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Feedburner Ad Network Syncs with AdSense for On Page Ads

Posted By Darren Rowse 1st of November 2007 Advertising 0 Comments

Breaking news just to hand:

Feedburner seem to have quietly added a feature to publishers in their Feedburner Ad Network that allows them to sync their Feedburner account and AdSense account – at least for their on website content (ie not in your RSS feeds).

Logging into the Monetize area on your Feedburner account (if you’re approved to access it) and you’ll see:

Note – Feedburner Ad Network allows you to run ads both in your feeds and on your page – this option is only for running ads on your page/blog and not in your feeds.

Having said this – hopefully in time the option will come to combine Feedburner RSS ads and AdSense RSS ads (a program that has been in beta for a very long time).

Thanks to Collis for the email heads up on this one.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. bob cobb says: 11/01/2007 at 2:13 pm

    Ive been waiting so long for this. Hopefully adsense for feeds will be public soon, I hate have no ads in my feed and all of the other feed ad networks have really crappy payouts.

  2. Why does beta testing such as this take so long? Just wondering.

  3. This probably has to do with the fact that Google recently purchased Feedburner:


  4. What I see is “This service is not currently available.” Does this featured available for every publisher?

  5. I will try

  6. Interesting stuff. I have no plans to use Adsense for my blog pages but I might try it out on the feeds. Though that could be detrimental to my subscribers so I’m not sure. Perhaps on a niche blog.

  7. It wasn’t *that* quiet – they announced it right on their front page! :-)


  8. This is great news, but one should have expected to this step, as Google owns FeedBurner. It’s a good move to unify their services, one by one.

  9. Don’t quite understand this, especially when you say “this option is only for running ads on your page/blog and not in your feeds.” Will the ads appear on my feeds in a feed reader after I have activated the service?

  10. I will try that , see how it works.

  11. They should integrate the Yahoo Publisher Network, but that probably would never happen.

  12. I’m just as confused as Vincent. Feedburner doesn’t have access to include ads on my actual blog. So if it doesn’t do that, and it doesn’t put ads in the feed, what does it do?

    Just put ads on that intermediary Feedburner page people sometimes see while subscribing?

  13. Ok, I read it. I’m still a bit confused. Ok, a lot. I will figure it out though i’m sure.

    Maybe I’m getting too old. Can you draw me a picture?

  14. According to their blog they are trying to fix the confusing error message. I also tried it but I am not able to enter a channel at the moment.

    The AdSense via Feedburner Feedflare appears to be available to Feedburner users, but it is separate from their own FAN network. This is similar to the Blogger option to add AdSense ads at the end of your posts.

    Unlike Blogger that uses up all three ads if you have multiple front page posts, FeedBurner says they will only use one ad under the first post on each page. Also Blogger-Adsense ads only appear on the front page, not on subsequent “older posts”. – As far as I know.

  15. Yeah, “currently unavailable”, but it’s just because I hadn’t yet clicked on the link to sign in to my Gmail account.. once I did that, it all popped up.

  16. Wait a minute – I don’t understand this either: what the heck are they offering here??????

  17. Since I don´t use FeedBurner to manage my site ads (only feeds), that was not so good news :P

    Still waiting adsense on feeds.

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