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Kate Cook

Kate Cook has been a Digital Marketing Consultant and Social Media Specialist for over 5 years. Starting her career working in agency and later moving to head up the social media marketing for Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, Kate has a breadth of experience across a multitude of industries. Kate shares her digital marketing learnings on her blog Small Paper Things. Small Paper Things Blog has been shared across social media more than 80,000 times and has recently been recognised as one of Australia’s Best Business Blogs for 2016.


Fundamentals Session

Building a Social Media Strategy to Support Your Blog

This session will be for anyone looking for some hacks and ideas to build an effective social media strategy to support their blogs. It will help you to identify which channels to choose to invest in, how to optimise your existing strategy and the best tools you can use to manage your efforts.

In attending this session you will have a greater understanding of:

  • Each social media network and how to choose the right platforms to promote your blog
  • The psychology of how users interact with messages on each platform (and how to get your message right)
  • Tips on how to ensure your content “cuts through” the noise on social platforms
  • How to use social media insights to improve your social media strategy and blog content
  • Which tools to use to efficiently manage your strategy


Workshop Session

Understanding The Data That Will Help You Be a Better Blogger

These days, there are so many ways to collect an incredible amount of data around our online content efforts, but what’s the use if we don’t know what data we’re looking for or what impact it can have on our blogging strategy? In this session I will take you on what a typical “data dive” looks like for me. Which analytics tools I use, what I look for, the insights I derive and how it helps me to improve my content strategy.

In attending this session you will have a greater understanding of:

  • Analytics: How to set up your analytics tools to help you to see the most important data
  • Content: what is working well that you could do more of? What isn’t resonating so well and why?
  • Audience: who is it who is engaging with your content the most? How can we better understand them and serve them with content that will add value to their lives?
  • Promotion: which promotional channels are driving the most high quality traffic? Which channels should we invest more time and energy into? How can we optimise promotional efforts?
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