Double Your Blog Profits in 2013?!

Recently, I asked a blogger what his goals were for 2013. He told me he wanted to double his blog’s income.

Piggy bank

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When I asked how he was going to do that he stared at me blankly and said, “That’s where I may need a little help. It seems such a big goal!”

We began to brainstorm some possibilities for creating that kind of increase in profit. We came up with quite a few ideas, but the main recurring themes seemed to be around three things:

  1. Increase traffic to his blog.
  2. Increase conversions of first-time visitors into subscribers of his email list.
  3. Increase sales conversions (he sells ebooks).

Now, these areas will vary from blog to blog. For example, those who monetize with advertising rather than with products might replace #3 in that list with increasing the performance of AdSense ads or landing extra sponsors.

But at the time, it struck me that to double his income, he could double any single one of the above areas—although 100% increases in any of these areas is a big ask.

However, smaller increases in each of them adds up—and it’s a lot more achievable. For example, a 30% increase in each of the above areas takes him well past a 100% income increase overall.

Of course even 30% increases in these areas can be daunting—but it’s a lot more achievable than 100% in any one!

As we talked this through, he became really energized and began to devise strategies for each of the three areas. In each, he came up with four or five small but important things he could do that would contribute to a 30% increase in that area.

Much of what he came up with was stuff he knew he should be doing but hadn’t gotten around to, or had put on the “one day” list. Most of it was low-hanging fruit that had potential to lead to significant rewards.

Let’s look at some examples.

Increase traffic

He decided to:

  • increase his posting rate from twice a week to three times a week
  • expand his use of social media—he had been focusing soley upon Twitter and decided to start engaging more on Facebook and to experiment with Pinterest
  • write and pitch two guest posts per month to other blogs in his niche
  • install an SEO plugin to help him optimize his blog for search engines.

Increase conversions in subscribers

In this case, the blogger came up with a series of tests that he wanted to run. These included split-testing his subscriber forms on his blog to see if he could increase the percentage of visitors who signed up.

He also wanted to test offering a free report for subscribers.

Increase sales conversions

In this case, the blogger:

  • realized that his sales pages could do with some updating and testing—some A/B testing to optimize them would almost certainly see an increase in the percentage of people buying his ebooks
  • recognized that he wasn’t doing any kind of upselling when a person bought an ebook—as a result he was probably missing out on some sales from people who would buy a second or third if they had opportunity to do so
  • admitted he hadn’t developed any kind of autoresponder sequence for his subscribers that offered them deals on his ebooks.

I’m pretty confident that if he did actually implement all of the above tactics, he’d see small but significant increases in profit over the year ahead—in fact there’s potential there for him to more than double his profit!

How could you double your profit in 2013?

All of us probably have items on our “one day” list. Could any of these help you move toward doubling your profit in 2013? Let us know your plans in the comments.

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    • Hi problogger, this blog is really the bible for all bloggers. Gotta admit, I don’t always follow the advice, through laziness I suppose. However, I got a nice cheque in the post from Google. So that has really built up my enthusiasm again. I’m back over that magic 1000 hits a day, averaging about 1200 daily. My secret? It’s acutally well labelled, well named images. As I said, even if I don’t post every day or even every week, the hits just keep coming. It¨s the advice that a well and relevant named image gets you on the top line of a Google, or a Bing image search.

  2. Ha …I’m reading your book “Secrets for blogging your way to a six-figure income” I’m just trying to make money to begin with. Your book has great advice that has helped me so much so far….thanks!

  3. My main plan for 2013 is to carry on adding content and improving how I write that content to increase visitor retention.

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  4. Hey,

    Traffic is very important in the success of any blog.Is posting more a good strategy to increase the traffic of the blog?
    Please suggest me some good and useful strategies which will help me to make my blog profitable.??

    Jenifer Taylor

  5. I read in another article about how she was able take most of her adsense ads off so her site wouldn’t look so spammy while increasing income at the same time.

  6. I started my blog in 2009, made some success but later took a leave for further study. Now I want to take it serious by making regular posts and doing some promotion. Like your friend, I would be making 10 posts every month.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. i ahve my own blog n nw i m gonna double ma profit using your helpful tips.thnxx

  8. i own my blog and these tips would be so helpful to me in 2013 specially for double my profit thanks for sharing

  9. Very inspiring post with lots of strategies of how one can increase traffic to a website. Thank you.

  10. Hi..
    All dream that their blog will become a trend. The style of writing and content is major factors. Writing on blog a divine gift that not everyone has the privilege ….

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  12. Interesting post here. Building traffic (and income) is not always an easy thing. Got to keep at it!

  13. Great post. You have awesome ideas in here. Well, count me in. I’m also doubling my efforts this year for double profits. Increasing my social media coverage is also one thing that I have to improve this year. Thanks for sharing.

  14. hi, nice post. It need a lot of time and effort to get more traffic to a blog. I learned it after 1year blogging. Thank you.

  15. Hi Darren,
    PROBLEM: many bloggers set too high a goal of improvement. It is important to set a goal that will stretch you and still give you a chance to succeed. The average salary earner would not expect to double their salary in one year. A 25 percent increase is a great success. I want to encourage people to make goals they can succeed at and then keep that energy to keep moving forward.
    SOLUTION: Consider the idea of reflecting on your successes to date and focusing on what has made you succeed in your blog (just like in your life) delete what is not working.

    I send my best wishes to all and suggest your read my latest posting on the REVERSE Bucket List to inspire you.

  16. Hi great post. thanks for the ideas. I am double the efforts to increase the traffic, social media coverage, and cover my old subscribers. I’ll reach the goal this year.

  17. It is always good to read such encouraging posts, but not all are lucky enough to really earn that big bucks.

  18. really nice ways.I will follow it.

  19. I’m not sure about doubling my profits… but getting started on a blog is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. Next year perhaps my goal will be doubling my profits… because at the moment double of zero is still zero!

  20. Thanks for this post Darren. Although the points are straight forward, like you said, it’s really about getting perspective (which this article does very well) and simply doing these tasks as priority before anything else.

    Great post, thanks for sharing.

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