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2013’s ProBlogger Training Event was our best one yet. Just under 450 bloggers and speakers spent two days learning on the Gold Coast between 13-14 September.

Over those two days they tweeted over 13,000 times (we trended on Twitter most of the two days), instagramed up a storm and wrote many blog posts about the events.

Sponsor our Future Events

Now that our 2013 event is over our team have already turned their attention to 2014 and we’re looking for brands to partner with.

Part of the reason we’ve been able to create such a useful event for bloggers is that we’ve had the support of some wonderful partner brands over the past 3 years.

If you represent a brand that is looking to build relationships with digital influencers we are currently seeking partners for our 2014 event and would love to talk with you about how you can be involved.

Meet Australia’s Most Influential Bloggers

A number of opportunities exist to sponsor our 2014 event on the Gold Coast. We’re open to companies of all kinds and will tailor a sponsorship opportunity to fit with your branding goals.

We’ll put you in front of these bloggers leading up to and during the event – but indirectly you could be exposed to millions more through their blogs. Based on figures provided to us by previous attendees, they have a combined reach of over 15 million monthly readers.

These socially networked bloggers attract hundreds of thousands of followers and create a massive buzz in the lead up to and following the event.

Last years partners reported increased traffic on their sites, buzz around their products and engagement and the start of ongoing opportunities with bloggers attending.

Examples of How We Help Your Brand

Are you a Camera Company? – bring along your latest model camera, put it in the hands of food, fashion and travel photographers who showcase images every day on their blogs. Run a competition to give one away… let bloggers test drive it or even sponsor a session on using cameras effectively to capture images for a blog.

Sponsorship Opportunity: Sponsor our official photographer and have photos taken on the day tweeted around the country and world on the #pbevent hash tag (which trends nationally at every event).

Are you a Book Publisher? – get access to the room of 300 bloggers, potential authors of your next best-seller.

Sponsorship Opportunity: sponsor our blogger’s lounge area where you could interview prospective authors.

Are you a Telco? – showcase your latest smart phones, show off your mobile broadband service and build relationships with those who use (and talk about) your services.

Sponsorship Opportunity: Sponsor our WiFi and you’ll make our bloggers day.

Are you a Food or Beverage Company? – a blogger’s got to eat… put samples of your product in the hands (and mouths) of bloggers from around the nation.

Sponsorship Opportunity: be the sole sponsor of our evening networking drinks session.

Are you a Car Manufacturer? – give bloggers test drives of your cars from the event site during breaks.

Sponsorship Opportunity: Run a competition to give away use of a car for a period after the event.

We’re just scratching the surface here – we’re open to working with all kinds of companies to find a win/win relationship for you, our event and attendees. Contact our team today to discuss the limited opportunities that still exist to be a part of the Gold Coast ProBlogger Training Event.

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