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Favicon Maker

Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of February 2006 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

If you’re looking to put a favicon (one of those little pictures that sites next to a URL in your browser) on your blog but don’t know how to make one you might like to play with the Favicon from Pics tool.

All you do is enter a picture and it makes a favicon from it. Some pictures will work better than others of course but it could work for you. They also give you the option for an animated favicon.

Here’s how a favicon came up for me using the picture of me in my side bar.


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  • I like to just do it the normal way. Design the tile in a 16×16 space and then save it as a gif file with an *.ico extension.

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  • Hey Darren
    after playing around with this I found out that you do not need to switch your graphics over to the ico format. For web use you only need to change the file format name to ico from jpg or gif.I did it on and also sent you a trackback on the previous post at

  • Joe

    Hey Darren,

    That’s a cool little thing. It worked well on my WP after I changed the .ico to .jpg, but a word for those that use Blogger or any other hosted blogging platform, I won’t work.


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  • I’m so bummed out. I use blogger. Is there a way to make favicon work with that?

  • I use TypePad and I was able to use my favicon. The only problem I see is that it has to be in the main folder, not the individual sub folder for that particular blog. As I expand my network of blogs, I may have to use the same favicon for each but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

  • Hi, David,

    I thought of that but assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that the favicon would work fine in the blog’s subfolder as long as I specified the path to the favicon:

    I did that but it still doesn’t work, darn it. I’m such a raw newbie at this; I’ve probably implemented this incorrectly, but I’m willing to learn. Do you (or any others reading this comment) have any suggestions?

    Thx – Carolyn Bahm
    Blog: The Bahm Shelter,

    (The navbar is also still under construction on that page too, but ignore that!)

  • Carolyn,

    Your favicon is showing up when I goto your site. I tried putting mine in the subfolder first and it didn’t work for Typepad so it’s in the main directory. I like the navbar idea, I haven’t tackled that yet!

  • I use blogger. Is there a way to make favicon work with that?

    Someone asked this, and no answer, so I ask again, maybe someone will reply.

  • I also like this one. Quick Favicon

    Worth a mention!


  • If you want a dead simple favicon maker (from a jpg, gif, or png – I recommend a transparent 24 bit png), you might want to checkout:

    Bonus: easy to remember and type in.


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