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  • Yes, I noticed a couple of weeks ago that September was nearly over, yet the list was still to be updated.

    I guess the questions is whether it was a one hit wonder to generate some traffic, or if there are technical reasons why the list hasn;t been updated.

  • yes. Disappointing really.

  • Yes, I noticed after Scott Rafer showed up and my blog to reply to comments I made on the August list. I blogged about the no September update thing here:

    An astute reader pointed out that they changed their mind in September with a link to the feedster blog. Their plan was to “work on it” so that they could release something new in October.

    Well, one week down, three more to go on that front. Rafer said they were going to try and shoot for the middle of the month so my guess is we’ll see it released the week of the 17th-23. Just a guess, though.

    CNET has their top 100 list out though :)

  • BTW, Darren, just thought I’d mention that while you promote “helping bloggers earn money” as your slogan at the same time you are putting rel=’nofollow’ on every link made from blogger readers comments. You aren’t even helping these readers earn related SE traffic for taking time to read and comment on your blog.

    Is this just an oversight or intentional? If it’s an oversight, then might want to grab the WP plugin and remove that. Here’s a link to that plugin:

    Mixed message otherwise.

  • ..obviously these “lists” were just to reaffirm some bloggers beliefs that they are as cool as they hoped they were. ;-)

  • TDavid,

    Darren teaches people how to make money by blogging – he does not claim to be a link-farm.

    Comments are not the place to get your incoming links. Those links require hard work, and I think most of Darren’s readers understand that.

  • Hi there,

    As the author of the Feedster 500, I should probably comment on this. You’re definitely right — we didn’t release a version in September and we should have. The reason was that spam in the blogosphere kicked up the volume quite a bit and I had to put the bulk of my time into revising our anti-spam routines. While we’re certainly not perfect yet, we’re considerably better than we were and now that that’s done, I’ll be focusing on rolling out the October Feedster 500.

    Don’t worry. Its definitely coming.


  • Cary – thanks for schooling me on link farms, which was far and away not what I was talking about. I was simply suggesting that perhaps a little more value should be placed on comments and people taking time to leave them. It’s a blogger’s way of saying “thank you” for the time to readers/subscibers/comments, IMO.

    Conversely, rel=nofollow is a way of saying: “your link is good for others to follow, but I do not want the SE to follow you.” It’s an explicit non-vote.

    A link farm is everybody put in their links with zero moderation and it’s a freeforall for spammers. Do you feel your comments are on the level of a link farm? I sure don’t.


  • thanks Scott – appreciate the update.

  • TDavid, no, I feel my comments are comments…they are made for the sake of comraderie and conversation, not for the value they could get me in the search engines.

    I guess I find your stance a bit bewildering because it is widely accepted these days that most bloggers apply the rel=nofollow attribute to the links in their comments due to comment spam. Darren, I’m sure, is no different.

    It also encourages conversation for the sake of conversation…something that is known for, and the reason that many of us keep coming back.

    I did not, however, mean to sound like a jerk – my apologies for that :0

  • Jim

    Whats frequency of this updates?