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Gawker traffic statistics

Posted By Darren Rowse 3rd of September 2005 Pro Blogging News 8

Nick Denton has posted the Gawker Blog Network’s traffic statistics for the past 12 months. Warning – these are serious numbers!

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  1. Can you believe those stats on Fleshbot? Ridiculous. Not a bad start I guess :)

  2. I am very curious as to what lead Gawker to be so big. Any thoughts on this?

  3. John, Denton was in the right place at the right time, he had the idea ahead of the rest of us, and he had the capital to seed Gawker media. These days, we’re in a different phase of the market. The “big” blogs are building empires, and the rest of us try to carve out our niches.

    Actually, If you think about it, sites like Gizmodo aren’t really blogs. They’re more like gadget announcement sites, drawing on press releases and interesting posts elsewhere to drive their success. Many thousands are trying to play the same game, but they won’t do well without a strong network behind them, because there’s very little to differentiate OhGizmo from Ubergizmo from Wondergizmo, and so on. Especially when they’re all chasing a finite quantity of “hot” news. That helps to keep Gawker on top. If everyone sends Gizmodo press releases first, and B-list bloggers send their cool stories to Giz as well, it remains a “hub.” Quite clever.

  4. What an excellent way to advertise the blogs – I’d never even heard of a couple of those, now I find myself visiting to find out what they’re about!

  5. With stats like that, he must be printing cash..

  6. Greats stats. Porn, politics and products rule the roost. Not surprisingly. If you take a look at any popular blog list and the story is often the same.

  7. Amazing.
    A great point was made in these comments- if you are the first in a given niche, you will be King for a very long time.
    However, what inevitably happens is that your staff ends up thinking for themselves and going out there to try it on their own.
    Some actually succeed at it, but my theory is that it also serves to water down a good niche.

    Oh….not that I would know, or anything ; )

  8. Salim says: 05/15/2008 at 5:39 pm

    @Heartandoutdoorsman.com : hey man you are exactly correct, am from the future

    ”’what inevitably happens is that your staff ends up thinking for themselves and going out there to try it on their own”’ Gawker’s One Elite lady named Elizabeth have started dealbreaker

    I dont kno what will happen but my analysis is she will succeed, atleast she has crossed her break even stage

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