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Fastclick Launch Text Ads

Posted By Darren Rowse 3rd of May 2005 Advertising 0 Comments

An email was just sent out to Fastclick Publishers announcing that their new Text Ad program has just gone live.

We have exciting news to announce – we launched our new Text Ads ad format today! Text Ads are the perfect supplement to your current display advertising, using unobtrusive text with customizable formatting to fit your site-specific needs and generate additional revenue.

This is different to Google’s Adsense due to ads not being contextual in nature. This should mean that both ads can be shown on the same page as long as the Fastclick ads do not look too similar to Adsense ones (I guess this is open for interpretation – but I’d advice being careful).

Get more details on what this new program involves at their official press release.

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  • A quick impression from a Fastclick user: there are about 30 ads available so far. All of them are .15 per click, which doesn’t get me too excited about running them. You can change the width, height, and colors of the ads so it should be pretty easy to integrate into content..

    At least (being text ads) they’re all tasteful and none of them have seizure-inducing animation…

  • good news from problogger

  • Darren

    0.15 per click is average – however factor in that these are not relevant ads (so CTR will be down) and you will probably end up with something that is pretty low in its earning potential.

    I might try them on a couple of my blogs and see what happens but i’m not thinking they’ll be big earners from what I can see.

  • Exactly. I could run these or run AdSense and affiliate programs, which get me the same CPC but on targeted ads.

    I’m thinking of using 120 x 600 and 468 x 60 ones as last-resort default ads, though.

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