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Jim Stewart

Jim Stewart, CEO of StewArt Media, is a recognised digital marketing expert. Jim is ProBlogger’s SEO subject matter expert and he will be sharing his vast SEO knowledge over the course of the conference, including what are the top SEO tools and why you must be using them and 5 things bloggers do wrong. Jim has worked closely with bloggers successfully doubling traffic and improving site performance. What Jim doesn’t know about SEO and blogging isn’t worth knowing, check out his sessions to take advantage of his wealth of experience.


Tools, Tactics & Techniques Session

Top SEO Tools and How To Use Them

With the right tools bloggers can easily implement SEO on their site. This session will give you practical and usable advice on the best SEO tools and how to use them. Includes Screaming Frog, SEMrush, Google Search Console, majestic, Google Analytics and how to check your rankings properly. You certainly will start using these SEO tips and tools once you see them in action.

At the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Understand how to easily identify issues with your site
  • Monitor the changes made
  • Check your rankings the right way
  • Identify where your traffic is coming from


Workshop Session

Bloggers’ Top 5 SEO Blunders and How To Fix Them

Spend an hour with Jim Stewart exploring the top 5 areas where bloggers go wrong with SEO and more importantly how to fix them. This is for bloggers who want more than a basic introduction into SEO. You will learn strategies to structure your content, improve site speed, site map configuration and how to rank quickly and easily. Implementing these strategies in the right order is key to successfully increasing traffic to your website. Jim has done it many times over, just ask him.


  • What Google thinks of your site
  • How to rank quickly and easily
  • How to leverage your content so Google loves it
  • How to make your site lightning fast
  • How to use Yoast properly


Sunday Session

Double Your Traffic Using This Step-By-Step System

Jim Stewart will be hosting an SEO Masterclass for the benefit of experienced bloggers who are seeking to take their blogs to the next level.  Jim will demonstrate his techniques for doubling traffic, and is ideally suited to anyone wishing to learn systems for doing SEO themselves. Attendees will be shown strategies to maintain and update their blog SEO, how to create checklists of measurable actions, and the importance of building an audience alongside your SEO.

Attendees will be able to leave with these important learning outcomes:

  • Find out if Google hates you
  • Simple things you can do today that will have a massive impact on ranking
  • How to structure your content for search engines
  • Learn how to jump above the #1 spot with Featured Answers
  • Daily & weekly checklists to maintain your rankings
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