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FeedBurner launches BuzzBoost

Feedburner have announced a few service that enables bloggers to cross promote their blogs (if they have more than one) using their new BuzzBoost system. They describe it like this:

‘If you have several blogs or other sites that have their own feeds, we’ll bet a few bottom dollars you’ve been looking for a way to easily cross-promote them. Or, perhaps you’re a podcaster who would like to list your latest podcast postings in a blog sidebar or other handy garden spot somewhere on the web. The bottom line? You’ve got feeds you want to get out there where people can see ’em, and you’d like to allow people to see the feed headlines (or content itself) in some compact, convenient format.

Enter BuzzBoost. It’s the latest publicity and awareness offering for FeedBurner publishers, and it’s free. BuzzBoost’s job is to redisplay your feed content anywhere you can copy and paste a short snippet of HTML code — in a Blogger or TypePad page template, on a corporate website, or even in a “signature” block on a message board. BuzzBoost code is just a short line of JavaScript that displays content items and information from a FeedBurner feed according to settings you provide…’

It’s a handy service if you’ve got blogs that relate to each other that you want to cross promote although I’ve seen many others do this using other systems also (so it’s not completely unique). Might be handy for some though. If you use it let me know how it goes.

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  • That’s strange, they describe their service as if its a new development. There are tons of free services that already do this exact same thing for well over a year, and many of them don’t require an account with feed burner. Here’s one good one that allows a fair amount of configuration. RSS-to-Javascript

  • Yes. But I don’t want to have dozens of services to handle myself. One place to get news and updates, one place to have a consistent system of usage, one know partner in business.

    This is a natural extension of the feedburner service under the usual good quality of feedburner.

    If you have the time to use dozens of different services and keep up with all of them, you have too much time ;)

  • Well said, Nicole : )

    I am happy to see all of these services under one roof. I might add that FeedBurner has the single best customer service I have come across when it comes to support, etc. Recently, after a related service (who will remain nameless) refused to even answer my emails (I think 2 weeks is enough, eh?) a really nice guy at FeedBurner offered to contact them for me, and then helped me through the entire process of fixing the problem, in spite of the fact that it was the OTHER vendor’s problem!

    That’s what I call service, and they’ve won a devotee in me.

  • Well then, I stay corrected. Way to ride the clue train!

  • I’m an investor in FeedBurner, so I’m biased, but I found it trivial to set up on my blog at I was able to integrate our investment headlines (at into my site. Both feeds run through FeedBurner. I wrote up a little detail about the implementation on

  • BuzzBoost looks much better on my blog than RSS-to-Javascript. I use it to list the last 15 entries in the sidebar and it uses my stylesheet for display, rather than me pre-configuring it. One thing I did like about my old blogspot (and couldn’t figure out how to do that in WordPress) is showing the recent posts. I think this is important for visitors. I tried the RSS-2-BlahBlah but found at the oddest times during the day – it was blank and no posts were being displayed.

    btrw … BuzzBoosts gives you an error message if you try to add the code to your blogspot blog. Some might get discouraged until they realize they can just tick the “ignore errors” box then it posts fine. Besides the RECENT entries on my new blog, I just posted the script to my old blog … to show that not only have I moved .. but here’s the post titles to prove it!

  • Hey there Hart,

    What was the error message you saw when trying to add BuzzBoost to a Blogger blog? Was the “ignore errors” option something your browser displayed, or is that a setting somewhere within the Blogger Dashboard? To my knowledge, BuzzBoost should integrate and preview properly on any publishing platform that allows template editing without error.

    Please let us know what you saw and we’ll investigate whether any sort of a fix might be necessary on our end. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Jim

    Don’t thing BuzzBoost is a really new way in bloggers community… Just my 1 cent.

  • Yea, there is a lot of similiar programms in the web. But NuzzBoost really have some advantages.

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  • Does anyone have any information on whether BuzzBoost hurts/helps SEO efforts seeing as how Google often doesn’t like duplicate content?