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Full or Partial Feeds – Poll Results

Posted By Darren Rowse 25th of September 2007 Reader Questions 0 Comments

Last week’s Poll of the week asked readers whether they use Full or Partial feeds on their blogs (or whether they offered readers the option of both).

The results were very clear with 75% of ProBloggers preferring to offer Full Feeds.

Here’s the breakdown of the results.


Don’t forget to respond to this week’s Poll Question – How many unique visitors does your biggest blog get per day?

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I definitely prefer to get the full feeds out there. At the end of the day I enjoy the fact that people out there are reading my content and enjoying it. As long as they know where it originally came from then I don’t have a problem.

  2. Glad to see a result from this poll. Will help many decide which way to swing.

    Any chance of knowing how you made that sexy looking pie chart?

  3. It might be just me, with my need to read so much in a short period of time, but I like partial feeds. It lets me take a look at what all there is to read. Sometimes I even read just the headlines and figure out if I want to read it. That’s probably because I’m not only reading for pleasure I’m also looking for good materials to blog about on my own site.

  4. And the full feeds pull a commanding lead…

    As they should, I think. It’s good to see that at least most of the blogger community is in agreement.

    By the way, it is a very pretty chart. Well done.

    – Mason Hipp

  5. I believe that a similar question must be asked to RSS “readers”. After all they are the ones we die to reach, not ourselves.

  6. chart was made using ‘keynote’ (mac presentation software)

  7. Squirrel says: 09/25/2007 at 9:33 am

    This is totally off-topic, but does anybody know what Daren uses to create pie charts like the one for this post? They look far better than what Excel can normally produce.

    In relation to the post, I like partial feeds when at least a few sentences from the post are included. When all they contain is a headline and one sentence, it’s usually frustrating because I can’t tell enough to know if I want to continue reading. All else being equal, I’d say go with full feeds.

  8. It is definitely not black and white which is to use but there is clearly a popular consensus among the community. That does speak volumes about the subject I think.

  9. I am still gonna go with partial feed anyway – it has its benefits.

  10. There nothing more irritating than reading a few lines and have to go click a link to see the whole article.

  11. Both have their pros and cons, but I am behind full feeds all the way.

  12. Wow, there is definitely a winner here! I personally don’t mind… I end up going to the site anyhow…l so partial feeds don’t bother me.

  13. I want full feeds from the blogs I subscribe to, so that’s what I offer my subscribers.

  14. For me as a new blogger, i wouldnt mind using full feeds, but just last week i realised one of these MFA sites was using my content for his site. It really does hurt …. but then what can u do ….. ?

    BTW i though Darren was on a break …lol …

  15. I was expecting even more people voting for the full RSS feeds.

  16. could you probably start a poll which kinda rss the readers of RSS feed prefer?
    I think that could be kinda interesting, cause that’s what we SHOULD be offering ;)

  17. Michael – Darren is ‘sort of’ on a break. I’m still moderating comments but am working on a different little project this week – just not posting…. much :-)

  18. I am ashamed, I am still having issues in adding RSS Feed because of my multiple weblog set up in expression engine…

    I have to figure it out this weekend, after seeing this result. If partial feed is not enough, no feed must be outrageous…

    I am realizing the power of WordPress, the forums, add-ons, and community of pro-bloggers these days…

  19. OK, OK, you win! Full feeds it is..! :) Well, I’ll give it a go…

  20. I use google reader. The widget on igoogle displays the top 10 recent so I generally click through on those to the actual post. If I haven’t been on in a while (usually after a weekend) I go to my reader and scroll through things…its easier. So I hate not having the full RSS available which accounts for only 1 of the blogs I regular.

  21. Good to see support for full feeds

  22. I don’t think that anyone should be using partial feeds. Learn to monetize your feed instead of forcing readers to go to your website.

  23. It’s pretty interesting to see Full Feeds leading the pack. I was always under the misconception that most blogs prefer using Partial Feeds. I didn’t get what you folks mean by both? I mean.. does it really work out well?

  24. Hey Darren:

    Thanks for running and sharing the cool stats.

    While 75% of those who responded to the poll indicated a preference for full feeds, it would be interesting to see how that breaks out in terms of the length and subject of blogs–a segmentation study, sort of speak.

    I could see, for example, how it would be silly (and annoying to the read) to have partial feeds for two-paragraph blogs entries. In same vain, I could also see how cumbersome to it might be to receive full feeds for long and involved blogs (with images, diagrams, etc.)

    Also, it would be interesting to see how subject matter might influence preferences as well. A blog on quick practical business tips, for example, might work for full feeds, but a blog on photography (with lots of photo essays) fit better for a partial feed.

    Just some food for thought here on a potential follow up to your already great initial survey. :>

    Thanks, again, Darren.

  25. Full feeds all the way. I hate having to click to read more and I’d never make others do that to read my site. Glad to see the majority agree.

  26. I’m with the full feed crowd after seeing a post in here way back.

  27. please, I’m interested about how post on blogs. Full content or partial content ( post ) ?, what is better as SEO ? thanks in advance

  28. Full feeds all the way. I hate having to click to read more and I’d never make others do that to read my site. Glad to see the majority agree!

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