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Posted By Darren Rowse 13th of July 2008 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Problogger-Book-1I’ve got a spare ProBlogger Book sitting here on my desk with one of your names on it.

To win – in comments below simply leave a link to your blog (if you have one) and in under 250 words tell us why you need the book.

What do you need to improve on your blog? What questions do you hope it answers? What’s your biggest need as a blogger?

I’ll choose the person who I feel the book will help the most. The competition ends Monday Morning at 9am my time here in Melbourne – 24 hours from now.

update: Thanks everyone – I’ve closed this competition (and comments) and will announce a winner today.

About Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • Dan

    My website is .

    It’s a good blog with around 100 unique visitors a day but I want to really take it to the next level.
    So, I feel the book would help tremendously especially in figuring out how to better my content for the blogosphere, how to market the blog more effectively and eventually how to monetize it. All of these things can use a lot of work on my blog. As I said, we’ve been on level 1 now for a good number of months and I hope that by being more knowledgeable in all these things, I will be able to get to higher levels.

  • Dan

    Hi Darren

    I’m a disabled blogger. I work at home on my blog probably more than I should be, but I don’t seem to be moving things forward in terms of traffic, RSS subscribers, or monetization.

    I’d like the book so that I can improve the performance of my blog, with the purpose of using proceeds to improve my lifestyle.

    My blog is:

  • Hi Darren. I am currently a pharmacist by day job but have learned a lot about a niche that I think is undeserved by the blog world. I am looking to create a blog to grow a list of interested people in a subject that is based on improving your own health. I am not a writer by trade or training so I figure that your book is the best place to start. I have read many good things on your site and from Chris Brogan. Thanks for all the insite you provide and I am looking forward to learning as much as I can about blogging from you to create a second income.

  • Darren,

    You’re blog has been extremely helpful and a significant influence on the development of my blog. The main thing I need to improve, like virtually every blogger, is adding traffic, subscribers and comments. In particular, I need help with getting better at leaving comments on other blogs.

    I have two main areas of questions. First, how to leave comments on blogs that drive traffic to me that are beneficial to the other blog and not purely self serving. In particular, how to find and select blogs that are good for this, how to structure a comment and what type of signature is appropriate. Second, how to promote on my blog the services I want to upsell subscribers. Up to now, all my posts have been purely valued added to the subscriber. How do you write a post or highlight in a post that you offer more than just a blog without turning the blog into a sales pitch.

    The biggest need for my blog is ensuring that the blog is a good compliment to my business. Is the blog value added for the readers? Am I promoting the blog correctly? Does it generate all the traffic it could? Is it assisting the growth of my business? Am I adequately addressing all of these concerns at the same time?

    Based on how valuable your blog has been to me, I would appreciate the lessons I could learn from the book.


  • Well, I’d love to have this book because I’m actually going to be leaving my job in October to go back to school full-time. (Please note that this is my first online announcement of this, so if my employer so happens to stumble upon it, I may not have a job as of tomorrow — In that case, I’d only need the book more!)

    Being that I’ve picked the PERFECT time to stop working considering the economy (note the sarcasm), my goal is to use my site to help put food on the table, clothes on our backs and — the big one — gas in my car!

    Good luck choosing a winner — all these reasons are great.

  • My reason why I wish to win this book:

    Time to get in the mind of a blogging mastermind and beat him at his own game! I want to be better than a problogger and gain all of what I can from your knowledge. I’ll take over the world. :)

    Then comes the other half and that’s putting my knowledge back in to the hands of the blogosphere. I’d like to take my knowledge withheld in that book and in my own relate what I’ve learnt, teach how to put it back in to action and teach what blogging is really about.

    I hope to develop the knowledge to answer every question ever thrown at me and every question I ever need answered to build the knowledge center in the middle of my very small brain.

    I need to build a website that will hold the answers to being the best blogger in the world.

    Carl :)

  • I write a feminist blog from a womanist perspective and this is a very tough niche to break into. My goals are raising awareness to what I refer to as bodies that matter. I take an intersectional approach to feminism and therefore write about race, class and gender. I feel that this is extremely important as historically WOC have had a difficult time getting out issues heard in the feminist movement.
    I looking for ways to draw more traffic to my blog, specifically ways to make it stand out. This is not just about feminism this about creating a niche within feminism to give voice to WOC. Any tips that you might have to gain traffic or alter the blog to make it more appealing to readers would be greatly appreciated. I want the world to know that we matter and that indeed all bodies that we have chosen to marginalize matter.
    Thanks for your time…Renee @

  • My blog is called Paws Awhile and it can be found at

    As you can see, it is a blogspot blog. I do not really have any problem with that. IMHO the traffic on blogspot is in no way inferior to any other traffic. But eventually, I would like to move it its own server and under its own domain name.

    I have looked for and installed a professional template on the blog. The primary cause being – I need people to take it seriously. This is a blog with a mission. It is not for profit, but it is very important to a lot of people and animals.

    Unfortunately, I am stuck with a low subscriber count. It would help to know how to get over that, and right now you are the only credible person offering me help :D

  • I could use this book because I’m getting ready to start a blog that will help parents get all kinds of services for their children with special needs in educational settings, while parents are gently reminded to care of themselves as well. To date, the few blogs that exist are run by attorneys and/or government organizations (often the school system itself). There needs to be a place where concerned, inexperienced parents can go to learn how to manage a special needs process, get coaching in communication and negogiation. There should be a place where they can be reminded to take care of themselves at the same time they are caring for their children. The book will help me set up a blog to help them.

  • Hi, I’m woobie from

    I have varied interests and each one deserves a new blog, that’s why I keep several blogs (five now) at various stages of establishment. My romance blog is the most active and it’s where I apply most of the tips I get from you and from other more established bloggers.

    I left my 9-5 so that I can concentrate on blogging, and if you choose me, your gift will enable me to help myself and others be better at our blogging careers. I am here for good and I have no plans of quitting, no matter how difficult it gets.

    Rest assured that your book won’t be displayed on a bookshelf. It will be here beside me near my keyboard, on top of my monitor and beside my pillow. it will be dog-eared and bursting with post-its during its first hour with me. It (you) will be my companion as I build and grow my niche blogs.


  • Awesome, you can check out my blog at

    I’ve had a blog for a number of years now, and despite my passion for blogging my website has never took off with the popularity as I’d like it to have. I’ve recently turned to websites like ProBlogger for tips on improving my web presence. I think this book could be a lot of help.

  • Hi Darren

    Congratulations on the re-Daddy-fication :) and of course the work you’re doing here.

    I’ll be very honest: I heard about making money online from a friend, and did make a hundred something dollars writing articles. Along with that I kept reading about blogging, esp. here.

    The way you’ve put up everything here is so convincing, that an extremely lazy guy like me got up and started a blog, initially attracted by the monetary aspect, but the blog essentially is not one which i think can be monetized. I chose the theme over the money.

    What I want before I am in a position to actually earn from blogging is to be able to attract readers, and keep them coming back. My traffic is sometimes 8 hits a day, sometimes 80. I want to earn of course, but I want to be able to sort of get people to enjoy the blog. In short, I need direction, towards a better blog, and a bigger audience.

    Of course in the long term I definitely want to make some greens, but don’t see that happening at the moment. Apart from all that, I am unable to conveniently get a copy here.

    If you can, a detailed reply would mean a lot, if not the book itself. Thanks (and sorry for exceeding the word limit if I have).

    The blog –

  • ikd


    Despite reading yours and other great blogs, my visitor patterns seem to have a mind of their own and not follow any logic. Perhaps your book can help me understand what in the world is going on and how I can transform it for the better.


  • Jeff R

    Well, I want to establish a blog, but don’t have one yet. I have read many of your posts, but of course these don’t necessarily present the information in an order that is as systematic as a newbee might need.

    I have a feeling that your book would help me take the plunge to begin my blog and continue until it is a huge success.

    I have a history of success in a number of endeavors and assure you that this resource will not be wasted.

    Your consideration is appreciated – [ Jeff ]

  • The biggest need for a blogger like me is inspiration and motivation.

    I am a technology blogger, your book will help me to write blog posts in a much better user friendly manner.

    In short it helps me to understand the ” Visitors Nerve ” , I mean understanding what visitors look for and how do I have to blog accordingly. I am sure your book answers the above questions and thats the reason I am anxious to read your book.
    Thank You

  • Send us the Problogger book now, or the elderblogger dies!

  • Darren,
    I ultimately need that Book and here is the reason behind that. I’ve a blog related to web development and this blog is getting descent amount of traffic averaging more than 1500 visits but what is the problem with me that I’m unable to transfer those traffic into income. I hardly earns around $70 to $100 per month from that blog. This blog have PR5 and alexa is less than 50K.

    Everybody is saying that with that amount of traffic I could have earn more but I can’t do that and hope that your book will be able to help me for make money blogging.
    I’ll hope that you’ll give that book to me.

  • nothing else reason..i want the secrets which are hidden in that book

  • The Pro-Blogger Book would help me focus my energies on the aspects that matter most with regards to marketing my blog and create an income source that would help me develop as a blogger, writer and reporter of my chosen medium. Additionally, I would be able to work from home, and provide for me and my wife as we start a family.

    The different aspects that I would need to improve on my blog would be how I use my in-depth knowledge of reporting on the sport of NASCAR AND still use more background, or filler details to bring the new visitor up to speed on the issues I cover. I tend to come from the aspect of “Since I know the background info, I don’t need to write it.”. I need to think more about the new readers who visit my blog.

    I would also need to learn how to balance my time between my different blogs.

    The questions I hope it answers is to help the general visitor see the more prevalent information that’s occurring in the sport today, with my unique insight and opinion to the issues at hand.

    My biggest need as a blogger would be authenticity. That would give me recognition as a go-to source and be recognized as a professional of the press and granted access to “media only” type events and access to cover my beloved sport with even more in-depth coverage when possible.

  • I hope to receive the copy of the Problogger book because I am stuck.

    I never knew my life would turn out this way. I grew up in trailer homes and apartments never knowing where or even who I was going to live with next. My mother was sick with abusive husbands and her own sense of self loathing. Even so, I had a dream. To find a way to heal myself. I started reading and as an adult, I asked for help, joined support groups and little by little I found myself.

    A few months ago I began creating a blog to share what I’ve learned. I asked a friend to help with the design and while I think he’s done an excellent job in some areas, this is just a part time gig for him. We have issues and I need help sorting them. I’m still in Beta mode and that’s frustrating me.

    I am grateful for the Problogger site and J.D. Roth who sent me here. Thank you for the chance to tell you about my dream.

    Done Dennison

  • I’d love to win a copy of the Problogger book because it’s been really difficult to track down in UK bookstores so far and because I’d love to have a way of learning the best tips that Darren and Chris have to offer without having to spend the rest of eternity reading through their old blog posts (if I did that I wouldn’t have any time left to implement their advice on my own blog at

  • I would love to win the book! I have been seriously blogging for about 2 months and im still quite a newbie but wanting to learn. I would love to bring my blogging to a level where as a single mom I could quit working two jobs and be able to work from home. THAT would be amazing! Thank you for the opportunity!

    ~Laura Iriarte

  • Hey, a free book! How can I resist?

    But seriously, I have been blogging for quite some time (I just love to write), but I pretty much got started on making a more professional blog. I have paid attention to your advice on the blog feeds/newsletter.

    My blog focuses on what’s hot, in my eyes, in anime, video games, and the Internet. It may not look professional, mainly because I have featured stories about anime/video game conventions, but like I said, I’ve just started.

    However, I am having trouble reaching new viewers (most of my viewers are friends). I am not a fan of using social networking sites (I have had annoying experiences with MySpace), but I would like to learn about networking. I would also like to learn about what types of blogs make the best blog (so far, the best blogs I have written are the anecdotes, or as I call them, con reports).

    I am learning a lot about web development, programming, and design on my spare time (which I have a lot, because I do not have a job).

    Thanks for reading!

    Ani Long

  • My father doesn’t read blogs. He probably won’t read this post. But he reads books — and he reads them quite comfortably..
    That’s why i need it.. to convince him and to tell him what i do.

    i need to improve on my traffic building.. get more subscribers.

    i hope it answers the type of approach you need for a blog and earning from home.

    Biggest need for me is the Fame and a handsome amount of Money..

    My Blog :
    i hope i have expressed myself fairly :)

  • Ayn Elise



    First, I will not say that I ” need ” the book. I will say that I believe, after reading the blog for a short time now, that the book will provide value.

    I do not yet have a blog. No whining. Just not going to buy another info-product at this time. I am an absolute beginner in the sense of taking research that step further into a plan, and then into the physcial blog product.

    After reading the back of the book jacket, and a great deal of information on the blog, I do believe that I may have come across the resource that I can actually use to take the crap in my head and the notes on paper and transfer that into a business plan.

    Honestly, I fell into information overload. I had to take a step back. Then I had to revisit the area I had wanted to start from in the first place. Finally, I went back to looking for the best information for me to learn from, to find models to adapt to my skill set and to create a real business for myself.

    Research, theory, action-able steps, modeling, personal skill integration for creating a viable, sustainable, growth-oriented business model.

    In conclusion, I would like to have the book so that I may leverage your experience to create my model.

    Thank you for reading this entry.

    Ayn Elise

  • It was a dark and stormy night – he sat himself down to write – the lightening flashed and the storm thundered as he blundered through his blog.

    He wanted to make it right – the prose was good and tight – but SEO did suck and he found himself stuck as a howl rang out from the dog.

    Relief is now in sight! THE BOOK arrived tonight! He applied what was taught and just as he’d thought, his blog was lifted from the fog!

  • This is gonna be tough, one book and it seems that the whole blog world wants it. One the other hand this is not any other book.

    So Darren you wonder why I should have this book? Well I have started this swedish blog for some months ago (exactly 4 months) and I blog about computer tips and tricks. I came to notice that You and Problogger are not very known here in Sweden och Scandinavian. Maybe by giving me the one book left I can promote it here and make you king here too. What say you?


  • Is there a blogger out there who couldn’t use this book? Come on, I doubt it. Count me in with the masses. That’s no stunning, sexy, get your attention answer but really, I could use it just like every other blogger that visits your site. Send one my way, baby!

  • Like a dum dum I didn’t add a link to my blog…see why I need your book? I need to figure out how to follow instructions for a blogging contest! There’s my reason!

  • Hi Darren,
    Been following you for a few weeks now and already picked up a few tips from you – thanks!

    Don’t think I have a better story than others as to why you should pick me as the lucky winner, but in short I’ve launched a new music blog/magazine a week ago and basically risked everything I own. So, if not for me then my bank lady who would be very happy to see me monetize my blog as soon as possible ;o)

    The blog is dedicated to Scandinavian music and you can check it out here:

  • Because I didn’t win the one you offered on Plurk?

    C’mon we all want it, don’t make us beg & explain. :)


  • I own a web design and consulting company. I spend a reasonable amount of time blogging and promoting my blog, mostly to get important information to my clients. I have found your blog incredibly helpful as I begin my journey. In fact, I am already planning on purchasing your product when money is not quite so tight.

    Many of the people I work with are small business owners. They often have little background with computers but still provide some of the most important services in our day-to-day lives. These are men and women with great work ethic and amazing personal stories. I enjoy working with them very much and want to help however I can. To many of them I recommend blogging. From an SEO point of view, blogging can be one of the greatest things they can do for their website. However, good, consistent blogging is very hard to teach in one or two meetings and I rarely can spend the time with them they deserve. Having a copy of your book I can begin to loan to my clients will not only be a huge help to me but an even bigger help to them. Imagine what I can do wen I can afford to buy more!

    Its awesome how much you think of your readers, Darren, I really hope I can do these kinds of things for my clients one day as well. Thanks for offering this opportunity. My business blog is

  • Dear Darren
    I need your book. My granddaughter is 22 months old and she has a blog. I do not. Maybe if I have your book I will get off my old grandpa butt and do one.
    I have an idea for a blog. I am a freelance writer, and I love words. My blog will talk about the use and misuse of words. It may not have cute pictures like my granddaughter’s blog, but I think more than relatives will visit it.
    I do not want to make this one-sided. I would do my best to get your review on the web and in the small local paper I write for.
    My granddaughter, “Amazing Grace” thanks you for considering her Grandpa Bob for your book giveaway.

  • Okay the reason I need it is our income cut in half. I have one to two weeks left to get income back up and running I started blog, have adsense and a zlio store. I hang out on one social gathering place in yahoo and link whenever I can. That has garnereed about 6 hits.

    I have no clue what I am doing and have been trying to do the tips I see on different sites.

    I would love to have a free book so I’m entering your contest to see if I can get income up to the 3K mark in one month from the 2 weeks work I can devote right now. If I achieve that goal I can do this longer. If I can see 1K within a few weeks I know I’ll be able toget further.

    I have blogged all my life in the form of discussions and soapboxes!

  • We need this book because everyone that sees our blog says we got good content, but we cant seem to get good traffic. How can we convert content to traffic? How do we convert traffic to money?

  • Hi.

    I have only a blog for a few months and have spent countless hours searching for tips on how to make the sight work right. I am capable of writing good content since I have been a defensive instructor for 30 years now. I just can’t get time to right the content until I get the blog to a presentable and functional state.

    Of course I will then need all the information I can gather to learn how to best utilize the different features and avenues of drawing readers to my blog. I’m not so much worried about the money since I figure that will follow soon enought after I have the rest in place.

    I have high hopes that the book will answer all my questions pertaining to the above and much more that I haven’t even thought of yet.

    Hope I win!


  • Hi,
    Our kids are at risk! So is America. I publish a print and online magazine, Fit-4-Sports (with blog). I recently began blogging and podcasting. I have been publishing for 5+ years. One of my goals is to also franchise my magazine.
    I could really use your book on Blogging. I have been studying on the internet and reading ProBlogger posts as often as I can. I am dedicating time every day to research and writing on my blogs.
    I would like to reach more adults, coaches, parents and professionals.
    Here is this blog: and click on the blog page.
    And my other blog is:
    Thank you!

  • Blogging is only a small part of my new website. I strive each day to add content, then forget about the blog– or find good news leads and don’t add content……Kinda crazy right now. I would love to read the book and find a balance on how to handle a news driven, informative blog, while increasing traffic to my site.

    Thanks for this chance — and I do enjoy receiving your updates!


  • I’ve been a subscriber to you feed for about 2 months. My wife is the one that hipped me to your site. She’s been working on her own blogs ( and and has been telling me to do my own blog on investing for some time. we are proud parents of three adopted children whom we home-school. I am presently out of work & because of the economy it’s been hard to find employment. My investing mentor has agreed to work with me to build our blog. He will supply content, but he’s not internet savvy so I need to do the blog side of it. This book will be prefect for a married couple who both want to become financial independent though blogging. We have used a lot of our savings to survive during this period. We would appreciate being able to receive this book as a prize, especially since it’s content is exactly what we need to make in the internet world. I love your blog we’ve learned so much from it already and continue to learn more.
    P.S. the real reason is because my wife TOLD me i needed this book. ha,ha.

  • Am getting a good following on my blog – but mostly only via newsletters which feature blog plus other site updates to

    How do i drive more traffic directly to my blog? And is this important?

    My target audience is women leaders and executives – and i get good feedback but rarely via the blog comments – they are time poor and change resistant. How do I encourage them to get more involved and post coments directly (and is this important?)

  • Darren,

    We are launching our blog almost to the minute at the same time you are closing the contest. It would be like a christening of the ship with a champagne bottle to win the book literally at the same moment as the site is being unveiled. More accurately, since you are arguably the Elvis of Blogging (albeit much more low-key), it would be really great to have the King of Blogging bless the launch.

    We have used your site for mentorship to the point that your site is up on our computers all day most days. I listened to your BlogTalk Radio interview about a week or so ago and you even answered one of my questions through the moderator- the one about screen-scraping prevention, etc.

    We have a very specific intent (and goals) to monetize our site and have found your work to be the single best dose or reality mixed with hope when it comes to making money from a blog.

    It would be an honor to have you effectively mark the start of our blog through awarding us an autographed book. The site should be up in a matter of minutes from now. We will be loading up the social network links after 9 a.m. your time but should have those up in a couple of hours.

    In any case, if you do read this post, at least it gives me an opportunity to say thank you for your transparency and guidance through this site. There is no way we would have ventured this far this fast without it.


    Shane Lashley


    I want to replicate the success of Problogger and follow in the footsteps of the practiced, tried and proven. Model success and “act as if.”

    2) BEAUTY IS IN THE DETAILS content is king, but the book can offer nuances that can make an ordinary blog extraordinary when applied.

    I want to learn how to monetize my blog into a 6 figure income and provide valuable material to 48K+ subscribers too. Shoot for the moon and land among the (blog) stars!

    So does this comment:
    – Have interesting headlines?
    – Is it scannable, concise and unique?
    – Does it capitalize on the viral nature of lists?
    – Has the student done her homework and is ready for the juicy insider details?

    Yes x 4! LOL. Thanks for the contest opportunity and the awesome Problogger blog.

    Kali Lilla

  • I need this book because my girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years and finally started a blog together last month after years of talking about it. I would really love for our blog to become bigger and better in hopes that it will encourage us to start new blogs together with different focuses.

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