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Elite Retreat 2009 [NEW YORK] – An Exclusive Learning Experience

Posted By Darren Rowse 14th of July 2009 Other Income Streams 0 Comments

elite-retreat.pngI hesitate to promote this due to the price tag but it’s one of the best high level online training experiences that I’ve had – Elite Retreat.

In 2007 I spoke at this event in San Francisco (although got as much out of it as any of the attendees) and it was a fantastic experience. A very small group of attendees and some true experts in a variety of different online disciplines. To attend you apply and then are hand selected to attend (to ensure the most suitable people come).

This year it is happening in New York and the speaker list is again excellent. In fact as I just said on Twitter I’m very jealous not to be a part of this one because keynoting and heading up the speaker list for the event this year is Seth Godin. Also speaking this year will be:

Jeremy Schoemaker (Shoemoney and internet marketing guru), Neil Patel (social media expert), Andy Liu (CEO of BuddyTV), Chris Winfield (social media and search marketing), Kris Jones (affiliate marketing expert) and Stephan Spencer (SEO expert).

Again – this isn’t cheap and nor should it be.

At the event I attended the ratio of attendees to speakers was low and there was plenty of face time available with each speaker. There were also opportunities for interacting with speakers over meals as well as the opportunity to network with other attendees (actually some of the attendees were doing some amazing things too and I know that for a few that attended the event profitable partnerships began).

Only 35 attendees will be accepted and they’re not accepting the first 35, it’s all about choosing people that they believe ‘fit’ what they’re on about so if you do apply put some time into your application.

The other thing about Elite Retreat that made it special was the lack of ‘pitches’ from speakers. The sessions were pure content/teaching, pitches were not allowed and there was ample time for question and answers as well as looking at the sites of those attending to help them optimize them.

If you have the money to invest into your online business I’d highly recommend checking out Elite Retreat 2009.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Do you know who is going to be speaking this year?

    • Matt – the list of speakers I listed in this post (and on the speakers page that I linked to from within this post) are the ones speaking this year…..

  2. I wrote a post about the Elite Retreat earlier today and I have to agree with you. The speaker list is outstanding.

    The only downfall is that it falls during the same time as IzeaFest.

    Although the attendee market is different.

  3. $4,995.00

    I don’t think any student discount would make a dent in that…

    Argh! I thought my student id would provide a cheaper way to experience everything in NYC

  4. I also have a post about this. I attended the last Elite Retreat and I think it is a bargain for the value received.

  5. I just wish I could go to one of these big events. But, I can’t so…If you are going let us know how it went,ok.

  6. It would be nice to go. Thanks Greg Ellison

  7. Ah, it’s so close to me! But I can’t afford it :(

    Kind of upset though, that’s a stellar group of people.

  8. If I had some sponsors or donations to add to my fee, I would attend.

    I am familiar with the Elite Retreat after reading about it earlier this year and already knew that it was pricey. I have film and video budgets that cost less than this retreat. Maybe one day I’ll get there…maybe one day…!

  9. As the name itself says its Elite ! :)

  10. Maybe next year. Or the year after…

    No problem with the price, just don’t have nearly enough to add to this caliber of a group!

  11. Salman says: 07/14/2009 at 4:12 pm

    Its awesome and from the name its Elite.Keep it up Darren


  12. @Aron Sora:
    Nah man. The only thing student discounts are good for here are art shops, museums, and shopping at J.CREW. Otherwise, you’re just one of us!

  13. Fantastic! I have always really wanted to go to this – there is always so much buzz around the time of the event.

    Elite Retreat – I’m coming!

  14. Money is secondary next to the ability to hear from and network with individuals who’ve mastered online revenue and marketing strategies.

    The other very-crucial component that Elite Retreat provides, as pointed out in Des Walsh’s post about this event, is the follow-up mastermind calls that keep you on track. That’s gold on its own.

    I may or may not qualify to attend, but I won’t know this time around since I have an engagement during that time.

  15. If I wasn’t hurting so bad for money right now I would go in a second. I would love to hear Seth Godin talk in person. Too bad:(


  16. I have to pass this, maybe next year.

  17. I think John Chow is giving away tickets to this. Expensive but as you say worth it.

  18. Shoemoney does a really good job with the conference from everything that I have read online.

  19. Thanks for telling me about what I apparently can’t have.

  20. may be soon, thanks
    Blogging Tips, SEO and Money Making tips by http://teratips.com

  21. Might have bene a good idea to mention the price?

  22. Well, it sounds great!

    Like you said, this is not cheap and it should not be due to quality of the event. It’s exclusive and has limited availability.

    Thanks Darren for letting us about this interesting event. Just keep up the great work!


    Hooshmand Moslemi

  23. The retreat looks awesome, but those links look like affiliate links. Are they? If so, they don’t have the (aff) label as described in your disclaimer. Is that an oversight or something a little more sneaky? Or am I just missing some obvious point?

    • Nick – I don’t mark every affiliate link with an ‘aff’ or note drawing attention to that. Neither do I cloak links to hide what they are. I’ve got a sitewide disclaimer here in which I declare my interests if you’re interested (too many interests in that sentence but it’s been a long day).

  24. When you said this was costly, I definitely did not expect anything more thatn $2000.

    For $5000, I could attend 5 equally good if not better seminars.

    Anyway, another reason for the pricing is the location! NEW YORK!

  25. Yeah I need it to make money, but I need money to make it!

  26. Sounds great. Wish I can attend it. All I can afford right now is to see the new Harry Potter movie.

  27. Well, it sounds great!

    Like you said, this is not cheap and it should not be due to quality of the event. It’s exclusive and has limited availability.

    Thanks Darren for letting us about this interesting event. Just keep up the great work!


  28. good post .i will contiue to pay attention to your article.

  29. Considering you’re the man organizing this I’m sure it will be an awesome experience for all the attendee.

    The “65% returning members” speaks volumes itself about the value of ER.

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