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Essential Reading on Content for your Blog

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of August 2010 Writing Content 0 Comments

Over the last week or so we’ve featured a series of posts here on ProBlogger that explore questions surrounding the theme of ‘content’.

As the posts were spread out over 10 days I wanted to sum it all up with links all in the one place – so if you missed one – here they are!

Thanks to Georgina Laidlaw for putting together the series.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Thank you so much. Will help me a lot. I’m also creating a tiny PDF on content creation for bloggers. This series will surely come to help.

  2. Thanks Darren and Georgina. I did miss the last one :)

  3. Thanks for the links to all the “content” post, I think the best read and also must read article would be “5 Ways to Build Your Blog’s Voice” It’s about creating a character of your true-self into the blogging niche of your own, I personally feel is very important if you want to stay in the game of blogging for long term.

  4. Once again, another great series filled with excellent content! Thank you Darren and Georgia.

  5. I thank you so much for summing up these past few posts, Each time my Reader showed me your new items, I noted to myself to “READ” but life’s so hectic. This summary is great and I saved the info. Keep up the great work!

  6. When I first saw Darren’s Tweet for this I though “That’s easy, read Problogger.” When I got to this post, I realized that I hadn’t read all the posts and read through them.
    For me, I think the two most important posts to study are Content Strategy and Using Channels. I think past sites I have done never really focused and suffered. I’m looking into using Channels to create more traffic and gain readership.

  7. Thanks for these posts ;) For me the greatest was ‘5 Ways to Build Your Blog’s Voice’.
    I have one question, why comments are closed off 90 days after published some post?

  8. As always, superb offerings… Will catch up Darren! :-)
    Thank you,

  9. As always, superb offerings… Will catch up Darren and Georgina! :-)
    Thank you,

  10. I was a very good and helpful series. Thanks both to you, and Georgina

  11. The post on strategy 101 is really important to me. Thanks for your suggestion

  12. Nice collection for content generation. I usually follow these methods and feel its really obvious for a regular bloggers.
    They get content ideas from audience, discussions, and other competitors.

    But when I initially started I was worried about it and used to think what when I dried up with content after sometime. But thank GOD that never happened :)

  13. Really good content Darren! More and more I find myself frequenting your site.

  14. Great ,Im pretty sure this will be very helpful to each and everyone of us here whose new to blogging community .This has been a great resource for me .Thanks for posting .

  15. Thanks for the great post! I usually bookmark the list posts. Makes things a lot easier when I go searching for ‘that’ article.

  16. Some great articles. I’d already read the first three but the others I had somehow missed.

  17. Content marketing is my main form of marketing, so these round up of posts will come in handy.

    I never paid much attention to copyright standards. The post on that issue was very informative. I don’t see a lot about copyright in the internet marketing arena.

  18. Always great when content and content quality are given the attention they deserve as being vitally important for any mediyum on the internet to thrive and succeed!

  19. thanks darren

    it will be better if you release your series in free PDF too :-)

  20. Thanks darren ,always comes great stuff from you

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  22. I read somewhere that lists are very popular content for blogs. So after having marginal success with my posts up to that point, I decided to make a list as a blog post.

    I posted, 7 Best Free Twitter Tools to Unfollow No-Followers, on my blog and it turned out to get more hits than any other posts I had written so far.

    Needless to say, I’m going to make some more lists!

  23. Thanks for these..

    Quality content, give free content,don’t give free content…it all can get so confusing!

  24. These articles if read seriously by would be bloggers will definitely help them out. Some may find it tiring to continuously search for quality content but that separates the serious ones and the not so serious. Hope there will be more of these in the future.

  25. I don’t need this list because I already read all the posts above and I think you rock!

  26. I always look for tips on how to create an effective blog. I must say that I got a lot of useful information from this post regarding blogging. thanks so much! My blog content before was such a mess,i am really grateful to posts such as this one because it guides me into the “right path” when it comes to writing. My only question is, would it be possible to actually have a “blog review organization”? A group that will actually analyze and inspect your blog and tell you what you can do to better your website. Just a thought..

  27. Great article to help bloggers to make money online from their blogs. Its a great stuff.

    Yasir Godil

  28. I think the best read and also must read article would be “5 Ways to Build Your Blog’s Voice” It’s about creating a character of your true-self into the blogging niche of your own, I personally feel is very important,if you want to be the part of blogging for the long field…nice blog thanks for sharing.

  29. nice post… I’ll try to improve mine .. Thanks!

  30. Your blog is awesome! Are grateful for posting this up on the net and making things simple for the avarage reader!

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