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Fasten Your Seat Belts…. The Next Two Weeks Could Get Bumpy!

Posted By Darren Rowse 14th of November 2006 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

The bags are packed, my new email set up seems to be working, the laptop, laptop spare battery, ipod and digicam are all charged, passport and tickets have been checked 20 times, ipod is full of tunes and video clips for the 21 hours flying time ahead and blogs have advance posts on them to cover the next two weeks of traveling.

I think I’m ready to leave for Toronto for 10 or so days of b5media meetings.

If you happen to be in Toronto (or close to it) there is going to be a Mesh meetup that I (and a few other b5 bods) will be attending at:

The Irish Embassy Pub
15 November – 6pm

What’s Going On at ProBlogger While I’m Gone?

While I’m away ProBlogger will continue to tick over. In fact it could be busier than normal (as is usual – my blog tends to improve when I go away and hand it over to others). As always – I’ve over prepared for my time away!

Here’s what you can expect over the next two weeks here at ProBlogger.

For starters there will be two series running at the same time (at least one post on each per day):

Reader-Quick-TipsI’ve been talking this up for the last couple of days and asking for reader submissions.

This series will be short, sharp and to the point ‘quick tips’ from readers on the topic of blogging. I’ve had 70 or so tips submitted (thanks everyone) and have had to cull the list down considerably in order not to overwhelm you all. I’ve tried to select tips on a variety of topics and from a variety of readers. Keep in mind that the tips come from readers of all levels of blogging experience – some will be more basic and advanced than others.

I’m hoping to compile all 70+ reader tips into the one resource when I get home – so if you’ve got a quick tip you want to contribute feel free to send it in (but do it according to the guidelines set out in this call for submissions or I will not be able to include your tip).

christmasThis is a 13 part series which covers an array of topics that will hopefully help entrepreneurial bloggers tweak their blogs in order to have a more profitable Holiday Period.

In the 13 parts we’ll take a look at a range of topics including:

  • Why you’d want to fine tune your blog for Christmas
  • AdSense Tips (a mini series of posts)
  • Chitika Tips (a mini series)
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Writing Content
  • SEO

Some of it will be familiar to long term readers but hopefully it’s a series that will provide helpful reminders and a little inspiration to get your blog in order for the end of the year. I hope you enjoy it.

Other Posts – I’ve also pre-written a few extra posts that will go up over the next couple of weeks and have a couple of other bloggers who have written a post each.

I’m sure I will also do a little blogging from Toronto – mainly covering any breaking news relevant to ProBlogging types.

All in all it’ll be a rather full couple of weeks here at ProBlogger with over 40 posts already queued and ready to go!

Please bear with me a little in terms of comment moderation. Obviously the 24 or so hours that I’m in transit (and the recovery sleeps) could mean that your comments get stuck for a little bit but I’ll ‘release’ them as soon as I can.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • have a great flight! don’t drink too much ;)

    Looking forward to meeting up on Wednesday.

  • Carolyn Bahm

    Have fun in Toronto! I went there for a business trip recently. One hint: If you go onto Queen Street West (LOTS of great shops), watch the parking signs carefully. The parking is extremely limited, and they are *quite* serious about towing if you park on the wrong side of the street between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. (Yeah, don’t ask me how I know. At 4:10 — towed. Total cost, including loooooong cab ride to towyard, towing, and tickets: $280.) They clear one side of the street so the traffic going out of town is open for two lanes at rush hour. I guess it makes sense. Everyone was super polite, of course. Made it hard to hold a grudge against the city for our own stupid mistake! ;o)

    We also researched online when we got home and found that Toronto has some other unusual parking rules, including this little factoid: In the City of Toronto, a three-hour limit exists on public roads where no other parking regulations are posted. Signs advising visitors to the city of this regulation are posted at the access points to the city and when exiting from a Provincial highway.

    We ate at Terrano’s — highly recommended for out-of-this-world tasty Italian food if you’re looking for a good place to go eat one night. Small, great food, good (pricey) wine, nice casual atmosphere.

    Best wishes from a frequent reader! – Carolyn Bahm, Collierville, TN

  • Thanks for the tip Carolyn…
    I plan to go to toronto next year to visit one ot my best “online friends”.

    I hope I won’t have to drive… but you’ll never know.

  • Isa Saalabi

    Have a great time, Toronto’s a great city. You’ll have a blast I’m sure. Isa Saalabi.

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