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G’Day World – ProBlogger Podcast

Cameron Reilly (from the Podcast Network) and I have a semi regular breakfast together and today he pulled out the microphone and interviewed me for his G’day World show podcast.

Cameron may just have been desperate for an interview (or maybe he was impressed my deep thoughts on everything from blogging, to emerging church, to my reflections upon camera phones, to my thoughts on Paris Hilton) because in just a few hours it’s already online. If you’d like to hang out with me in an auditory fashion today you can download the podcast here.

It’s not a purely ‘blogging’ interview – but some of you might be interested.

I had fun and came home again wondering if maybe it’s time to dust off the old microphone and do an occasional podcast myself. Tell me what you think (be brutally honest!).

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
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  2. Given the time it usually takes them to put a show online, having it recorded and uploaded in one day has not happened before iirc.

    That might give you an impression about him being ‘short of interviews’. ;))))

    Nicole, just starting the show …

  3. 16 min 54s seconds into the interview…. loving it..

  4. Why not? You did mention once about being a multi-dimensional blogger as something that can be good for you. :-)

  5. This is the first podcast I have ever listened to (on my browser…no ipod here). Great interview you have a great viewpoint on the emerging trends in the blogosphere!

  6. Podcasting is great once you get into it. Especially if you are living in a non-English speaking country.

    It makes me wonder what I did 10 years ago before the internet.

    Darren, I hope you are planning a trip to Japan some time – the home of digital and phone cameras!

  7. Interesting idea, Darren, but slightly train-wrecked by the interviewer who spoke 90% of the time ~ and used language not normally heard in here in rural England :-). The bits where you got a word in edgeways though were excellent. You clearly have a future in broadcasting. Try making your own podcast next time, then 10 minutes of speech won’t take up 55 minutes of time. :-( …… If the interviewer is reading this, try to keep your questions short so that you bring out the personality of the interviewer. I have worked for the ABC and BBC, so know a little bit about broadcasting.

  8. Listening to your podcast a little more, and I must say the digital-camera/mobile phone revolution is something to be seen in Japan.

    If you need any pictures or whatever I would love to help.

  9. Great podcast, Darren, and quite informative I thought…It’s kind of fun to put a voice to a face, so to speak (for both you & Cameron.) I was pleasantly surprised to hear Cameron mention my blog, too : )

    It’s funny…I read his blog regularly, but had no idea he was reading mine. It’s nice to know someone is listening ; )

    You should definitely make more podcasts. You’re a good speaker, and quite articulate.

  10. Hi Darren,

    You MUST start a podcast of your own! Your clear views come across well in audio. Maybe do one a week, so it won’t disturb your regular blogging schedule too much : )
    – Tony E

  11. I’ve recently started listening to various podcasts, a ProBlogger podcast would be great! You probably wouldn’t need to do one too often, maybe 1 a week, kind of like your newsletter.

  12. Excellent podcast! I hope you’ll be considering doing more of these.

  13. I laughed, I cried, I … /// no, just kidding. I enjoyed listening to your interview .. Although, it was definately that Cameron’s podcast. Maybe a periodic podcast version of your newsletter might be a start or an event or a bonus for us worshippers …

  14. Ahem. “That Cameron” here. It’s my goddam show and I’ll speak as much as I goddam like and use whatever goddam language I goddam like! And if you don’t like it… it sounds like I might have finally convinced Darren (by talking to much, if nothing else) to do his own show, so tune into that!

    And to “John” who has worked for the ABC and the BBC… bite me.

  15. Hi Cameron, yes it was your podcast, and you did a good job, I liked it and liked to hear all your news. Darren came through very well so together you made a good show. Like you said, if you have set him off doing his own that can only be a Good Thing. The whole beauty of podcasts is that people actually say whatever they like in whatever accent or language they like and that mustn’t be stopped or discouraged for it is history we are making. Honest views podcasted are much better than scripted stuff dished out by the media.
    The internet is for the people, blogs and podcasts are the way the people can use it.
    If people don’t like it they can just flip to the next one, their choice init?
    keep rocking both of you
    chris (UK)

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