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Paul Cunningham

Paul Cunningham is a writer, speaker, and trainer living in Brisbane, Australia. Paul has been blogging for over 10 years, and has self-published more than 10 eBooks and training courses since then. After more than 15 years in the industry, he recently left the world of IT consulting to focus on his online business full time, and spend more time with his family. These days you’ll find Paul creating content for the IT professional community, working on the next book, and occasionally jetting off overseas to speak at industry conferences.

Workshop Sessions

Paul will be delivering the following workshops with Shayne Tilley:

How To Choose A Product To Create

This session will show you how creating your own products can transform your blog in to a real business, bust all the myths that stop bloggers creating their own products and services — including a framework to identify what opportunities exist in your niche, then finally explore some of the most common questions that arise in creating your own products and services as a blogger.

Marketing Your Products From Launch to Long Tail 

As a blogger you’ll already know you need to do more than just build it to get visitors to your door. It’s even more the case when it comes to marketing your products and getting your product off on the right foot, can have a long lasting impact on the success over the long term. This session will take you thought a product launch process including a countdown to launch, what to do on launch day, how to handle a failure, and how to set yourself up for the long tail.

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