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Feedvertising – Really Simple RSS Advertising – Text Link Ads

Posted By Darren Rowse 28th of September 2006 Advertising, RSS 0 Comments

FeedvertisingText Link Ads have just launched a new advertising format called Feedvertising (aff).

Those of you who subscribe to my RSS feed will probably have noticed that some text links have appeared at the bottom of my posts for the past few days – they are the Feedvertising ads that I’ve been beta testing this past few days.

Here’s an ad from my latest post (click to enlarge):

Picture 1-16

At present these are my own personal ads to my sites and products (eg there is one for the job boards, another for six figure blogging, one for my digital photography site) but in the coming day or two there will be ad slots for sale so advertisers wishing to buy ads in my feeds will be able to do so.

There are two main ways you can use Feedvertising in your Feeds:

1. To promote your own products, services, affiliate products, key pages on your blog etc (placing ‘personal’ ads as I’m doing now)
2. Letting TLA sell ads for you in their marketplace

You can of course do a combination of both. You have 6 ad slots available to fill which are rotated as you write more posts.

Pricing (if you choose to sell them in the marketplace) is something I’m yet to get a figure on as I’m yet to sell any ads for my feeds but they are a flat fee (ie not CPM or CPC). You sell a text ad in your feed for a month at a time in the same way as other TLA ads. I’m told that the actual price of the ads is determined by the category of your blog (topic), it’s alexa ranking and bloglines subscriber numbers.

Feedvertising is available for anyone to apply to join – it’s free and pretty easy to use – you just use the same methods that you use to run your other TLA ads (ie as I use WordPress as a blogging platform it was as simple as reinstalling the WP plugin that WP users usually use to install TLA ads.

The ads themselves are pretty simple and clean to look at. They’re not at all intrusive and you can configer them to be called ‘Advertisement’, ‘Sponsored By’, ‘Sponsor’, ‘Thanks to our Sponsor’ and ‘Custom’ (choose your own).

I suspect that Feedvertising will also be pretty attractive to Advertisers as it will allow them to expose their message to a pretty targeted group of readers who wouldn’t normally see their ads on actual blogs (for example here at ProBlogger over half of my daily readers are RSS readers and wouldn’t normally see any advertising I run on the site).

It’s early days for Feedvertising – they’ve only just come out of beta and I’m sure they’ll take a little while to catch on but from what I’ve seen of them so far they’ll be a very attractive option for people wanting to monetize their RSS feeds and Advertisers wishing to get their messages into them.

Apply to join via their Feedvertising page here (aff).

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. I’ve got the same mail, where it states that TLA would like to keep it a secret for another week, and urged bloggers not to post about it.

    You just couldn’t resist could you? In the neverending quest to be the “first” to post something…

  2. Over at Tubetorial.com are also talking about it. Never mind… TLA are doing a great job and I love to use them.

  3. Armin, I go the same e-mail, but this page ( http://www.text-link-ads.com/feedvertising/bloggers/ ) seems to suggest that they’re no longer keeping it secret ; )

  4. Sounds like a great feature and I’ll be using it. But, I’m with Armin .. it was a little irritating to be reminded once again how special Darren is (being larger than life and to be able to go against the rules – not that I’m against that!) It’s the opposite implication – that us little guys are NOT that special and we have to be tricked and lied to in keeping some secret a secret waiting for some official announcement, even though the secret is not really a secret in reality.

    // Oh wait – my logo isn’t on the feedvertising page and Problogger’s logo is! I guess this is the official announcement. // Well, I liked TubeTorial’s video about it.

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  6. […] UPDATE: Michael Arrington of TechCrunch and Darren Rowse of Problogger were two other Feedvertising beta testers, so check out their impressions as well. 0 Feed for this Entry | Trackback Address […]

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  8. Ah, so this is the new product launch they were talking about earlier this month in the Work Boxers interview. Very nice. I’ll definitely be looking into this one.

  9. No one seems to have addressed this so I’ll ask: do problogger readers think that this will turn off people who read your feed? Ie, is there any danger of loosing readers by implementing this method of monetization.

  10. (in reference to #7 comment) I suppose it depends on big and how many text link ads you run in your feed. If you go with all six slots and use the full 80 characters, that might be a bit much (especially on short posts).

  11. Yes I was given permissions to blog about it. I wouldn’t break confidentiality – they were ready to launch and I broke the story (along with a few other longer term beta testers) with their blessing.

    maxpower – I doubt it’ll turn too many off. I’ve run Feedburner ads in my feeds for the last 6 months or so and my feed readership has doubled in that time.

  12. Darren,
    I was wondering can you use it fwith Feedburner RSS ads.

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  14. Feedvertising by Text Link Ads…

    This morning, I just recieved an email from Patrick Gavin, the President of Text Link Ads Inc. He invited me to test their new service about feeds advertising (known as Feedvertising) but he don’t want me to announce it to the public because it …

  15. only wordpress users got the invitation only i think. because the new plugin only works on wordpress 2.0 and above.

  16. Great, I’m a long time TLA publisher and would like to implement Feedvertising in my feeds, however the TLA guys are not supporting Drupal, the CMS I use for most of my sites, yet.

  17. Alexis, I believe Drupal is next (after WP 1.5). Stay tuned to TLA’s Link Building Blog.

    And I’ll back up what Darren said — Feedburner banners in my feed have not drawn a single complaint, and these text links are much less intrusive.

  18. […] ProBlogger at present has decided to include his own personal ads to his sites and products like the job boards, six figure blogging, and the digital photography site. […]

  19. […] There are other great reviews of Feedvertising at TechCrunch and Problogger. […]

  20. Does somebody know if Feedvertising works with WP 1.5 or just with WP 2.0?

  21. […] I, personally, don’t have enough feed subscribers to make this a money-making piece of news to me. However, I just found out that Text Link Ads have just launched a new advertising format called Feedvertising. (Found via problogger.) […]

  22. Apparently, Feedvertising does NOT work when you have feeburner and summary feed option set. Bummer.

  23. Hey Brian, you’re right, Drupal is coming soon. Patrick was very kind and replied my email telling me it will be ready in a few weeks.

    Hart, are you saying that we can’t use Feedburner for keeping our feeds if we want to sell feedvertisings in our blogs?

  24. […] To lambaste me with advertisements. The simple truth is, if I don’t go to the site, I won’t see the advertisements that make the site money. However, there are ways to embed advertisements in feeds. ProBlogger does a great job of this in their feeds and explains how to do it. […]

  25. I signed up for textlinks ads and feedvertising, I added the plugin to my wordpress and now, I am not sure if it is working. Can somebody look at my blog or RSS feeds and explain how i can do the same or check this. Maybe they do not work because they want my blog to have a certain amount of traffic. Could that be the case?

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