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Ed Dale

Ed Dale is the creator of The Challenge, responsible for teaching over 400,000 people to start a business online for free. He partnered with Legendary Copy Writer Gary Halbert and has created promotions and launches responsible for millions of dollars in revenue. Ed will be imparting his particularly engaging and results-driven copywriting approach in two sessions.

Tools, Tactics & Techniques Session

Writing To Convert, Convince And Coax

Having somebody give you their attention in this day and age is a bit of a miracle when you think about it. You owe it to them to speak directly to their pains, gains and jobs to be done. This session will provide a framework and guidelines to creating blog posts, videos and podcasts that motivates your tribe to take action!
  • Understand the groundbreaking Pains/Gains/Jobs To Be Done framework:
  • The two minute exercise that will eliminate writers block
  • Sell with out the sleaze – How to make offers to your tribe they love (No more Pitchforks!)
  • Rapid-fire copywriting tips – Understand the key “Hows” of copy (For Blogs, Video and Podcasts!)
  • Learn about Cheese and Whiskers – you’ll never sound “Salesy” again


Workshop Session



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