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Generating Ideas for your Blog

Posted By Darren Rowse 7th of March 2006 Writing Content 0 Comments

Liz has a nice post on being an Idea Magnet today that I’m sure many will enjoy.

As she writes – one of the most difficult parts of blogging for many is coming up with ideas that are fresh and engaging. I know after three years of blogging I have days when I get up and wonder if there is anything else to cover! To this point I’ve not run out of ideas (although have had lean patches which I think are a normal part of the the blogging cycle).

If you’re stretched for ideas at present read Liz’s post – and if you’re still out of inspiration you might also find my battling bloggers block series of some help.

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  • Thanks Darren, for thinking that what I wrote was worth sharing.I’m having fun this week attempting to document my writing process for real-world writers. I’ve read your battling blogger’s block posts and I highly recommend them as well.

  • One thing I do is check out Yahoo’s Buzz Log to see what people are talking about and searching for. I don’t bother questioning it’s accuracy, but it does help keep me pretty current and searchable.

  • Darren:

    I love your blog, it’s awesome and full of information.

    Yes, being a new blogger such as myself, I also find it hard to think of good content sometimes, but I usually work something out.

    I recently wrote a small article on my blog about brainstorming for ideas. The article can be found at: .

    I find that it helps to read a lot, talk to many people, and absorb as many concepts as you can; that way, your mind begins to put things together.


    David Askaripour

  • Darren thanks for pointing me to Liz’s blog & Liz, I left a comment at your site, but your article was perfect. I like the idea and your writing style. And I’ve bookmarked your blog. I don’t want to lose track of it.

  • I always come here for good blogging ideas, and find much more than I anticipated. So many helpful people, just trying to share their expertise. Thanks very much to everyone!

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  • hi darren,

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  • Thanks for the links Darren!!
    I find this problem quite often!!