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ecto offers 20% Christmas discount

Posted By Darren Rowse 21st of December 2005 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

EctoAdriaan over at ecto has announced a Special Christmas discount of 20% off ecto purchases between 23 – 26 December. I use the Mac version to run all my blogs and it’s probably the best $17.95 I ever spent. I can’t vouch for the Windows version but the Mac one is the best blogging tool I’ve found.

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  • OK, special for ProBlogger readers (and Windows users): use the same coupon code (CHRISTMAS2005) to get 21% discount on BlogJet :) (I’m serious).

  • Stephen

    I have to agree – if you’re on a Mac, Ecto is a must. I use it for several MT blogs – couldn’t live without it.

  • Good one, Dmitry! :)

  • Oh, by the way, aside from that I making my own client, I’m Adriaans customer too (I’m secretly use ecto on my iBook) :)

  • Adriaan’s the man…can’t speak for BlogJet (I do hear it’s good,) but Ecto is my main blogging application, and I wouldn’t want to manage multiple blogs without it :)

  • BlogJet and ecto for Windows are very different, but both have good and bad points. I have licenses for both, and between them and now Performancing blogging from Windows is much easier than it used to be.

    ecto for Mac still rules though. Unfortunately most of the time when I’m blogging the info I’m copying/referencing is on the PC.

  • I can vouch for BlogJet being a great product for blogging. Dmitry is top notch when it comes to support and listening to feedback.

  • Ecto is interesting. I downloaded a copy to try it out and I must have downloaded it before, but uninstalled it. Somehow it knows and says I am out of trial days.

    So much for giving it a whirl. lol

  • If you are mainly on Windows, you might be interesting to try Post2Blog. I like it because of its promptly improvements.

  • Dmitry: Glad to have you as a customer!

    Patrick: ecto allows you to renew the trial. Just click the appropriate button in the “trial expired” sheet.

  • Ozh

    Maybe I’m not smarty but… what is the point exactly of a blogging software ? What does it have that my WP admin interface does not ?

  • One place to write to multiple blogs.

  • Finally, I can afford to register Ecto. I started using it a month and a half, ago, and it’s been a godsend for offline blogging. Often I’ll write a post in a text editor, and pre-format with HTML. With Ecto for Windows, I can drop it into the editor and upload, no problems. It’s great.

    Of course, I’ve started having issues with one of the weblogs I write for, but since it’s an XML-RPC error, I’ll wager it’s on the blog’s end.. besides, I’m using a slightly older version of Ecto, anyway. Time to upgrade!

    Glad I could finally register this great program!