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Elite Retreat – Take Your Online Business to the Next Level

Posted By Darren Rowse 23rd of January 2007 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

Elite Retreat-1I mentioned this in passing last week after my interview with Shoemoney – but today we’re officially announcing the next Elite Retreat San Francisco which will run between 19-20 March.

I’ll be one of the leaders/speakers on this 30 seat conference and I’m really excited about it.

Other Speakers are Jeremy Schoemaker (aka Shoemoney and Mr six figure earning in a month), Lee Dodd (aka $222,718 man and forums/social networking expert), Aaron Wall (aka SEO Book author), Neil Patel (marketing consultant) and Kris Jones (aka online media expert).

The last time Jeremy and Lee put on Elite Retreat I was quite jealous of those attending and wished I had the time to get along as an attendee. The idea of spending two days with 5 or 6 experienced and successful webmasters was something I thought was worth the expense (and no – it’s not cheap).

So when Lee asked me if I’d consider being involved in the next Elite Retreat I jumped at the opportunity. The fact that I’d be in the US with my family at that time anyway was a bonus and made it possible.

Before I said yes I asked a few of last year’s attendees what they thought about the event and they gave me some very positive feedback. Some said they are coming back with friends.

What I love about the concept is that it’s not just one person talking at the front of the room but that many of the sessions are interactive and based upon the needs and experiences of attendees. There’s also plenty of one on one interaction with leaders.

So what do you get for your money?

  • a 1:5 ratio with speakers (very intimate)
  • 2 days of teaching, conversations and working through YOUR online business ideas
  • an Apple iPod Nano (with lots of content pre-loaded)
  • no sales pitches from any speakers allowed
  • one on one coaching calls with each leader after the retreat
  • access to a private forum for ongoing networking and collaboration

Apply to come along here – it’s a hand selection process (ie not first in best dressed) so put a little time into your answers as our aim is to put together a great team of attendees, not just leaders.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  1. Sorry, I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this question. I searched your site and couldn’t find an answer:

    What is your advice to ANONYMOUS bloggers who want to place ads on their site or charge for subscriptions?

    I’m a prostitute writing about my experiences, ups and downs, opinions on sexual politics, etc., and obviously don’t want to reveal my identity in cyberspace for a variety of reasons. Can you point me to an article on your site that covers anonymous bloggers making money from their content? Thanks for any help.

  2. O_o Wow… really impressive. After hearing your interview with Jeremy I browsed his website and read about this… and the previous one.

    Most peculiar was that after last Elite Retreat most of the participants said:

    It is really amazing, but next time they should charge more.

    First I was like WTF?, but I see they actually did that and now it truly is only for the happy few.

    It would be nice if they have some kind of “wildcard” option for an ambitious person who is not yet in the position to pay that kind of fee. It would be some extra promotion to the not-so-pro part of the internetpublicists.

    Enjoy, Darren! I know you will!

  3. Okay, so you guys had this “wildcard” idea already…

    I am reading this post just now:

    My bad! =)

  4. Any chance you’ll bring something like this to Chicago? Our travel budget is limited.

  5. We will be in Chicago in July for the Elite Retreat, yes.

  6. […] Elite Retreat San Francisco announced […]

  7. No guarantees I’ll be able to make the Chicago one at this point. It’s a big trip to the US from Australia! :-)

  8. I was hoping that they’d ask you to come on the next one. I’m in!

    Now how do I make sure I get approved!?

  9. I assume those are US dollars. $5000 for two days … ye gods … that’s more than my car!

    Enjoy, those who go.

    Not me – not this time anyway.


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