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Elite Retreat San Francisco

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of January 2008 Pro Blogging News 0 Comments

 Images Elite RetreatI rarely promote conferences that I’m not attending – but in the case of Elite Retreat I make an exception because it’s a concept that I believe in strongly and it’s something that I’ve been a part of previously.

Last year I was a speaker on their last San Francisco Retreat and it was an amazing time where I learned so much and met some people that literally changed the way I run my online business. I just wish I could go again – but I’ll have just come back from another US trip to SXSW.

The concept is simple – a small group of experts (there’s six this year) with extensive online experience gather together with a maximum of 35 attendees to share everything that they know on their field of interest.

There’s no selling of products – just speakers sharing everything they know on the topic and answering questions as honestly as I’ve ever heard at one of these events.

The speakers this year are Aaron Wall (SEO expert and regular guest poster here at ProBlogger, Jeremy Schoemaker (Shoemoney and holder of the most circulated picture of him holding a six figure AdSense check ever), Guy Kawasaki (venture capitalist – Guy is Keynoting the event), Neil Patel (what this guy has forgotten about Social Media would make a best seller), Any Liu (he attended last time and has since taken BuddyTV onto be a major success and Margie Zable Fisher PR expert.

The group is small so there’s lots of time for personal interaction – in fact it’s even scheduled into the time with each attendee able to spend specific time with each expert to pick their brain as it pertains to their own projects.

The cost of the Elite Retreat is, as the name and format would suggest, at the high end of this type of gathering. It’s not cheap but this is now an annual event and it’s one of those things that can take your online business to the next level.

Jeremy tells me that there’s a money back guarantee also for this retreat. I’ve never heard of that being offered on a conference before – pretty cool.

Get more information on Elite Retreat here.

A quick note: this isn’t a first in best dressed type of thing. They choose the best applicants that they can (they want people who they think are best suited for them to help). So if you want to go, think about your application a little and sell yourself a bit.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Having a maximum number of attenders (hand-picked, to boot) is a brilliant idea. I know I learn a lot at the large conferences, but it’s just like at college: you learn more in-class in a class of 30 than a lecture hall of 400.

    It sounds like a great time, but I have other obligations, as well.

  • I would go if I had the money. Seems like a great idea!

  • This is actually a great idea, thanks for the link Darren.

    Having different talents in one place which you can grill with questions is a great place to be, both on the side of the attendee as well as the expert.

    It is deeply satisfying to see the moment of understanding, and to be able to help people; I personally find much more value in giving this kind of smaller workshop rather than in a grand arena where you ‘just’ do presentations. They are great as well, but it is a different skillset.

    Is it pricey? Yes of course. But if you go to such a setup, you have to make it worth your while and be prepared plus bombard them with questions etc.

    As such I also find the idea of screening the participants briliant! :)

  • Richard B

    I participated in this last year when you were there and it was the best investment that I’ve ever made into my online business. The ideas I generated in those two days filled a notebook and as I’ve implemented them over the 12 months since I’ve paid for it many times over. I don’t know that this is ideal for someone who is right at the beginning of their blogging journey, it’s ideal for someone who has something up and running, who is serious about it and who needs a boost and kick start. Lastly I’d say that while the teaching was amazing it was the networking that made the money worthwhile. Having lunch with people the caliber of those speakers and having time to show them your business is priceless, let alone the other people in the room. When you’re sitting in a room of 30 other people who have paid thousands to be there you know you have some serious people around you and that a lot of them are going places. Get to know them and you’ll benefit tremendously.

  • Darren,

    Speaking of events, what events here in North America are you planning to attend or speak at in 2008?

    Maybe this question could become a blog post for you:)

  • A Taylor – at this stage just SXSW in March. Lots going on here locally so I’m not sure I’ll be over again at this stage.

  • I attended last year, where Darren was a star speaker. Check out my full review at

  • This is actually a great idea, thanks.
    I would go too if I had the money.

  • Looks very interesting but I got two questions:

    1) does it have to be that U.S. centric?

    2) are there no women in this business that would justify being invited as a speaker?