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Forget the Fatal Flaws of Blogging

Posted By Darren Rowse 14th of August 2009 Other Income Streams 0 Comments

confusion.jpgIn this guest post Seth Waite from Blogussion shares some thoughts on two fatal flaws that most bloggers struggle with. Image by helgasms.

Blogging has been a passion of mine now for almost two years. Learning the basics took time and developing my skills has been even longer, but I have learned how to overcome most bloggers 2 fatal flaws, wisdom and effort.


Most bloggers spend tons of time surfing, stumbling, twittering and clicking around each day, but learn very little. Sure they have seen the lists of tips, pictures of cats, FAIL blogs, and a million get rich quick schemes but very little of them actually learn something. This is where the “Blog Tips” industry comes into play.

Designed to teach bloggers about how to blog better, meta blogs offer targeted information for how to actually succeed online. So the the information is definitely available.

A lot of the information is even read by blogging hopefuls. The problem likes in the application of the knowledge. It is not enough to read a post and go back to messing with your plug-ins. You have to apply the information directly to your blog.

The way to do that is by learning the “Act Now” principle. “Act Now” just means that whenever you learn something new, within reason, you act upon it. So today when you read another great post online, follow it through and try it out. With some experience under your belt the knowledge becomes real. Eventually over time this knowledge and experience of application become wisdom.


Other then wisdom, too many bloggers forget the effort that it takes to be successful. I know this is not something you want to hear, but you probably should anyways. Blogging takes serious work. Anything that is worth something does. There is no “instant” money maker, theory, or plug-in that can ever take the place of real effort.

Effort is more then just putting in time as well. Too many bloggers already put in a lot of time. Often I see posts about “Giving Up my Blog, No One Reads it Anyways”.

I always think that is so sad. With more time and effort in the things that are “wise”, we can produce better content and create a lasting impression on other bloggers and our visitors.

Effort is doing something that is difficult but worth it. For example, writing a post with over 2,000 words on 30 Ways to Make Money Blogging was hard. It took a lot of time and effort to come up with the descriptions, find the links and provide a resource worth reading.

But it was completely worth it. Reading comments from visitors to my blog made me see that the time and most importantly the effort in doing the hard thing paid off. That is what effort is all about. Doing the hard thing that is best for your blog. That will be different for every blog, but almost always it will be some way to uniquely provide an incredible resource for your readers.

If you feel like you are doing one of these principles very well, then keep going with that one and work on the other principle. Finding success comes from the proper application of both of them.

You cannot show your wisdom in niche without the effort of providing the resources, and you cannot show your effort without the wisdom to put into your resources.

So to improve your blogging skills and forget the fatal flaws that might stop you from succeeding, remember to focus on the “Act Now” principle and giving 100% effort. When you combine the two you will begin to see enormous growth in yourself as a blogger, and success for your blog.

The Blogger who is furiously trying to fix these fatal flaws is Seth Waite. You can connect with him at the blog he writes on Blogussion and his twitter account Seth1492.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Appreciate the amazing guest post, I learned a lot. I have to agree that all bloggers must overcome the flaws of wisdom and effort. As we continually blog we will gain more and more wisdom. The “Act Now” principle is a great way to learn and retain information. I never knew about meta blogs so as soon as I finish my comment I’m going to go check that out. We learn more through time and effort so as long as you keep blogging there is no reason to give up.

  2. I’d say good work Seth but that’s an understatement. I am curios though, you’re already a permanent at Blogussion then? You run your own blog right?

    Really, congratulations on this one!

  3. nice article daren.tq..

  4. Great article and one that I needed right now. I am a new blogger and writing is hard work for me. Seth’s article made me realize that researching, getting facts right is “hard work” and not just for me, but for others as well.

    I took the 31 Days to a Better Blog, subscribe to your RSS Feed and I belong to your LinkedIn group. I have learned so much from you Darren, that I would like to say “Thanks”.

  5. I remember back when I started working online I spent hours reading new articles and posts about how to blog and never got around to doing it.

    It took me almost a year to see that I could be successful as long as I kept working. If I spent more time just working and less about what to work on, I progressed.

  6. To many people get into blogging thinking writing the blog is all you have to do. All successful bloggers spend hours a day as part of a community, that is where must of the work comes in.

    Great post!

  7. A quality content can be termed as a foundation of a blog )

    Glad to b a reader of ur blog :)

  8. Great! I have done many many mistakes on by blog and learn from it. Important thing is we should be ready to learn from our flaws and don’t repeat it

  9. I am learning more about blogging all the time and how to be part of the community in order to read and be read. That is one thing that doesn’t get addressed much for new bloggers- where to start getting into the “community” and making connections. I am not on Twitter because I don’t like the short format and all their “rules”, # of tweets vs replies, etc. I am already on facebook and there are so many social sites -it’s hard to know what is the best way to go.
    Thanks for your research, advice and links!

  10. Wow… thanks for all of the really great comments. I have tried to provide a unique article to help you all get the realization that blogging is work and requires a lot of wisdom and effort, but once it all comes together you have something really remarkable.

  11. Hey Seth,

    great post. Really enjoyed reading and got wiser in the process :)


  12. Yes you have to act and take control and make it happen if not you are just another no it all with big mouth. I like the blog and glad to see you are doing very well with it. we are currently trying to dial our blog in as to generate more traffic and of course better rankings in the serps.

  13. It really boils down to what your goals are, what is the purpose for your blog and what are your long term plans with it. I would definitely put my goals before wisdom and effort.

    This way you can measure what works and what does not work thus giving you wisdom thus showing you where to put your efforts.


  14. Your post made me think back to 2 weeks ago. I gave my niece a cute pen that made funy noises. She is just like you and has to know how things work. She pulled it apart and a wire broke. Then I dsicovered that for her knowing how it worked was far more important than having it working: she showed me every single part she had detached and wasn’t at all perturbed by the fact that it no longer worked. Understanding was all she needed.

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