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Samantha Jockel

Sam Jockel first launched into the digital world in 2010 when she started the Facebook page ALDI Mum which grew from nothing to over 106,000 followers and counting. In 2012 she co-founded Social Media Agency Good Funny Smart. She now runs countless social media pages for a variety of different blogs all boasting great numbers and success including her latest Facebook and blog project School Mum with over 312, 000 followers in 24 months and Suburbly with over 360,000 followers and counting.


Tools, Tactics & Techniques Session

Organic Reach On Facebook – How to get it working for you

Facebook … is it still worthwhile? Can you still make it work for your blog or website without it being a total waste of time or costing you the earth? Sam has a total Facebook following of over 750,000 across 3 separate pages and has built 2 of those communities from scratch and brought back to life a 3rd dormant community of 360,000 after years of limited reach. Come and hear from Sam as she reveals her tips and tricks for getting organic reach on her Facebook pages. Facebook is not dead, in her opinion, it is just beginning.

There are a few key questions I find people are not asking when thinking about Facebook and organic reach. I am going to ask those questions and answers them to give you a full understanding of how this Facebook beast works.

When you leave this session you will understand:

  • What Facebook are looking for in a post
  • Why each individual post matters
  • Why competitions are not dead and how you can use them to do good things
  • Why the person sitting next to you may be your best friend
  • Why Facebook is still a big deal for your blog
  • Hacks, tips and tricks I have learnt along the way
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