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Kelly Exeter

Kelly Exeter has been a designer for nearly 15 years. In the past six years she has worked with some of Australia’s top bloggers including Styling You, Fox in Flats and Woogsworld. A blogger herself, Kelly‘s approach to blog design goes beyond simply making things look nice. She also works hard to ensure the blogger’s brand is enhanced by their blog design, and that the design is incredibly functional too.

As she and her husband own the web and blog hosting company Swish Online, Kelly is also across the tech side of owning a blog (more than she’d like to be actually!). Swish Online hosts some of Australia’s biggest blogs and as a result, Kelly has seen pretty much every ‘thing’ that can take a blog offline … and knows what to do to ensure these things happen as infrequently as possible.


Fundamentals Session

The 5 + 5 Formula For Great Blog Design

Great blog design goes well beyond your site looking really slick or pretty. Your blog needs to be both functional and beautiful. It must *do* something – for both you and the reader. This presentation will send you home with a checklist of 5 functionality items and 5 design items against which you will be able to critique your own blog design like a pro!


  • Why great blog design is crucial
  • The difference between functional design and beautiful design (and why you need both for a great blog design)
  • The 5 functional design items every great blog design needs
  • The 5 aesthetic design items every great blog design needs
  • Some examples of great blog designs
  • Real life critiques of current/existing blog designs


Workshop Session

Getting Your Back-End Under Control

Are you familiar with the backend of your blog? Do you know why you should always keep your WordPress version updated? Are you aware of the pitfalls associated with many backup plugins? If not, then I don’t want to alarm you … but your blog is in danger! Mainly from hackers but also from … you 🙂

This highly practical session will remove the fear you have of the technical side of your blog and show you the simple and easy things you can do to ensure it:

  • Is kept secure from hackers
  • Is backed up properly
  • Is always running as quickly and optimally as possible.

In short, this session will ensure that should something terrible ever happen to your blog, you will be able to get it back up and running in less than a day.

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