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Feeling Depressed About Your Blog? Get the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Bonus Pack Here Tomorrow

Posted By Darren Rowse 12th of January 2010 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

ebook-copy1.pngOver the last three weeks I’ve noticed a massive upswing in emails, tweets and comments from bloggers feeling depressed about their blogs going into 2010.

  • Some of them took a week or two off blogging over the holidays and can’t get restarted.
  • Others are looking back on 2009 and realising that they didn’t meet past goals.
  • A few are paralysed by the possibilities and don’t know which direction to head

It’s that time of year when we assess how we’re traveling and wonder what we can do about it!

Tomorrow, and for the next 7 days only, I’m releasing 3 bonuses for all previous and all new owners of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog workbook.

The workbook itself is a great way to to kickstart a blog that has been struggling (it gives a series of 31 tasks to help bloggers get their blogs going) but from tomorrow and for one week only I’ll be bundling it with 3 extra bonuses:

  1. 9 Things to Do to Get Your Blog On Track in The New Year – a short report that gives bloggers an extra 9 tasks/exercises to help get you focused for the new year (based on the process I take myself at the start of every year).
  2. Interview with Leo Babauta – just under an hour of a podcast interview with Leo from
  3. Interview with Neil Patel – a 45 minute podcast interview with traffic generating and personal branding genius from Quicksprout.

None of these bonuses have been available before and each will be available for those who buy the workbook in the next 7 days only (although once you’ve got access to them you’ll be able to access them indefinitely).

If you’ve already got the workbook you’ll get an email with download details of these bonuses tomorrow.

If you’ve not bought your workbook yet you’ll have 7 days to grab a copy to secure the bonuses (note: if you buy it now/today you’ll get an email with the bonuses tomorrow).

Update: if you purchase the workbook now you’ll receive the bonuses immediately. Previous buyers of the workbook should now be receiving emails telling them how to collect their New Year Bonuses.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Tim

    Sweet, can’t wait! Both my sites took a hit as the holidays approached and I’m finding myself trying to refocus. Trying to set some goals and keep them simple and to the point. Can’t wait for the email; need all the help I can get.

  • One quick question – would those who got the book as part of the sitepoint deal be entitled to these addons? Or is that separate?

    • good question Rhys – I’m going to be in touch with the SP guys today and will see if they can pass on details of downloading. It might take a day or two extra though.

  • WOW That’s so coool! I can’t wait to receive my bonus!! I already tweeted the new bonus!

    Thanks Darren

  • Looks very good deal :)

  • The new year should be seen as new opportunities.

  • Sounds like a fantastic deal! Should definitely convince those who haven’t already bought the ebook.

  • This is great!

    I already bought the eBook, so I can’t wait to get the extra bonuses.

    Great job Darren!


  • This is pretty ironic, I was just looking into writing a new post and wasn’t feeling very inspired.

    I come on here and look at the latest post and look what it is!

    Maybe I’ll have to buy that workbook finally, I’ve been thinking about it for a while.

    Thanks for the great bonuses!

  • I feel like we’re never going to stop hearing about that “book.”

    • Needmoney – Does Apple stop talking about it’s iPods…. does John Grisham stop talking about his latest novel…. does any business stop talking about it’s products?

      I’m sorry if it is too much for you but I’ve written 5000 or so posts on this blog, I just did a search and only around 20 of them mention this book and in many instances the mention is in passing.

  • OH I am sooooo excited!! I can barely wait!! I loved the 31 day challenge and I cannot wait to see what the bonus tasks are. Honestly if it were not not for the 31 day challenge I would be totally lost with blogging and my blog would be nowhere near where it is now. Yippeee!

  • This deal has kicked me into wanting to buy this now. It’s been on my list for well over 30 days now and I still want it. Tomorrow seems to be the best time I could possibly buy it. Great deal, can’t wait to download my copy.

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on this
    book. It is going to a great read and
    hope to learn a lot because I want to
    take my current blog to the next level

  • This is wonderful. Thanks Darren. this is just the boost my blog needs to make a great start in 2010.

  • Sounds like a good deal.

  • Thats awesome Darren, thumbs up for looking after the people who bought this from day 1, great value.

  • Currently listening to the bonus pod casts and they are great!

  • Dmytro Never! :D You can’t blame Darren for trying to squeeze as much profit out of this as possible while he works on a new book.

    @Mike Bowden: That’s the whole point. :D I haven’t bought my copy yet and this is also tempting me very much to make the “buying decision”. However, seeing as my library has an electronic copy of it that you can put a hold on… I’ll pass. ;-)

    (good libraries these days, no?)

  • “Some of them took a week or two off blogging over the holidays and can’t get restarted.”

    I also felt that way after the holidays. Kinda disconcerting.

    Thanks Darren for the heads up.


  • Nice post.i cant wait to read the book.

  • I feel like this ebook is suitable for me. I’ve been developing many blogs and none of them satisfy me.

  • Great way to improve blogs with problogger.

  • Are you a mind reader or what?!?! This article spoke right to me. From reading some of the other comments here It looks like I have company.

    Christmas came and it was like an internet ghost town!

    Now that its over, sales are down everywhere, adsense clicks are down… its very interesting and not very motivating.

    Thanks Darren!

  • Tim

    Forgot about the Sitepoint deal. Hope that will apply for them as well.

  • As a New blogger.. I need this badly.

  • A great way to kick-off 2010.

  • Great, I participated in the 31 days and have meant to get the book so that I could do a refresher course .. I’m about to celebrate my first year of blogging so this is great timing.

  • Awesome so do we just click the link and buy it you will send us the bonuses through email? I am going to get it friday when I get the money.

  • Hi Darren,

    It is very true – you have hit the nail on the head, We all tend to refrain from our Blogs over the Christmas period. Now the New Year is here it is a perfect time to ensure that we all reach our goals for the year ahead. The sky can be the limit!!!

  • Hi Darren,

    I have been advertising the book on my blog and it is very popular, i also enjoyed it my self.
    Goog luck with the new updated version im sure it will be a great addition.

    Hard workers always find success,


  • Glad to have this book few months ago and now i’m receiving 3 great bonuses. Thank you so much for that Darren ;)

  • If I knew how to post a screenshot, I would!! Since I’ve gotten Darren’s E-book my blog has grown exactly 301.42 % in just the last month alone!!

  • arigato gozaimas!

  • Nice to see that the tips in the book have work for folks here. I’m going to try it out next as we’ve run into a little plateau that we need to get over with our traffic numbers.

  • Thanks for releasing the bonuses Darren!

    I appreciate it immensely!


  • Never take time off over the holidays. That’s when everyone is unpacking new computers and buzzing around the Internet. Strike Gold! Attack!

    I take Masters Week off. That’s it.

  • That is a great deal for the new year. Thanks.

  • thanks for informing :-)

  • Even I am the one who was not able to achieve the goals of 2009, I hope this workbook will help me reach my goals of 2010.

    Thank You.

  • This is an awesome blog! I really wish that someday I could have a website that is as well made as this..

  • This one proves that you are not only the professional blogger but also a good marketer as well.


  • I have a friend over here in the UK who is using your techniques and is almost making a proper second income through his blog. Just to endorse the fact that what you say really does work and save people a lot of time finding stuff out the hard way, through trial and error.

  • coo. I like this deal.

  • Hey Darren,
    Just caught this in my feed reader. I too purchased 31DBBB with the sitepoint deal through the holidays. It was the deciding factor on the purchase! Thanks for getting that in there!

    Just logged in over there and still no bonus love yet. I just did sign up to the 31DBBB mailing list through the link in the workbook, so maybe you could shoot a note through there on how to get the bonus material.

    We are some sneaky greedy sob’s wanting free stuff all the time ehhh?

    Thanks for all you do man!

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