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Four Australian Bloggers make the Top 500 in the world

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of August 2005 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Here’s a news release that some Aussie bloggers (including myself) are putting around today in the hope of raising the profile of blogging here in Australia:

Four Australian bloggers have been named amongst the Top 500 blogs in the world according to a new list published by leading US blog search firm Feedster (www.feedster.com)

The new list comes after a recent debate amongst United States based bloggers as to the best ways in which to measure influence amongst blogs.

The four Australian bloggers and their blogs making the list in order:

#123 Cameron Reilly, Melbourne & Mick Stanic, Sydney – The Podcast Network Blog

#140 Arthur Chrenkoff, Brisbane – Chrenkoff

#157 Duncan Riley, Bunbury (WA) – The Blog Herald

#203 Darren Rowse, Melbourne – Problogger

Duncan Riley, Editor of the Blog Herald, said that being placed amongst the Top 500 bloggers in the world was a great honour, and proved that the Australian blogosphere can and is being counted internationally.

“Despite the Australian blogosphere still being a relatively small player in the world scene, Australian bloggers are being heard and are making a difference” said Mr Riley.

“Although we may not always be recognised within Australia, this recognition at an International level may help in spreading the word that blogging in Australia is growing, and Australians do have the potential of making a name for themselves amongst the 70 million odd blogs currently in existence”.

Melbourne blogger Darren Rowse, who was featured recently in The Age Newspaper and who blogs full time for a living, stated that Australian bloggers had a wonderful opportunity to make a difference on the internet.

“Geography is no longer a constraint to success. Readers in the United States or the United Kingdom don’t worry about where your from, they are interested in what you write and how you write it” said Rowse.

“People want and need spaces to interact with others with similar interests, passions, problems and ideas, and Australian’s have a natural ability to create such spaces.”

Cameron Reilly satirically added that he wanted more Australians on the list.
“w00t! This is the best news I’ve received since I found out about the “Hot Coffee” crack for GTA. There should be more Aussies in this list though. Do we want the Yanks to dominate this thing? Let’s lift our game, people. Let’s take it to the streets.”

Cameron Reilly [email protected], 0400455334
Duncan Riley [email protected] 0412844237
Darren Rowse: [email protected] 0419370972

Cameron Reilly: Co-founder of The Podcast Network, a world leading publisher of high quality podcasts to an international audience.
Duncan Riley: Editor of the Blog Herald, the internet’s leading source of blog and blogging related news and views
Darren Rowse: Darren started his first blog in 2002 and quickly grew a network of entrepreneurial blogs which today forms the basis for his business and provide him with a full time income. He blogs about professional blogging at ProBlogger.net where he helps thousands of bloggers around the world to think about how they can earn money from their blogging.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Pretty cool :D

    And it’s not surprising, either…Hell, I’m a Yank and I have more Australian blogging friends than American ones!

    Keep up the good work, mates!

  2. You should see the Adsense ads this post is serving me up, hillarious, a blog called the Aussie Blog with the text of
    “Blog Away Have Your Say: No No to Pharmacy in Woolworth’s Open Air Route to USA Mr Anderson”

  3. Congrats Darren. I just can’t believe you let that slacker Duncan beat you on the list. You just going to take that? Fight! ;)

  4. thanks Chrispian – yeah he beat me – but I’m gaining ground I’m sure…

  5. Congratulations to those Aussie tertiary bloggers who made the list. At least it will be some consolation for losing the Ashes. Heck! blogging is much more important than cricket …. isn’t it?

  6. Congratulations, well deserved recognition for your hard work.

  7. hi darren.

    congrats on the TOP 500 award. We Malaysians also got in too. But its only 2 blogs.

    at 389 (screenshots by Jeff Ooi) and 397 (kennysia.com) positions.

  8. […] Liewcf.com wants to become a Problogger. I really support him. […]

  9. Well-deserved, Darren. Congratulations!

  10. Well done all … from another Aussie.

    Unfortunately blogging isn’t on the radar in Australia (I guess we’ve been brainwashed to do as mainstream media expects of us for too long)

    Sadly, when the media in Australia writes about blogging in general they treat it as a sideshow thing – something that’s done by a few and “isn’t that cute” kind of article.

    For me, I first started my blog solely for an Australian audience – but did I learn quick. After ditching that and “going global” I haven’t looked back and it has gone leaps and bounds.

  11. Congrats, but I do have to question that list…

    Where in the hell is kottke? I mean I don’t like the guy, but he isn’t in the top 500? Maybe I just missed him.

  12. yeah – they definitely missed a few blogs in the list and I think last time I looked acknowledged some of them at the top of the list where they write:

    No list is perfect and, unfortunately, we managed to not list several prominent blogs that should have been in the August Feedster Top 500. And our guess is that they will be in the September Feedster Top 500. But for right now here they are along with their approximate ranking:

    * Top 20 — Stephen’s Web by Stephen Downes
    * Top 50 — Jason Kottke
    * Top 75 — Search Engine Watch
    * Top 75 — We Make Money Not Art
    * Top 250 — Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views)

    I guess as with any project there is always teething problems and some were bound to be missed. Wish they’d missed me – I’d be up the top of their page like the above 5 blogs! Bet they are getting some hits at the moment :-)

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