It was such a beautiful place.

  6. Why not buy when there is win win situation..

    Thanks for the info Darren

  7. The picture with the CFA guy feeding a koala on the SitePoint page is magnificent!

  8. Great offer. I will promote it on my site. Thanks Darren.

  9. great offer Darren. I’ll check it out

  10. Kudos to Sitepoint for helping out!

  11. Darren– thanks for sharing! I just picked out my 5, and I’m really excited to get reading! I’ve already tweeted the offer and plan to blog it shortly. This is a great way to raise some much-needed funds and help fledgling bloggers/designers/freelancers get started!

  12. I was looking for updates on the web about bushfires and then read about this offer on Site Point web site, so decided to support their effort and spread the word.

    I spent some time in the Melbourne area years ago and cannot believe what happened; it’s a small contribution but I hope it can be of some help. I think it’s great that Darren and other bloggers are contributing to spread the word!

  13. Awesome response, so sad what happened.

  14. I have dugg this to help spread the word.

  15. This reminds me the horrible earthquake happened in China last year when the whole world helped us. Hope the fire can be under control ASAP. Best wishes to the victims.

    Thanks for the info. Darren.

  16. Darren –

    Kudos to you and Sitepoint for figuring out how to use your influence to generate assistance money for the bush fire victims. Glad to contribute to your effort; I hope you far exceed your goal.

  17. I jumped at this offer because Sitepoint books are awesome. I just had a hard time picking 5 I didn’t already own!

    Made me feel good I could benefit others at the same time.

  18. Terrible news. Nice gesture, Darren.

  19. just bought mine, and am tweeting it now.

    this is good work that you and sitepoint are doing, darren. hats off to you all.

    a great example to set for other bloggers as well.

    we can make a real difference in the world.

  20. What a great idea to raise funds for such a terrible event!, at least we can all help in some way now.

  21. I’m glad you are ok. I’ve been wondering if you were.
    Seems like there are more and more disasters at a faster pace in these times.
    Be careful, and May God be with you and everyone in Australia.
    Beautiful photo.

  22. Darren, it’s so good to hear your family is safe. It’s so like you to leap in and put your shoulder to the wheel, to get help going and reach out as far as you can reach to spread the message. I’m on my way to buy some books!

  23. FYI: I selected the same as Darren’s except that I selected the css athology (great review on amazon.com) instead of everything you know about css is wrong (poor review on amazon.com).

  24. If Sitepoint is giving 100% of the funds to the victims then that means they are literally giving me 5 books free just so I will donate $30 to the victims?

    Pretty sweet offer and very generous of them.

    I already purchased my 5 books and have Tweeted, stumbled and posted on my own blog about this opportunity to help these people.

  25. Its terrible however I am doing my part, blogged about it on my Blog and I am purchasing 5 books tomorrow.

  26. A great fundraising effort and will hopefully catch those who might not otherwise be reaching into their pocket to donate. I’m struggling to pick the 5 books I want as there are so many good choices.

    Unfortunately all of the Twitter action around this promotion upset some people using the #bushfires tag to keep up with urgent bushfire news and alerts. They called it spam and a viral marketing stunt, and objected to anything such as this and a few other reTweet storms that drowned those out for a few hours here and there.

    Obviously Sitepoint intended to neither spam nor pull a marketing stunt but it does bring to light the “wild west” of Twitter and the unmoderated way in which hastags are used as “channels”.

  27. Thanks for posting this. Retweeting it as we speak.

  28. I just thought I’d provide a quick update. We’ve already passed the 50K mark pushing further! We’d love to drum up some support from the diggerati if anyone is able to help.


  29. Sounds like a worthy cause, I will go and check it out.
    Thanks Darren!

  30. Just another quick update. So far we’ve raised over USD $125K/ AUD $195K with plenty of time left to grab a bargain. For everyone that already has – from the bottom of my heart – thank you.

  31. This is a great initiative. Hopefully in way this would help the victims to get back on their feet. We have fundraisings yesterday at the office, althought in size would probably won’t get anywhere near this.

    Well done!



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