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Gawker Media Launch Text Message Subscriptions

Posted By Darren Rowse 17th of February 2006 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Just yesterday I was speaking with a friend who is in telecommunications about how I thought that one of the areas bloggers would explore would be syndicating their content to cell phones and today I see that Gawker Media have just announced that very service for two of their blogs, Gawker and Defamer. They write:

‘Gawker and Defamer proudly present the next step in content delivery evolution: Gawker and Defamer daily text alerts. Subscribe today for a daily injection of pure, unfiltered gossip, sent directly to your mobile phones and free of the traditional time-wasting trappings like pictures and full sentences. When your marriage proposal is interrupted by a poorly timed anecdote about Kiefer Sutherland acting drunk, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!

The cost of the subscription is $4.99 per month and for that price subscribers get 15-20 alerts per month.

This was always going to happen and I suspect will be something that more blog networks will position themselves for in the year ahead.

found via Gawker

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  • This is awesome news. There’s a massive mobile community that needs to be tapped in. Make blogging so much worth while.

    I’ll be looking into this further for my own research.

    Thanks again Darren

  • Yahoo has RSS alerts for mobile phones but I wasn’t real happy because the full message isn’t delivered. Otherwise it would be a very cool service that would definitely expand the blogosphere.

  • Having worked in two of the major teleco’s in Australia I can tell you that this was on the cards for some time. It really is a natural progression to blogging/RSS. Although I am still waiting for a program which allows me to ‘synch’ my ‘breaking news’ RSS feeds with my computer so I can preview them and clip/blog them for later viewing.

  • raj

    This is awesome news. this is a very nice blog u r doing a very nice job.

  • Check out WINKsite (WINK = Wireless Ink). They provide all sorts of excellent mobile web features, including a feed reader, which makes it easy to access any blog feed on a mobile phone with web access. You should make sure your site is in their mobile directory.

    There’s also a few other RSS to SMS services out there, like FeedBeep.