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Jeanette Jifkins

Jeanette is really passionate about identifying the practical legal solutions that fit your business. Her strategy is to ensure that legal problems are avoided, or at least contained and managed quickly in the unlikely event that they occur, to give you the opportunity to stay focused on growing your business with confidence. With more than 17 years experience helping over 1000 clients protect their business both large and small, Jeanette has a range of strategies that give her clients clarity and certainty in the ever changing online world.


Fundamentals Session

Common Legal Issues For Bloggers

You’ve started a blog (or are wanting to), your traffic is growing and you’re gaining traction and popularity. The last thing you need is legal problems derailing your plans. Would you like to avoid legal issues in the first place; have the confidence to respond to problems if they arise; and know when you do and don’t need to call for further legal advice? This session is designed to help you understand some of the most common legal issues facing Bloggers and to give you some strategies to deal with them.


  • How to copyright your content and avoid breaching others’
  • Your obligations under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
  • About the limits of Trade Mark protection
  • Why you need a disclaimer to limit your liability
  • Why you should have legal terms on your blog
  • Whether you need to make disclosures and what kind
  • Your obligations regarding other people’s comments on your blog
  • The fundamentals of anti-spam compliance

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